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  1. Steven, can you post the following as a new posting?

    Washington Phipps (Indianapolis, IN / New Liberty, Owen Co, KY)

    Does any recognize this Washington Phipps mentioned in the following newspaper ad (Indiana Democrat, Jan. 12, 1838, page 1)?
    “CAUTION. WHEREAS my husband, Washington Phipps, has left my bed and board, without any just cause or provocation, this is to forwarn all persons from trusting or harboring him on my account, as I am determined to pay no further debts of his contracting.
    “As I am informed, since he ran away, that he has another wife living in New Liberty, Owen county Kentucky! I do not wish others to be taken in, by this infamous scamp, as he is well calculated to deceive. He is of fair complexion and blue eyes, about five feet ten inches high, with a large scar on the back part of the head. During the time I lived with him, I had to support him, and I am heartily glad that he has given leg bail.”
    A poem is included, and the ad is signed: “ELIZABETH ANN PHIPPS, Late Elizabeth Ann Sample. Indianapolis, Dec. 22, 1837.”

  2. The is not a reply but would like to know where I can purchase two(2) copies of the book The Phipps Family of NC & VA, by John C. Mullins. Copyright 1982. I am seeing it listed in the sites I go to but not listed for sale. Can anyone help please?

    • I believe that book and its supplement went out of print many years ago. It’s my understanding that John Mullins died some years ago.

    • Just wondered if you are still interested in this book. I just bought one and was hoping someone might be interested in it.

  3. This is not a reply but i am hunting information about if catherine phipps who married adam miller in 1788 is the daughtee of lady catherine annesley and william phipps. I am resercheing my mothers line and have gotten this far. Can you please help or point me in the right direction. thank you.

    • Hello, funyny because im looking information about Sir William Phipps, he came to dominican republic back in 1902 and is my great grandfather by my moms family line, we try to find information about him im st kitts and they dont want to give us any info about it.

      Roger Contreras Phipps

  4. Can you post the following as a new posting?

    Robertson County, TN Archives
    Springfield, TN
    Will Book 12 Pages 3 & 4

    Last Will and Testament of Lewellyn Phipps Deceased

    I Lewellyn Phipps do make and constitute publish this as my last will and Testament revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made.

    1st I direct that my funeral expenses amd all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any money that I may am? possessed of or may first come into the hands of my executors.

    2 I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Cloe the tract of land I now live on beginning at the miander/perimeter? of the long branch in the North boundary line running West, with said line to a dogwood the North West corner of said tract thence South with the original line (between myself and Edward Choat (stricken over)) to a black oak near an ola/old? cole jut thence East with the line between myself and Edward Choats to a sugar tree near the mouth of a spring branch thence near East across a point of a hill to a stake two poles North of the West end of the mill levy thence near North to a stake in the East side of the branch nown by the name of Burton’s branch leaving all of the field on the West side of the branch to the mill tract thence down Burton’s branch with its several miranders to the beginning containing one hundred and forty six acres be the same more or less including the house and farm I now live on during her natural life or widowhood and at her death or intermarriage I give and bequeath all the above mentioned tract and parcel of land with all its appertances therewith unto my son Jackson Phipps.

    3 I give and bequeath unto my wife Cloe Phipps her first choice of my mares and colts her first choice of two of my cows & calves all my hogs and sheep also two of her choice ploughs and geers also two weeding hoes and one Mattock her first choice of my falling axes and also two of her choice bed steds & furniture and also my Cupboard and her choice of my table and candle stand and six choice chairs and also one Kettle & stew pan and her choice of oven and my loom and all the stays and geers her choice of cotton wheel and flax wheel and chest and her side saddle and my washing bar and also one dish and one set of plates and a set of knives and forks and all my cotton that is on hand and all the spoon cotton and flax brake and three crocks during her natural life and at her death I give and bequeath all the above mentioned articles or so much thereof as may be on hand to my son Jackson Phipps.

    4 I give and bequeath unto my wife Cloe Phipps one hundred dollars to be raised out of the first proceeds of my sale after paying my debts to dispose of as she pleases.

    5 I will that my executors as soon as possible after paying my debts proceed to sell all the balance of my land and Mills and every other article of property which is not otherwise disposed of the personal property to be sold on a twelve months credit and the land and Mills to be sold on a one two and three year credit.

    6 I will to my son Jackson Phipps three hundred dollars cash to be placed in interest and one horse and saddle and bridle at the age of twenty one years the money to be at interest as soon as my executors can sell and collect, and also I give my son Jackson Phipps one bed that is now on hand and sted and furniture and my family bible.

    7 I will that if there may be any money left in the hands of my executors after appropriating the proceeds of my sale as above mentioned and paying all expenses be equally divided among my several heirs that is to say daughter Ariadna Watson; Isaac Phipps, William Phipps, Thomas Phipps and Jackson Phipps.

    8th & Lastly I appoint my friend Thomas Cook & James Sprouse my executorsto this my will Signed., sealed amd acknowledged in presence of us this 26 day of April in the year of our Lord 1843.

    James Sprouse
    Edward (his mark) Choat

    Mathew W. Brake Lewellyn Phipps
    Cloy (her mark) Cook (Seal)

    Robertson County Court November Term 1843

    The foregoing last Will and Testament of Lewelly Phipps was produced in open court for probate and thereupom came Edward Choat & Mathew W. Brake two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and both first sworn depose and say that they were acquainted with Lewellyn Phipps the Testator in his lifetime and that acknowleged in their presence the same to be his last Will and Testament and that they attested the same at his request and that he was in his proper mind at that time the Court therefore ordered the same be recorded.

    J. E. Wingfield CLK


    I believe Lewellyn Phipps’ ancestry goes in part like this:

    Lewellyn, Isaac, Thomas, John, Joseph. This Joseph, (1640-1716), being Joseph the English Quaker who came to PA.

  5. I have only become aware of the Phipps’ reunions this date. I would like to be put on a mailing list for next event. I have searcing for i nfo regarding a John Phipps, possibly from RowanCOunty, NC. He married Margaret Miller in Rowan County in 1811. Appreciate any help[.

    • This blog is not in any way affiliated with any of the several Phipps reunions. As a result, if you want to be put on a mailing list, if there is one, you’ll have to contact whoever is in charge of the reunion.

  6. Please add this as a separate post
    Rufus Luther Phipps of Dickenson County, Virginia

    There are many Phipps families in Dickenson County, Virginia. Johnny Mullins, author of The Phipps Family of North Carolina and Virginia, lived in Dickenson County, Virginia. Over time, some branches of the Phipps family forgot their common ancestor, Samuel Phipps.

    Rufus Luther Phipps (1882-1951) was a Dickenson County, VA native. R. L. Phipps was the son of Columbus and Margaret Skeen Phipps. He married Antoinette Neidermaier in 1912. They had two children, Jean Lui (1916-2003) and Carol (1925-2011).
    For over four decades, R. L. Phipps was an old school country doctor. He rode a horse to reach his patients in the mountainous county. He opened a hospital, Dickenson County Hospital, in Clintwood, where he also lived.

    In the following obituary, more of Dr. Phipps’ civic activities are listed. My favorite story is that Dr. Phipps babysat my infant self so that my parents could catch a movie!

    His daughter, Jean Lui, graduated from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) medical school in 1941. She never married and managed her father’s hospital for many years.
    Carol graduated from Duke University. She married John C. Buchanan, who was a physician who practiced in neighboring Wise County for many years.

