Books about Phipps individuals and families:
  • Alther, Lisa, Kinfolks – Falling Off the Family Tree: The Search for My Melungeon Ancestors, New York: Arcade Publishing, 2007
  • Anonymous or unknown, Scottish Royalty and the Phipps Family
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  • Phipps, Leslie Gale, The Phipps Family Book of Remembrance and Genealogy: A California Branch
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  • Wolfe, Charles K., and Ted Olson, The Bristol Sessions: Writings About the Big Bang of Country Music, Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2005 (includes a chapter on Ernest Phipps, titled “Gospel According to Bristol: The Life, Music and Ministry of Ernest Phipps”
  • Young, Asher Leon, The Phipps Tree
  • Young, Asher Leon, The Phipps Tree II: A Supplement to the Phipps Tree

Books by Phipps Authors:

  • Charles Phipps, The Doctrine of Vulgar and Decimal Fractions, Dublin, 1745
  • Clarence Ritchie Phipps, Blueberry and Huckleberry Insects, Cornell University, 1930
  • Clarence Ritchie Phipps, The Control of the Pear Thrips (New York Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, New York, Bulletin), 1921
  • C.M. Katherine Phipps, Waiting for the Dawn, London, 1888
  • Constantine Phipps, The Conduct of the Purse of Ireland, 1714
  • Constantine Phipps, Defence of the Bishop of Rochester, 1723
  • Constantine Henry Phipps (Marquess of Normanby), The English in Italy, 1825
  • Constantine Henry Phipps (Marquess of Normanby), A Historical Sketch of Louise de Bourbon, Duchess-Regent of Parma, London, 1861
  • Constantine Henry Phipps (Marquess of Normanby), Matilda: A Tale of the Day, 1825
  • Constantine Henry Phipps (Marquess of Normanby), A Vindiction of the Duke of Modena from the Charges of Mr. Gladstone, London, 1861
  • Constantine Henry Phipps (Marquess of Normanby), A Year of Revolution: From a Journal Kept in Paris in 1848, London, 1857
  • Constantine John Phipps, Letter of a Member of Parliament to his Constituents, &c., on the Westminster Election
  • Constantine John Phipps, A Voyage Towards the North Pole Undertaken by His Majesty’s Command 1773
  • Diana Phipps, Diana Phipps’s Affordable Splendor, New York: Random House, 1981
  • E.A. Phipps, Memorials of Clutha, or Pencillings on the Clyde, 1842
  • E.J. Phipps, A Catechism on the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, for the Use of the Church Schools, London, 1850
  • Edmund Phipps, The Adventures of a £1000 Note; or Railway Ruin Reviewed, London, 1848
  • Edmund Phipps, King Rene’s Daughter: A Lyric Drama, in One Act, New York and London, 1854
  • Edmund Phipps, Memoirs of the Political and Literary Life of Robert Plumer Ward, Esq., London, 1850
  • Helen Phipps, Paginas Sudamericanas, Yonkers-on-Hudson, New York, 1920
  • Isaac Newton Phipps, The Forelopers: A Romance of Colonial Days, 1912
  • Isaac Newton Phipps, The Lay of the Wraith and Other Poems, 1895
  • John Phipps, Guide to Commerce of Bengal
  • John Phipps, Treatise on Indigo
  • John Phipps, Treatist on the Chinese and Eastern Trade
  • Jonathan W. Phipps, Dissertation on the Treatment after the Operation for the Cataract, London, 1792
  • Joseph Phipps, All Swearing Prohibited Under the Gospel, London, 1781, 1784
  • Joseph Phipps, An Address to the Youth of Norwich (also known as To the Youth of Norwich Meeting), London, 1776
  • Joseph Phipps, Animadversions on the Practice of Tithing Under the Gospel, London, 1776
  • Joseph Phipps, Brief Remarks on the Common Arguments Now Used in Support of Divers Ecclesiastical Impositions in this Nation, Especially as they Pertain to Dissenters, London, 1769
  • Joseph Phipps, British Liberty; or, a Sketch of the Laws Related to Courts Leet and Petty Juries, London, 1739
  • Joseph Phipps, Cursory Observations on a Late Publication, intitled, An Essay on the Simplicity of Truth, Signed Catholicus, London, 1779
  • Joseph Phipps, Dissertations on the Nature and Effects of Christian Baptism, Christian Communion, and Religious Waiting Upon God, London, 1796; also published in German in Philadelphia, 1786
  • Joseph Phipps, Mens Meeting in Bristol, the 20th of the 7th Month, 1772
  • Joseph Phipps, Observations on a Late Anonymous Publication, Intituled, a Letter to the Author of a Letter to Dr. Formey, &c., London, 1767
  • Joseph Phipps, The Original and Present State of Man, Briefly Considered, London, 1783, New York, 1788
  • Joseph Phipps, A Reply to a Late Publication of S. Newton, of Norwich, intituled, An Appendix, &c., London, 1774
  • Joseph Phipps, A Summary Account of an Extraordinary Visit to this Metropolis [London], in the Year 1753, by the Ministry of Ann Mercy Bell
  • Joseph Phipps, To the Youth of Norwich Meeting (also known as An Address to the Youth of Norwich), London, 1776
  • Joseph Phipps, Two Treatises, Containing Reasons Why the People Called Quakers Do Not Pay Tythes and Other Ecclesiastical Impositions, Philadelphia (reprint), 1771
  • Joseph Phipps, The Vestry Laid Open, or a Full and Plain Detection of the Many Gross Abuses, Impositions, and Oppressions of Select-Vestries, London, 1739
  • Joseph Phipps, The Winter-Piece: A Poem, London, 1763
  • Joseph Phipps, York Quarterly-Meeting, Ninth Month, 1773
  • Porter Phipps, Porter Phipps’ Letters Home from the Civil War, 1994
  • Ramsay Weston Phipps, The Armies of the First French Republic and the Rise of the Marshals of Napoleon I, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1926
  • Ramsay Weston Phipps, Report on the Necessity of Preserving and Replanting Forests, Toronto, 1883
  • Sarah Metcalf Phipps, Thoughts in Rhyme, 1911
  • William Phips, By His Excellency the Governour: Whereas it Has Been of Absolute Necessity that a Certain Number of Men Should be Impressed . . . , Boston: Benjamin Harris, 1692
  • William Phips, An Exact and Perfect Relation of the Arrival of the Ship the James and Mary, Captain Phipps Commander, n.p., 1687
  • William Phips, A Journal of the Proceedings in the Late Expedition to Port-Royal . . . , Boston: Benjamin Harris, 1690
  • William Phips, Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, Boston: Benjamin Harris, 1692
  • William Phipps, comp., The Vintner’s Guide, Boyle, Ireland, 1825
  • William E. Phipps, William Sheppard:  Congo’s African American Livingstone, 2002
  • William Estill Phipps, Yearnings, Boston, 1916

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  1. HI,MY name is wanda fipps i live near wilmington nc.My Granfather is oscar eager fipps is there anyone who and give me more info on oscar eager fipps?and family insight.

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