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  1. The Cumberland Times
    Volume Four – Number 17
    Thursday, November 12th, 1970.
    Our Old People
    By Hampton Osborne

    Mrs. Phipps was born September 18, 1890 at Fish Trap, Kentucky. Her parents were Lilburn [Daniel Lilburn] and Elizabeth Doss [Goff] Kendrick of Kentucky. She attended her first school at the old Fish Trap log school with a chimney in one end, and split-log benches for the children to sit on. The boys got
    wood at noon hours and the girls swept and tidyed [sic] up the room. Her next school was at Camp Creek on Pound River. Her teacher there was Campbell (Cam) Colley. She attended the remainder of her school years at Georges Fork. Emma Yates Sutherland, later Dr. Tivis (Tiv) Sutherland’s wife, and others taught school while she was attending that school. Mrs. Phipps finished the seventh grade there, which was a pretty good education for her day. She first married Virgil Haynes. There were no children by this union. She next married “Little” Andy Phipps, November 11th, 1914. The Elder D. L. Kendrick [her father], a Baptist minister, officiated at the wedding. They were married in Mrs. Phipps’ home.
    Mr. Phipps worked for W. M. Ritter Lumber Co. for a while in the woods cutting timber, building roads, and doing other work there. He then worked for Yellow Poplar Lumber Co., who logged the largest poplar timber in Dickenson County, and ran them down the Russell Fork River into Big Sandy River at Elkhorn City, Ky., and then to the Mouth of the Big Sandy to the market. Mr. Phipps worked for the W.P.A., a few years. He farmed all his life producing food for the family, and his cattle. He also sold cattle.
    Mrs. Phipps’ brothers were Adam and Johnny Kendrick, and Floyd Cox was a half brother. Her sisters were: Mrs. Maggie Mullins [née Kendrick], Mrs. Lina Ramey [née Phipps], and Mrs. Dora Stanley [née Phipps] (all deceased), Mrs. Pearlie Meade [née Kendrick] and Mrs. Hattie Senter [née Kendrick].
    Mr. Phipps’ brothers were Albert, Nelson, and Walter [Walden] (all deceased). Children born to this union were: Andy Jr., died in infancy. Wilma [b. 2 Sep 1915], married Cameron Taylor (now deceased). Their children are Eugene [6 Oct 1948], Geraldine [6 Oct 1948], Lynn [b 9 Mar 1939] and
    Kathleen [Catherine b. 6 Oct. 1948] were triplets, and Colleen [b 1949]. (Kathleen [Catherine] is deceased.) Queenie [b. 6 Mar 1920], married Bluford Mullins. Their children are Ora Katherine [b. 21 Jun 1939], Raymond [20 May 1940], and William Kirby [William Curley b. 5 Jul 1941] (both died in infancy), Annie Coleen [b. 4 Feb 1944], Patricia Mae [8 May 1947], Ella Faye [1 Jul 1948], Mary Mathilda
    [5 Jul 1953], Ruby [b. 12 Jun 1955], Bluford Jr. [b. 26 Jul 1959], and Jimmy Roger [b. 12 May 1957]. They live at Clintwood. Grayson [b. 6 Mar 1920], married Hazel Stanley. Their children are Mary
    Ann[e] [b. 13 Jun 1944], Clyde Evans [b. 29 Mar 1946], Virgil Andrew [b. 7 May, 1949], Billy Ray [b. 5 Sept 1952], Raymond Carroll [b. 23 Jan 1958] and David [b. 29 Apr 1963]. They live on Caney Ridge.
    Clyde [b. 13 Jun 1922] married Goldie Deel [b. 17 Nov 1930]. Their children are Jennifer [b.5 Aug 1949], Clydetta [b.22 Sept 1951], Gregory (Greg) [28 Feb 1955], Erick [Eric b. 10 Apr 1957] and Anthony[17 Aug 1967]. They live at Manassas. Nina [b. 14 Jul 1925], married Jack Burke [b. 6 May 1926]. Their children
    are Desta [b. 24 Jun 1947], Jackie [Jack Jr. b. 11 Sept 1949], Sandra [b. 14 Jan 1951], Margaret [b. 8 Nov 1955], and Jean Lou [Jean Lui b. 11 Jan 1958]. They live at Marion, VA. Patsy Ruth [6 Feb 1928], married Elzie Phipps [17 Jan 1930]. Their children are Rose Ann [Rosanna b. 7 Feb 1948]and Rachel [Sandra Rhea b. 29 Jan 1949](twins) [Vonda Jane and Sandra Rhea are twins], (Rachel is deceased
    [Sandra Rhea died 4 Feb 1949]) [Vonda Jane [b, 29 Jan 1930], Elzie Randell [Elzie Randall b. 21 Mar 1950], Ellis [Elliott b. 6 Oct. 1951] (killed in an accident about two months ago), and Rebecca [b. 15 Feb 1953]. They live at Darwin. Colin [b, 22 Mar. 1931], married Ruby Deel [sister to Clyde’s wife, Goldie].
    Their children are Monica [b. 15 Aug 1957] and Jeffrey [b. 3 Mar 1961]. They live at Manassas. Mrs. Phipps has been a member of the Lick Creek Primitive Baptist Church at Mouth of Dog branch since she was 18 years old. Mr. Phipps had professed faith in Christ, but died before he had the opportunity to be baptized [He felt unworthy to be baptized.]. He passed away on January 19, 1943 [January 19, 1946]. Mrs. Phipps’ father was a soldier on the Confederate side during the four years of the Civil War [C Co. 14th Cavalry Reg. KY]. He was never injured. His brother [Thomas Jefferson Kendrick b. 1845] went to service [Both brothers enlisted on the same day, 20 Dec 1862 in Buchanan County, Virginia] and was never heard of again, although his people tried every means possible but never heard from him. [We know now that Thomas Jefferson Kendrick wound up in Picayune, MS where he married Sarah Hutchenson and raised a family.] I have been in Mr. and Mrs. Phipps’ home many times. While teaching at Bear Pen, most of their children attended school under my care. They were good children and gave me no trouble. These good people were good neighbors and upstanding people. Mrs. Phipps’ eyesight [She lost one eye in a childhood accident] is not so good now, otherwise, she is very much alive and has a wonderful memory. Mrs. Phipps, we all wish you many good years to be with your children and
    all of us. [She died 10 Dec 1972]. Next week: Mr. and Mrs. Luther McFall.

    Transcribed by Desta Elliott, January 8, 2002 from an original copy provided
    by her first cousin, Virgil Andrew Phipps. Items within brackets, [ ] are
    corrections or additions to the original text.

  2. Leonard Phipps leonardphipps@verizon.net. I was born in Clintwood, Dickenson County, Va. In 1949 at Dr. Phipps Dr. Office which is a Musium now in Clintwood. I live In Chesapeake Va. First city west of Va. Beach. I have a book (meet virginias baby) about dickenson counity. But I dont think it is being published any more. My father was Carson Phipps. My mother Is Zetta Phipps (Dutton) Grand father E M Phipps. Grand Mother Matilda Phipps (Mullins) I still have a Uncle and Aunt alive in Clintwood. J C and Ruby Phipps. Had a Brother who lived in Charlotville N C. He Died in 2001. have a brother David also living in Chesapeake, Va. Ny mom is still living at 85.

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