    My mother was a shy and quiet (Phipps) girl who lived on Cutter Creek. Jean Lui and Carol conspired to enable my mother to go to nursing school. They realized that the Nurse Cadet Corps offered a real opportunity and helped my mother join up. My mother graduated and three of her four daughters followed her into the nursing profession. She never forgot the kindness Dr. Phipps’ daughters. The hard thing to believe is that Carol and Mom were in their teens and Jean Lui had just graduated from medical school—and still they were there for my mother. Years later, she gave me a copy of Johnny Mullins’ book. Imagine her surprise when I found out she was a fourth cousin once removed to Dr. Phipps’ daughters.
    Over the years, the Phipps family remained committed to enriching Dickenson County and its citizens. They donated a park, their home, and the hospital building to the county. The Dr. Phipps Family Museum showcases hospital memorabilia from the old Dickenson County Hospital.
    The estates of both Jean Lui and Carol donated generously to Virginia colleges. In August of this year, a million dollar grant was made to establish a chair of natural sciences at the University of Virginia at Wise.
    Early in her marriage my mother left Dickenson County, so I grew up without really knowing Dr. Phipps’ children. We’ll never forget them, though–my youngest sister is Jean Lui’s namesake.
    I am including obituaries in which some, but I am sure not all, the Phipps’ accomplishments are listed. Dr. Phipps’ generation is gone, as are his daughters’. I have told my story, but I am sure there are many, many more. I hate to think those stories may soon all be lost.
    July 15, 1951 Kingsport Times News p 8A, column 1
    Dr. R. L. Phipps
    Clintwood, Va. (Spl.)—Funeral services for Dr. R.L. Phipps, 65, who died in Richmond Medical College Hospital at 2 a.m. Friday, will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. in Clintwood. Burial will be in the family cemetery. Clintwood Funeral Home is in charge.
    Dr. Phipps’ wife and daughter, Jean Louie (sic), were at his bedside when he died.
    Dr. Phipps, one of Clintwood’s most prominent businessmen and civic leaders, had been a practicing physician and surgeon for 40 years. He established the Clintwood (sic) Hospital here 20 years ago. He was a director of the Cumberland Bank and Trust Company for a long time.
    He was a son of the late Christopher Columbus Phipps, first clerk of Dickenson County.
    Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Toni Neidermaier Phipps, two daughters, Miss Jean Louie (sic) Phipps of Clintwood, and Mrs. John C. Buchanan of Birmingham, Ala.; his mother, Mrs. C. C. Phipps of Clintwood; two brothers, Alger of Clintwood, W. McKinley Phipps of Norfolk; and four sisters, Mrs. Jettie Dalton, Richmond; Nell. Beulah and Hattie Phipps of Clintwood.
    A brother-in-law, J. O. Neidermaier, resides in Kingsport.

    Jean Lui Phipps, 87, of Wise, passed away Saturday (Aug. 16, 2003) in Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital following an extended illness.

    She was born in Clintwood June 8, 1916, the daughter of Dr. R.L. Phipps and Toni Nidermaier (sic) Phipps. She was educated in local schools, the College of William & Mary and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. For many years she was associated with the original Dickenson County Hospital, which opened in 1930.

    Since 1991 she had lived in Wise with her sister, Carol Buchanan.

    In addition to her sister, she is survived by a very special friend, Versie Wells of Clintwood.

    Calling hours are 12:30 until 2 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 19. at Mullins Funeral Home chapel in Clintwood. Services will be held at 2 p.m. with Pastor Jim Hale and Ken Childress officiating. Burial will follow at the Phipps Memorial Cemetery in Clintwood.

    Honorary pallbearers will be Paul Skeen, Alger Baker and Ben Sutherland.

    Active pallbearers will be Paul Buchanan, Bob Hancock, Marshall Hughes, Russell McFall, Don Smith and Weldon Wells.
    Bristol, Virginia, Obituaries: Bristol Herald Courier, August 18, 2003
    Jean Lui Phipps
    WISE — Jean Lui Phipps, 87, passed away on Saturday, August 16, 2003, in Bon
    Secours St. Mary’s Hospital following an extended illness.

    She was born in Clintwood on June 8, 1916, the daughter of Dr. R.L. Phipps and Toni Nidermaier (sic) Phipps. She was educated in local schools, the College of William & Mary and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. For many years she was associated with the original Dickenson County Hospital, which opened in 1930.

    Since 1991 she had lived in Wise with her sister, Carol Buchanan.

    In addition to her sister, she is survived by a very special friend, Versie
    Wells of Clintwood.

    The family will receive friends starting 12:30 until 2 p.m. Tuesday, August 19,2003. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. with Pastor Jim Hale and Ken Childress assisting. Burial will follow at the Phipps Memorial Cemetery in Clintwood.

    Visitation and funeral services will be conducted at the Mullins Funeral Home
    Chapel in Clintwood.

    Honorary pallbearers will be Paul Skeen, Alger Baker and Ben Sutherland.

    Active pallbearers will be Paul Buchanan, Bob Hancock, Marshall Hughes, Russell McFall, Don Smith and Weldon Wells.

    Carol Buchanan

    Published in Bristol Herald Courier on May 17, 2011

    Carol Phipps Buchanan
    Carol Phipps Buchanan, 86, passed away Saturday, May 14, 2011, at the Mountain View Regional Medical Center in Norton, Va. She was a native of Clintwood, Va., but had lived in Wise, Va., since 1962. She was a graduate of Duke University. She was the widow of Dr. John Chalkley Buchanan. She was also preceded in death by her parents, Dr. and Mrs. R.L. Phipps; and by a sister, Jean Lui Phipps. There are no immediate survivors. Interment will be held at a later date in the Phipps Memorial Cemetery in Clintwood. There will be no services at her request. Sturgill Funeral Home, 1621 Norton Road SW, Wise, VA 24293 is in charge of arrangements.

    John C. Buchanan Distinguished Professorship in Internal Medicine
    The John C. Buchanan Distinguished Professorship in Internal Medicine was created with a generous bequest from Jean Lui Phipps, M.D. This gift honors Dr. Phipps’ brother-in-law, John C. Buchanan, M.D., who was a distinguished alumnus of the University and a former Virginia senator for southwest Virginia. While at U.Va., he was a Lawn resident and was involved with the University Singers and Phi Beta Kappa. After earning undergraduate and professional degrees, Dr. Buchanan operated a general medical practice in Wise, Va. From 1971 until his death on April 15, 1991, Sen. Buchanan represented southwest Virginia, a coal-mining region, in the Virginia General Assembly. Notably, he sponsored the first state statute that provided workers’ compensation for black lung disease and helped stop an effort to establish a coal-severance tax. Sen. Buchanan is survived by his wife, Carol, who is a trustee of the Columbus Phipps Foundation, which has given generously to the University of Virginia’s College at Wise in southwest Virginia.


    John C. Buchanan Professorship in Biology endowed at UVa-Wise
    August 6, 2012 – 9:17am
    A generous $1 million gift from the estate of Carol Phipps Buchanan has created an endowed professorship in biology at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise.
    The John C. Buchanan Professorship in Biology was established in honor of her late husband, a former state senator and Southwest Virginia physician. Sen. Buchanan, a distinguished alumnus of the University of Virginia, operated a general medical practice in Wise, Va. From 1971 until his death on April 15, 1991, Sen. Buchanan represented a large portion of Southwest Virginia in the Virginia General Assembly. Notably, he sponsored the first state statute that provided workers’ compensation for black lung disease.
    Carol Phipps Buchanan, wife of Sen. Buchanan, was a trustee of the Columbus Phipps Foundation, which has given generously to The University of Virginia’s College at Wise. Mrs. Buchanan was known for her strong dedication to education. A community-minded yet private person, she wanted her estate to be used to promote education.
    “We are deeply grateful to the estate of Carol Phipps Buchanan for the generous gift,” said Tami Ely, vice chancellor for development and college relations. “Endowed professorships allow us to attract and retain excellent faculty at UVa-Wise, which enhances the educational experience for our students.”
    The only branch campus of the University of Virginia, UVa-Wise offers Virginia’s only undergraduate degree in software engineering, among 29 other degrees and professional programs in the liberal arts tradition of Thomas Jefferson.

  7. Hi. My name is Carly Bullock. My Dad is the son of Dave Phipps. I think Dave lives or has lived in the Raleigh-Durham area in the last few years. I’m pretty sure that he was in the air force at one point and I know that he used to sing. My Dad hasn’t seen him since he was 7 (I think). I’m not sure how to get in contact with him. I know this sounds strange but he has grandchildren now and a great grandson that I would hope he would want to meet. I’d love to meet him as I have some questions that I would like answered. If you can help me, please email me. Thank you SO much!

  8. Your blog is truly art! I stumbled on it trying to research Robert N Phipps who was shot to death July 17th, 1933 in Louisville. I believe he was married at the time to my husband’s aunt Mary Ritman, as she signed for the body.
    I look forward to coming back just to read more of the stories you have deposited here!
    Kassie aka “Mom”
    Maybe someone should write that down…

  9. I need help! I am searching for the link between Samuel Aaron Phipps (b. Abt. 1789 parents unknown m. Wyatt? interestingly enough) and the Phipps family of Waldo, Marion Co. Ohio. There is alot of evidence that points in the direction of a family relation. At first I thought that maybe oral history had been confused, and that maybe Samuel Aaron Phipps didn’t exist. I thought MAYBE the parents of my Samuel W. Phipps were Jacob Phipps and Elizabeth Wyatt of Marion Co. OHIO, BUT as I studied the dates It became increasingly clear that this was not the case. Jacob Phipps and Eliz. Wyatt were married in 1815 and my Samuel W. Phipps was born in 1814, and as I studied the children of my Samuel Aaron Phipps and Jacob Phipps, It became increasingly clear that Samuel W. Phipps and his siblings were NOT the children of Jacob Phipps and Elizabeth Wyatt as in some of the mistaken files. I am not interested in just mistakenly sticking 2 families together, However I am convinced that there is relation of my Phipps’s and these ones of Marion Co. Ohio.
    So I decided that Samuel Aaron Phipps must have in fact been the father of my Samuel W. Phipps. I only know of 4 sons for sure of Samuel Aaron Phipps: Samuel W. Phipps, Uriah Phipps, Henry Phipps (b. 1839 in Philadelphia, PA and d. 1930), and Rev. William Harrison Phipps. He probably had daus. as well.
    Samuel W. Phipps (b. 1814 allegedly in Chesterfield, Fulton, OH) and his wife Esther Patton lived in Chesterhill, Morgan Co. OH and visited Waldo, Marion Co. Ohio frequently. They were there in 1834 when their daughter Martha Sarah Phipps was born and again in 1838 when son Aaron was born. These were their first children. Also of interest, their 3rd surviving child, daughter Elizabeth Annabelle Phipps, was born in Delaware Co. Ohio, another county where our Phipps’s seemed to cavort. I think maybe Esther Patton moved from Morgan Co. to Marion Co. with her mother and new stepfather Isaac Dutton and must have lived in Marion Co. for several years until she married Samuel W. Phipps. It appears as though Anna Smith Patton moved from Morgan Co. to Marion Co. with her second husband Isaac Dutton after the death of her first husband Robert Patton. After her mothers death in 1837, Esther then returned to Chesterhill, Morgan, OH with her husband Samuel by at least 1844, because her children Aft. 1844 were Born in Morgan and Washington Counties. Esther Patton’s family was from Morgan county Ohio and this seems to give me a good reason why she would meet and marry a man that was probably from Marion Co. Ohio.
    Esther Patton Phipps’ mother was Anna Smith Patton Dutton buried in Wyatt Cemetery in Waldo. DUTTON, Ann S. w/o Isaac d Nov 23 1837 Aged: 43y 6m Wyatt (115) Waldo.
    What I am trying to figure out is this: Is Samuel Aaron Phipps a son of David Phipps of his wife Martha Lehna. Did David Phipps have known brothers and did they settle in Marion or Delaware Counties? Could Samuel W. Phipps be the nephew of David Phipps? And I also find it interesting that our Samuel W. Phipps also married a Wyatt, like his possible brother or cousin,Jacob Phipps. I cannot find a grave site in Morgan County for Samuel Aaron Phipps, just his son Samuel W. Phipps and wife in Chesterhill. Could Samuel Phipps be buried in Marion County? or maybe out west? I know a lot of family were moving to IN and IL.
    Thanks to Cousin Evelyn Phipps Herring for helping me with what I had of our Phipps family tree, and to Dot Baker for all her research on the family of Samuel W. Phipps. Hopefully one day we can figure this out so that all of us descendants of Samuel W. Smith of Chesterhill, Morgan, OH can finally trace our Phipps line back to the shores of the American Colonies!

    • Greetings!
      I am a grandson of Anna SMITH Patton Dutton, mother of Esther Patton PHIPPS.
      I recently found a listing of all the brothers and sisters of Esther PATTON Phipps, many of whom were never known until now.
      I descend directly down from Esther’s brother, Robert D. Patton (1813-1895). Esther and her brother Robert were both the children of Robert Patton and Anna SMITH Patton Dutton.
      After their father, Robert Patton, died, then Anna remarried to second husband Isaac Dutton.
      Anna SMITH Patton Dutton had 3 children by her first marriage to Robert Patton and 8 children by her second marriage to Isaac Dutton.

      Do you have any details on Esther Patton Phipps’ father, Robert Patton?

      Hope this message reaches you,
      Darin (A PATTON Family Grandson)

  10. I just found a file that has Elizabeth Wyatt of Marion county Ohio as marrying 1. Samuel Aaron Phipps abt 1810 and 2. Jacob Phipps in 1815. I studied the “alleged” sons of Samuel Aaron Phipps from an older family tree on the internet. In my last post I stated “I only know of 4 sons for sure of Samuel Aaron Phipps: Samuel W. Phipps, Uriah Phipps, Henry Phipps (b. 1839 in Philadelphia, PA and d. 1930), and Rev. William Harrison Phipps. He probably had daus. as well.”
    I am findind this is not the case.
    If Samuel Aaron Phipps married Elizabeth Wyatt in 1810 and died in 1814 (Elizabeth remarried (his brother?) n 1815) that would have allowed only 4 years for them to have children. This family tree on the internet has 4 sons and 2 unknown children. They could not have had 6 children in 4 years. Then I began to study the “alleged” sons that were stated in this family tree as brothers to my Samuel W. Phipps. As I reseached this Henry Phipps (b. 1839 in Philadelphia, PA and d. 1930) I found the dates just didn’t line up. This Henry was born in 1836 could not be Elizabeth Wyatts son to either husband because she died in Waldo, Marion Co. in 1835. And I began to see why someone would link this Henry Phipps (the entrepenuer and Philanthropist) to our Phippses. Henry Phipps b. 1839 was from a recent immigrant family of Phippses. His fathers name was Henry as well and immigrated to America as a shoemaker and his family lived in Pittsburg, Allegheny, PA before Henry was born in Philadelphia, PA. His son Henry was tied to the Andrew Carnegie family in business and was VERY well to do. I believe our Samuel W. Phipps shows up in some censuses as a shoemaker, (maybe a family trade or skill of the Phippses of England?) wich is the same trade as Henry Phipps’ father, the immigrant shoemaker Henry. I don’t know if our Samuel W. Phipps or maybe one of his sons created this fanatical, fantastic story of being the brother of Henry Phipps, or if it has been mistakenly connected by later “family historians”. However, I have found NOTHING to show ANY connection with the immigrant Henry Phipps family associated with Carnegie.
    And I haven’t been able to find much info on Rev. William Harrison Phipps anywhere in Marion County but I still have some looking to do on this one. The only name that does stand out is the son that noone has info on, Uriah. There is overwhelming evidence to support that Samuel W. Phipps of Chesterhill, Morgan, OH was from Marion County, OH and probably the son of Elizabeth Wyatt Phipps. My next step is to find Samuel Aaron Phipps grave site wich is possibly in Marion, Delaware, Fulton, Morgan, or Washington Counties Ohio. (I have looked in Morgan and Washington counties to no avail but cant rule them out as I didn’t have much time to look, I live in Stark county).
    Another thing of interest is that in Dorothy Dot Bakers research, she found a record somewhere that gives Samuel Aaron Phipps’s birthplace as Chesterfield, OH. I can’t find a village or town of Chesterfield in Ohio. Chesterfield is a township in Fulton County, Ohio. Was there a village of Chesterfield there in Chesterfield Twp. Fulton County Ohio in 1814? Could his Parents have been working in Chesterfield Twp. or just passing through on a trip to PA or NY? Or could this be a mistake and maybe he was born in Chesterhill, Morgan, Ohio? I don’t have touch with Dorothy Baker anymore and can’t ask her where she got the info.
    If you are researching this same family please contact me. Moderator Please share this post

  11. My cousin Evelynn Phipps Herring ALMOST has me convinced that there was no son of David and Martha Phipps (Marion Co. Ohio) named Samuel Aaron Phipps. Thats why I need more info from Sermon Book.
    And, She also made me aware of a marriage record from an old bible that says that Jacob Phipps and “Betsy” Wyatt (Elizabeth) were married Jan 19 1814 in Franklin Co. OH. This is contrary to the marriage date of Jan 16 1815 that is in many of the worldconnect family files. I still haven’t found the source of the 1815 date.
    Confusing, HOWEVER, It is answering my questions of the parentage of my Samuel W. Phipps b. Dec 7 1814. IF, in fact, Jacob Phipps and Elizabeth Wyatt were married Jan 19, 1814 in Franklin Co. Ohio, they would have been married early enough for my Samuel W. Phipps to be their firstborn son.
    I have seen it said that David Phipps ancestry was hard to prove. Most records show him as a son of Samuel Phipps son of Aaron Phipps. The oral history in the Samuel W. Phipps line reinforces that info through the use of the names Samuel and Aaron. I even think oral history was actually confused in our line, and Samuel W. Phipps was thought by his descendants to be Samuel Aaron Phipps. My cousin Evelynn Phipps Herring spent a while proving that he was Samuel W. Phipps b. Dec 7 1814 and not Samuel Aaron Phipps.
    So, I think, THEN it was ASSUMED by the Sam W. Phipps descendants that Samuel W. Phipps was the son of a Samuel Aaron Phipps, when in fact, by the prior research of Evelynn Phipps Herring and Dot Baker, evidence keeps strengthening the theory that Samuel W. Phipps b. dec 7 1814 WAS the son of Jacob Phipps and Elizabeth “Betsy” Wyatt and that Jacob and “Betsy” were married Jan 19 1814, and their first son Samuel W. Phipps was born 12 months later.
    If these people would have stayed in one place instead of running around settling the state of Ohio, this research would have been much easier. LoL. Cousin Evelynn figured out that our line comes from Sam W. Phipps b. 1814. It was previously thought by our line from him that his name was Samuel Aaron. This oral history info could have preserved the fact that Samuel W. Phipps was the son of Jacob, son of David, son of SAMUEL, son of AARON! Evidence has me almost convinced (which is a hard thing to do). And, another thought….Evelynn did alot of searching to connect Samuel W. Phipps to the Marion Co. Ohio Phippses and to his mother Elizabeth Wyatt…Could his full name be SAMUEL WYATT PHIPPS b. Dec 7 1814??

    From: “Cathy Pierce”
    Subject: [PACENTRE] Phipps family
    Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 19:36:04 -0500

    Hello everyone,
    I have just joined this list. I have recently been given some information that was located in an old family Bible on the Phipps family.

    Jacob Phipps b Jan 14, 1795 Bald Eagle, Centre Cty, PA.
    d Feb 1, 1848 (place unknown) married Betsy Wyatt in 1814 in Franklin Cty Ohio. Betsy was b1792 possibly in NY.

    Jacob’s father was named David Phipps. B 1761 in Uwchland, Chester Cty, PA. D 1830 in Delaware Cty, Ohio. Do not know his wife’s name.

    David’s father was Samuel Phipps (Jacob’s grandfather) Born about 1740 in Uwchland, Chester Cty PA. died 1810 in Bald Eagle, Centre Cty, PA. wife unknown

    I am trying to find out the wife of Samuel and David Phipps, where Jacob died and any interesting tidbits about the Phipps family in this area.
    I am new at researching PA. Most of my contacts have been in the south.
    Would like to communicate with anyone who is also working on this family or any one who has some suggestions on where else to look.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Cathy Pierce
    Researching Phipps, Roberts,Pierce, Stavely, Worsham.

    I just found a sister to Sam W. Phipps. She was Elizabeth Phipps m. Theodore Stokes. They moved to Indiana and her father Jacob Phipps moved there too taking his second wife with him. (His first wife Elizabeth Wyatt died and was buried in Wyatt Cem Waldo, Marion, OH) I will be trying to find the grave of Jacob Phipps probably in Indiana.

    THEODORE F. STOKES is the son of William and Sarah (Laskey) Stokes. The father was born in Philadelphia February 4, 1779, and the mother in the same city February 3, 1783. They were married by Bishop White in Christ Church, Philadelphia, November 12, 1801, and Theodore was born January 2, 1822. At the age of fourteen Theodore began clerking in the first domestic hardware store started in Philadelphia, and remained until 1841. He then came West and started a general store at Winamac for W. Brown & Son. June 15, 1843, he married Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Wyatt) Phipps, and to this union have been born five children – William B., Emma W., Rufus B., Sarah E. and Schuyler C. The mother of Mrs. Stokes died in Ohio, in 1835, and the father subsequently married Margaret Gotshall, and came with her and his children to this county when it was quite a wilderness. In 1852, Mr. Stokes was appointed the first station agent of the L., N.A. & C.R.R. Co. at Francesville, and retained the position until 1861; he was then appointed to a first-class clerkship in the Land Office at Washington, D.C., and has now reached the fourth class, the highest in this department. He has passed all the chairs of the Odd Fellows order. His first vote was cast for Henry Clay for President. Mrs. Stokes is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and Mr. S. is an attendant of the same.
    “Counties of White and Pulaski Counties, Indiana – Salem Township” by F.A. Battey & Co. – published in 1883

  12. As mentioned in one of my previous posts Samuel W. Phipps b. Dec 7 1814 is NOT the brother of Henry Phipps b. 1839 in Philadelphia, PA NOR is he the brother of Rev. William Harrison Phipps as is stated in this online family tree!

    I found this today.

    Lawrence Cowle Phipps (1862-1958) — also known as Lawrence C. Phipps — of Denver, Colo. Born in Amityville, Berks County, Pa., August 30, 1862. Republican. Vice-president and treasurer, Carnegie Steel Corporation; U.S. Senator from Colorado, 1919-31; delegate to Republican National Convention from Colorado, 1920, 1924, 1928; member of Republican National Committee from Colorado, 1932. Episcopalian. Died in Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, Calif., March 1, 1958 (age 95 years, 183 days). Entombed in mausoleum at Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colo.
    Relatives: Son of Rev. William Henry Phipps and Agnes (McCall) Phipps; married to Genevieve Chandler (died 1931); father of Lawrence C. Phipps, Jr. (1886-?).
    See also congressional biography — page — Wikipedia article — Find-A-Grave memorial

    Henry b. 1839 in Phila, Pa and Rev. William Harrisson Phipps were brothers and were from the English immigrant Henry Phipps family that was involved with the Carnegie family. They were not closely related to the David Phipps family of Marion Co. OH.

    As I have mentioned, I don’t have a complete and accurate list of the children of David Phipps (Marion Co. OH). I only have Samuel W. (my ancestor) and Elizabeth that married Theodore F. Stokes in Winnamac, Pulaski Co. Indiana. And there are 4 (?) children that died young buried in Wyatt Cem. Waldo, Marion Co. OH. Any info on more surviving children that went on to produce families would be appreciated.

  13. Separate post, please.

    My great grandmother was Mary Ann (Polly) Phips, born 1858 in Missouri and died/buried 1910 in Seneca, Missouri. Can anyone verify if she was the daughter of William Phipps, born 1807 in Kentucky? I have some thread that indicates such, but I am doubtful. Even less information on her mother.

  14. I am related to an Elizabeth Phipps born about 1776 to a John Phipps in Alamance County, NC. She married a Joel Holt between 1795 and 1800. SHe died in Knox County, TN in 1842. They had several daughters and 1 documentd son – Austin Holt. I have visited her grave site &have pictures of the cemetery.

    I am looking for information related to her marraige and confirmation that she is John’s daughter.

    Joel’s first land purchase in Knox County was from John Phipps. Does anyone have information related to John Phipps moving from Alamance County, NC to Knox County, TN before 1808?

    Any references or information leading to more information related to Joel Holt and his family would also be of interest.



    • Hello Gary,
      I too am related to Elizabeth and Joel Holt… actually my husband is one of their great great great great grandsons. I am interested in finding out how you were able to determine who Elizabeth’s father was. I have been looking for information on this for about 4 years. As well, I did find two references regarding Early Tax Land Records for a John Phipps on I can give you the info if you like on how to find them. As well, you mention that Elizabeth and Joel only have one documented son, Esquire Austin, I also have a Peter listed b. 25 April, 1818 in Knox Co. TN d. 15 September, 1856 in McCracken, KY. I also have listed the following daughters: Eleanor, Rachel, Nancy, Elizabeth Mahala, Delilah, Matilda, Melissa and Polly.
      Cheryl Oberkirsch

      • Cheryl,

        I apologize for not responding to your post. I lost track of this site.

        I do not have proof that John is the father of Elizabeth. Based on something that I read a few years ago, I believe this to be true. Also, when Elizabeth and Joel Holt moved to Knox County, TN, Joel purchased land from a John Phipps.

        What I am looking for is a mention of Peter, Joel, Elizabeth, and John in a book about 1 of Hans Michael Holt’s children. I saw this when I first started doing genealogy research. I made the beginner’s mistake of not making a copy of the mention and of the book’s title page. This mention will tie Joel to Peter, Elizabeth to Joel, and Elizabeth to John.

        Peter was a patriot during the Revolutionary War. He was awarded over 100 pounds of silver for his donation of materials to support the war effort. This is documented in NC court records. This is interesting because he was accused of being a Tory in Burke County, NC. However, he was never charged and tried in court. Given that a number of Tories were killed, he may have decided to change his allegiance.

        Based on Peter’s payment for his materials, he was a patriot. His being a patriot qualifies all direct descendants for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). I am helping a cousin and his sons to qualify for SAR. I can prove from my cousin back to Joel. I cannot prove Joel as Peter’s son. If I can prove Joel is Peter’s son, then all descendants of Joel can use my proof to join DAR or SAR. Neither organization has a member based on Joel to Peter.

        I have seen references to a Peter that was the son of Joel. What information do you have Joel having a son named Peter? There are court records in Roane County, TN of a Peter Holt that had multiple legal issues. Based on the dates of the court cases, this Peter Holt would have been in the right age range to be a son of Joel’s. Then, this Peter vanishes. The sheriffs of Anderson, Know, and Roane Counties could not locate him. Do you have a date for when your Peter appears for the first time in Kentucky?

        Joel’s Children:
        Rachel b. 22 Jul 1802, NC – d. 18 Oct 1879, Putnan County, MO
        Nancy b. 1 Jul 1804
        Mary Polly b. 1 Nov 1806, TN – d. 12 Oct 1885, Anderson County, TN
        Mahala b. 1 Feb 1808, TN – d. 1871
        Delilah “Liley” b. 21 Aug 1810, TN – probably died after 1880 in IN
        Esquire Austin b. 22 Nov 1812, Knox County, TN – d. 24 Jul 1883, Anderson County, TN
        Elizabeth Francis b. abt 1816, TN
        Matilda b. 25 Apr 1818, TN – d. 22 Aug 1860, Knox County, TN
        Peter b. 25 Apr 1818 – unconfirmed
        Malissa Y b. 7 Sep 1819, TN – d. 16 Dec 1876, Greene County, MO

        If you have any comments or questions related to any of my comments, please let me know.


  15. Please post this as a new comment:

    I am researching Isiah Phipps who was supposedly born in Reading, Berkshire, England 8/8/1668. I have looked at the Quaker records and there is a Josiah Phipps born to Joseph and Sarah Phipps that was born on that date but no Isiah Phipps. In the burial section of the Reading Monthly Meeting minutes there is an entry for the burial of this Josiah Phipps, son of Joseph Phipps, who was buried 11/8/1668 and who was born in 1668.
    Listed as Josiah in the Reading Monthly Meeting Minutes for birth records:
    England & Wales, Quaker Birth, Marriage, and Death Registers, 1578-1837 about Josiah Phipps
    Name: Josiah Phipps
    Event Type: Birth
    Birth Date: 8 Oct 1668
    Birth Place: Reading, England
    Gender: Male
    Father: Joseph Phipps
    Meeting: Monthly Meeting of Reading and Warborough: Reading
    Piece Description: Piece 1255: Monthly Meeting of Reading and Warborough: Reading (1660-1739)

    There is also a death record for Josiah Phipps one month later:
    England & Wales, Quaker Birth, Marriage, and Death Registers, 1578-1837 about Josiah Phipps
    Name: Josiah Phipps
    Event Type: Burial
    Gender: Male
    Father: Joseph Phipps
    Death Date: abt 1668
    Burial Date: 8 Nov 1668
    Burial Place: Reading, England
    Meeting: Monthly Meeting of Reading and Warborough: Reading
    Piece Description: Piece 1255: Monthly Meeting of Reading and Warborough: Reading (1660-1739)

    That leaves the question, who is the Isaac Phipps who was a son of Joseph and Sarah Phipps? I have not found a birth record for him. I also wanted to mention that the Isiah Phipps that married Eleanor Smith in 1708 in Philadelphia would have been 40 at the time if he had really been born in 1668.

    • Jeanine,

      From what I have researched, I do not believe there was a son of Joseph (1640-1716) and Sarah named Isaac. After reviewing those same birth and death records from Reading, Berkshire Co., England, I suspect that Joseph and Sarah’s son Isaiah (named in Joseph’s will from 1709) may likely have been born in America after their arrival by 1683. Although I have not yet found a birth record for this Isaiah, if he was born around 1683 orr 1684, he would have only been about 24 or 25 when he married Eleanor Smith in 1708. Regarding that marriage between Isaiah and Eleanor, I have not seen that marriage record yet. If you have the source for that marriage record (and where it can be found), I would greatly appreciate if you would be so kind as to share it.

      I have seen numerous others claim that Isaiah was the Josiah who was born in 1668, but as you pointed out this Josiah died in 1668. In my research, I have found several land, church and tax records connected to Isaiah and Eleanor in Cecil County, MD (adjacent to Chester Co., PA), from 1717 through to 1734. After that date, I have not found anything further related to this Isaiah Phipps. To the west of Cecil County, MD, in Frederick Co., Virginia, there is an Elenor Phipps in the Will book with an inventory report dated in 1745. I have suspected that this could be the same Elenor/Eleanor who was the wife of Isaiah Phipps, but I have not found any further record to prove that this was the same person.


      • Tim,
        I apoligize, I did not see this post until now. I had seen the marriage information in some Quaker records held at Bucks County Historical Society, but much of this information is now online at ancestry. Here is the text I do not know how to attach a link to the photo of the record.
        Source Information U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.
        Original data:
        Swarthmore, Quaker Meeting Records. Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.
        Name: Isaiah Phipps
        Marriage Date: 26 Apr 1708
        Marriage Place: Montgomery, Pennsylvania
        Residence Date on Image: 26 Second 1708
        Spouse: Eleanor Smith
        Event Type: Marriage Intention (Marriage)
        Monthly Meeting: Abington Monthly Meeting
        Historical Meeting Data: Search for this monthly meeting in the ‘Quaker Monthly Meetings Index’
        Yearly Meeting: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
        Title: Men’s Minutes, 1682-1746
        Meeting State: Pennsylvania
        Meeting County: Montgomery

      • Jeanine,

        Thanks for the follow-up! Since my post last year, I too have seen the original Quaker records noting the marriage between Isaiah Phipps and Eleanor Smith. I have literally spent hours reading through hundreds of pages of the hand-written Quaker records after the scanned images were added to last year.


      • Tim,
        I have Isaiah and his wife Elinor in New Castle Co DE in 1730 but that is the last I see of them until the mention of Elinor Phipps in 1745 in Frederick Co, VA.
        Land Records in New Castle cnty, DE
        Deed. 08 May 1730. Isaiah PHIPPS of Pencader Hundred, Newcastle cnty,
        yeoman & Elinor his wife to Francis LAND of Christeen Creek, yeoman,
        plantation & tract of 127 acres bounding land of David PRICE. Ack: Aug Term.
        I have not been able to find a birth record yet for Isaiah but feel he must have been born about 1684 roughly. Since Elinor, most likely Isaiah’s wife, is in Frederick Co VA in 1745 and an Isaiah Phipps bought land there in 1751, it would seem a strong possibility this was Isaiah born about 1684 or his son Isaiah.

      • Jeanine,

        Thanks for sharing this land deed from Isaiah Phipps and wife Eleanor (Elinor) to Francis Land in New Castle Co., DE, in 1730. As you know, New Castle Co., DE, Cecil Co., MD, and Chester Co., PA all three sit adjacent to one another. Have you found any other records for Isaiah in this county (like a land deed for the purchase of this property he sold in 1730)? I have found several records for Isaiah Phipps in Cecil Co., MD, the last the two being from 1731 and 1734. The one in 1731 is a Quaker record, while the one from 1734 is a tax record. Both are listed below:

        Maryland Quaker Records: Nottingham Monthly Meeting, Cecil County; pg 112, “Isaiah & w Elener, rqct Gwynedd MM, PA, 16-8-1731; at next mtg a delay was ordered; on 18-10-1731 the clerk was directed to adjust the cert & direct it to Friends at Great Swamp (not identified) & to send a true copy to Isaiah Phipps. On 20-8-1739 is the following minute: ‘There having been requested some time ago a cert for Isaiah & Elinor Phipps & the needful enquiry having been concerning their conversation & circumstances, this Mtg hath drawn & signed a cert recommending them to Friends of the Great Swamp.’ (A note following says: ‘See page 27, 10mo-1731’).”

        Inhabitants of Cecil County, Maryland, 1649-1774; pg 89, Cecil County Debt Books, 1734-1766: Names, Tracts, Years; pg 112, “Phips, Isaiah – No Tract listed – 1734.”


  16. Jonathan Phipps (b abt 1757 Chester County, PA d after 1820) was a son of Joseph Phipps (b 1730 Uwchlan Chester County, PA; d 1769 East Caln, Chester County PA) and Margaret Lewis daughter of Isaac Lewis and Anne Parry) and grandson of Joseph Phipps (1700-1772) and Elizabeth ? of Chester County, PA. This Jonathan and wife Mary may get confused with Jonathan Phipps (b 1745-1799 of Uwchlan, Chester County, PA, son of John Phipps and Sarah Clayton whose wife was Mary Keely and were a Quaker family). Jonathan (b 1757 son of Joseph and Margaret) was married to Mary Maxwell, daughter of James Maxwell and Ann Cunningham of Pikeland, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

    19 Jun 1770 petition for guardianship Margaret, widow of Joseph Phipps, on behalf of her four children requests guardianship for Jonathan, Lewis, Ann, and Esther Phipps minors under the age of fourteen. Daughter Elizabeth Phipps age 16 had John Jacobs appointed guardian;

    31 Oct 1791 Jonathan (and wife Mary) are named in land records Deed Book H-2 Vol 32 Chester County, PA Deed Aaron Allison etux to John Righter
    “This indenture made this thirty first day of October, Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and ninety one between Aron Allison of Uwchlan township in the County of Chester yeoman & Elizabeth his wife & Jonathan Phipps of the same place, smith and Mary his wife, Esther Phipps of the same place spinster and Lewis Phipps of the City of Philadelphia, smith and & Margaret his wife all of the state of Pennsylvania of the one part and John Righter of Uwchlan aforesaid smith of the other part whereas Joseph Phipps became seized and in actual possession of a certain plantation and tract or parcel of land situate and being in the township of Uwchlan …. being in actual possession aforesaid of the above described tract and parcel of land died intestate leaving issue five children namely Jonathan Phipps Elizabeth who intermarried with Aron Allison, Lewis Phipps and Esther parties hereto now this indenture witnesseth that the said Aron Allison and Elizabeth his wife for an in consideration of sum of thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence & Jonathan Phipps and Mary his wife for an in consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds and Lewis Phipps and Margaret his wife for an in consideration of the sum of thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence & Esther Phipps for an in consideration of thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence all of gold…”
    Jonathan Phipps and Mary his wife signed the marriage certificate of Mary’s sister Eleanor Maxwell to Daniel Kenny (on far right hand column directly under the signature of the bride and groom)
    Other documentation of Jonathan Phipps:
    1780 4th Class, Capt. Scotts Company – Lower Uwchlan State of the accounts of the lieutenant and sub-lieutenants of Chester County, from March 1780, to April 1783

    1793 Pennsylvania Septennial census Jonathan listed in Pikeland

    20 Jul 1793 Appraised land for estate of Joseph Jones in Pikeland

    1798 Named in estate records of William Lightfoot whose land is “bounded by Jonathan Phipps”.

    1800 Pennsylvania Septennial census Jonathan listed in Pikeland

    1800 US census Jonathan Phipps is found in Pikeland with 4M<10; 1 M 26-44; 1F 10-15; 1 F 26-44

    1810 US census Jonathin Phipps in London Grove with 2M 10-15; 3M 16-25; 1 M 45+; 2 F 10-15; 1 F 45+. London Grove is adjacent to West Marlborough where Mary’s sister Hannah Maxwell Rigg lived.
    On the line below Jonathan on this census is Joseph Phipps (1M under 10; 1 M 16-25; 1 F 16- 25; 1 F 45+) very likely the son of this Jonathan. This listing might be mistakenly attributed to Joseph Phipps, son of Elisha, however, Elisha was in Darby at this time (in census) and according to the Genealogy of the Baily Family, Joseph (listed as son of Elisha and Elizabeth Pusey) was born May 9, 1795 thus would only be 15 years old in 1810 and not eligible to be listed as an adult in the census and he did not marry Rachel Davis until 1818 (any Mary Ann Hope in 1824).

    1809-1814 Chester County archives – Jonathan Phipps has petitions for tavern “Chatham Inn” (denied in 1810)

    1814 Jonathan is listed as Innkeeper London Grove – Chester County archives – Septennial census returns

    3 Jun 1818 in the Village Record, there is an ad for a runaway apprentice in the potter business named Jonathan Phipps, Jr. aged 20-21 years who ran away from the undersigned near Downingtown. The person placing the ad was Ziba Vickers, brother of Martha Vickers who was married to William Milhous. Martha and Ziba's parents were William Milhous and Hannah Baldwin Milhous who are listed as attendees at the wedding of Daniel Kenny and Eleanor Maxwell (sister of Mary Maxwell Phipps, wife of Jonathan).

    1820 census in Columbia, Lancaster County Jonathan Phipps is listed with the following age and gender distribution 1 M 16-18; 1 M 45+; 1F 16-<26; 1 F 26-44 (Jonathan is about age 63 at this point)
    Adjacent in this census is Jonathan Phipps, jr. with the following age/gender distribution
    1M 10 <16; 1 M 26-44; 1 F 26-44
    There is also a Samuel Phipps (born before 1770) in Columbia Lancaster in the 1820 census
    1 M & 1 F 45+ (bef 1770); 1 F 10-15 –not sure who this Samuel is related to but is possibly the Samuel, son of Samuel of Coalico, Lancaster, listed in Chester County Pennsylvania Orphan Court records in 1790 (Samuel Phipps dec – children Henry, Elizabeth, Samuel, Barbara: petition was by Jonathan Phipps). The 13 May 1888 Columbia Spy newspaper has an article on the history of Columbia that states in 1811 Samuel Phipps kept a disorderly house at sign of 3 balls at corner of Locust & 5th

    1820 Jonathan Phipps signed a petition for John Funk’s tavern in Manor Township – Owned by William Gamber. Located on turnpike road leading from Lancaster to Columbia. Lately occupied by Robert Magill. Petition granted. April term. Signers of Petition: Jonathan Phipps, Jere Knight, John Brown, Isaac Vaughn, [name in German], Peter Levergood, [unknown signature], Philip Loesig, John Brubaker, David Brubaker. 1 Item, 1 Piece ay_item&item_id=13124&Itemid=191

    22 Feb 1820 marriage record for Jonathan Phibbs and Mary Belloe (Records of Trinity Reformed Church, City of York, York County, Pennsylvania, 1801-1853). There is a record for a Henry Phibbe in the 1807 Septennial Census living in York with the profession of goldsmith. This Jonathan is possibly a son of this Henry who may be the Henry, son of Samuel of Coalico listed in the orphan’s court records on whom a Jonathan Phipps petitioned for guardianship. In 1820 census, Henry Phipps found in Washington, Maryland census. There is also a George Phipps in York in 1820 census ( 2 M <10; 1 M 26-44 (1776-1794); 1 F 26-44).

    1821 Jonathan Phipps was indicted for assault and battery (possibly the younger Jonathan) ay_item&item_id=137220&Itemid=191

    In 1822 there was a commissioners order for payment with “Commonwealth vs Phipps” as part of the document

    This is the last documentation found on a Jonathan Phipps that fits his time and place.

    In 1830 census there is Mary Phips (transcribed as Philps) with 1 F 20-29 (b1800-10) and 1 F 50-59 (b~1770-1780) in Columbia, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    In 1840 census in Columbia, Lancaster, PA Mary Fips with 1 F 20-29 (b 1810-20) and 1 F 70-79 (b 1761-1770)

    1848 Lancaster County Sheriff’s sale – Samuel Albright's land sold at Sherriff Sale to Mary Phipps 9 Dec

    In 1850 census in Columbia, Lancaster, PA, Mary Phips, age 50 born PA is listed as owning her own house valued at $3000. Also listed with her is Elizabeth Jones age 53 and Pios and Mary Crowenshield (?) age 29 & 25 with Weiney & Taylor ages 12 & 1. Also listed on this page is Samuel A. Brooks (48) and his wife Mary (39) and son George (15)

    1851 Samuel Brooks administered the estate of Mary Phipps and he renounced.

    17 Dec 1851 Lancaster Examiner & Herald had and ad for the estate of Mary Phipps of Columbia, dec To: John Hinkle, Mary Crum (late Mary Hinkle) wife of Henry Crum, dec’d, Samuel Hinkle, Joseph Hinkle, Anna Hinkle, Henry Hinkle, Elizabeth Hinkle, Sarah Hinkle, and Rebecca Hinkle, heirs of Mary Phips, dec’d notifying that on 20 Dec 1851 the division, evaluation and appraisal of two houses and lots of ground, situate in said borough, fronting on Locust street; and one house and lot of ground in said borough fronting on Fourth St, late the estate of said deceased.

    In 1852, Isaac Hinkle was appointed administrator of the estate of Mary Phipps

    In the 1850 US census in West Hempfield, Lancaster PA is Isaac Hinkle (51), Henry Hinkle (48), Elizabeth Hinkle(40), Sarah Hinkle (42) and various younger Hinkle’s. Not listed with this group are Rebecca, Anna, or Mary Hinkle Crum. Is this the same family?

    12 Oct 1878 an article In the Columbia Spy on Philip Wisler's early recollections of Lancaster he mentions meeting recently with his boyhood pal Jacob Eby (b 1816) who owned a nail factory and the author inquired if Eby remembered Jonathan Phipps and nailor Wilson's nail factory in Columbia and discussed progress made over 60 years on the production of nails. This would place the timeframe around 1830 if Jacob Eby were about 14-15 at the time. Recall that the occupation for Jonathan listed in the land records was smith and that his brother Lewis, also listed as smith was a nailor.

    Regarding Joseph Phipps, possible son of Jonathan Phipps, the following were found that may also be him:
    18 Mar 1815 – ad Wilmington Christiana Turnpike meeting at house of Joseph Phipps of Stauton (tavern)

    11 May 1816 American Watchman(Wilmington, Delaware )- Joseph Phipps of Staunton – a subscriber

    Wed 3 Sep 1817 – American Watchman – notice for Democratic Republicans to meet & Joseph Phipps (late Well's) in Newport

    In the Archeology and History of John Tweeds Log Tavern, Chapter 2 page 2-20, In 1817, Joseph Phipps
    is listed as having a tavern in Stanton, Delaware (

    5 Dec 1818 – American Watchman – at the house of Joseph Phipps Newport, Christiana Hundred – real estate of William Nutt to be sold

    Sat 23 Jan 1819 – American Watchman- Sheriff Sale – at house of Joseph Phipps, New Port Christiana Hundred Delaware – property of Zepas Wells

    1820 US census Pencader Hundred New Castle, Delaware
    Joseph Phipps 1 M 10-15; 1 M 26-44; 1 F <10; 1 F 26-44; 1 colored male 14-25; 1 colored female 14-25

    Joseph Phipps is not found in Delaware after the 1820 census

    Joseph Phipps not found in 1830 census

    1840 census Lancaster PA Joseph Phipps – 1 M 5-9 1 M 10-14; 1 M 40-49; 1 F under 5; 1 F 15-20; 1 F 30-40; possibly the same Joseph

    Any help in figuring out who the children and descendants of Jonathan and Mary Maxwell Phipps appreciated.

    Here is information on Lewis Phipps, the brother of Jonathan Phipps (sons of Joseph and Margaret Lewis Phipps).

    10 Jun 1770 Chester County Orphan’s Court records Petition for Guardianship for Lewis Phipps by his mother Margaret, widow of Joseph Phipps, minors under the age of 14

    20 Sep 1787 a record for the marriage of Margaret Sprowl and Lewis Phipps at Old St. Paul’s Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    1787 Pennsylvania Tax and Exoneration records Lewis Phipps in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

    1789 Pennsylvania Tax and Exoneration records Lewis Phipps in Northern Liberties Philadelphia, nailer, taxed 30£

    Listed in the same 31 Oct 1791 land record given above for Jonathan Phipps. Lewis is listed with wife Margaret and occupation as smith.

    1793 Septennial Census listed in North Mulberry Ward, Philadelphia, nailor

    12 May 1796 Aurora General Advertiser – Lewis Phipps places an ad for a one cent reward for runaway apprentice Robert McElheran, by trade a nailor on the 19th ult; Lewis lived at No 69, North Fifth Street.

    27 Mar 1799, in the Claypoole’s American Daily Advertiser, listed for Sherriff’s sale is a “2 story frame meussage and one story blacksmith shop and lot or piece of ground thereto belonging, situate on the west side of Front Street in the Northern Liberties, in the county of Philadelphia; containing in front 20 feet and in length or depth 80 feet; bounded on the south by a lot of Thomas Paul, on the east by Court alley, on the north by ground of Mathew Clarkson and Michael Hillegas, and on the west by Front Street aforesaid; subject to a ground rent of eighty Spanish milled silver dollars. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Lewis Phipps, and to be sold by Jonathan Penrose, Sheriff.”

    1800 census Newberry, York, Pennsylvania 1M 10-15; 1M 26-44; 1F 10; 1 F 26-44
    1800 Pennsylvania Septennial Census Newberry, York, PA – listed as Lewis Fips, occupation is smith

    1810 US Census – Dublin, Bedford, Pennsylvania, listed as Lewis Fippas (corrected to Fipps)
    1 M under 10; 2 M 10-15; 1 M 26-44; 3 F 10; 1 F 26-44

    Sons of the American Revolution records submitted by Harry Wishard Glossbrenner (b 1893 Indianapolis, IN) provides the following family history
    He (Harry) was:
    son of William Jacob Glossbrenner born 23 Jun 1840 Jeffersonville, IN, died 28 Jun 1906 Indianapolis, IN and Jane Rowan Cox (4 Aug 1848 Columbus, IN ; still living) ;
    grandson of Alfred Cox (5 Jun 1824 OH; d 13 Oct 1856 Columbus, IN) and Eliza Ann Wilson (b 2 Feb 1829 Columbus, IN; d 29 Jan 1879 Columbus, IN);
    great grandson of Hiram Abiff Wilson (b 10 Mar 1802 NC; d 4 Jun 1852 Columbus, IN) and married 11 Mar 1819 Hannah Ann PHIPPS (b 29 Sep 1803 Philadelphia, PA; d 14 Oct 1867 Columbus, IN) (marriage and date of marriage confirmed)
    great-great grandson of Lewis Phipps b 10 Sep 1766 Philadelphia, PA; d 25 Oct 1818 New Albany, IN) married in PA, Catherine Ellis b 13 Jun 1772 died 3 Dec 1811 Pittsburgh, PA.

    Only the marriage of Hiram Wilson and Hannah Phipps is confirmed (both date and place). Catherine Ellis would have to have been a 2nd wife and Hannah Ann Phipps would not have been born in Philadelphia, nor was Lewis Phipps.

    Other Phipps that may be related to Lewis Phipps given the location and time frame are John D. Phipps who married Barbara Glossbrenner and Joshua Phipps (b 1809). Information on them is on a blog in this forum under John D and Joshua Phipps Pennsylvania to Indiana. Note occupation of Joshua Phipps (a blacksmith) – same occupation as Lewis Phipps

  17. New Post: X-rated court record re: Isaiah Phipps of Orange County North Carolina
    Orange County , North Carolina Court Minutes 1752-1761 Book 1, by Haun, Weynette Parks p 81
    Orange County , North Carolina Court Minutes 1752-1761 Book 1: March 1758 page 279 of the minutes; “Isaiah Phipps a boy of eleven years three months and six days old being brought before the court on suspicion of a buggery committed on a mare. On hearing the evidence on behalf of our Sovereign Lord the King against said Phipps it is the opinion of the said Court that he be discharged.”

    So he would have been born 1746; is this son of Isaiah Phipps who died in Granville in 1766? What happened to this son?

    • Pamela,

      I missed seeing your posted question from last year. It is very possible (maybe even likely) that the Isaiah from this 1758 court record was the same son Isaiah listed in the 1760 Granville Co. will of an older Isaiah Phipps. The son Isaiah can be found in the 1764 and 1765 tax lists for Granville Co. along with his father Isaiah. In Virginia, white males age 16 yrs or more were included in the county tax lists. If North Carolina followed this approach, then the younger Isaiah in 1764 would have to at least be 16 (thus born by 1748). This would fit with the age of the young Isaiah from the 1758 court record in Orange Co., NC.

      There are several records (tax, land, militia) related to the younger Isaiah Phipps in Granville Co. after the death of his father Isaiah in 1766. The last record I have seen for this younger Isaiah is from 1778, when he took the oath of loyalty to North Carolina against the King. To date, the only other record that I have seen that could be this same Isaiah is a tax list for Washington Co., NC (later Tennessee) in 1787. However, there is nothing that indicates that this is the same Isaiah Phipps from Granville Co., NC.


  18. Re: Joseph Phipps of North Carolina and Missouri, his Wife “Mary A. unknown” I believe this Mary A to be Mary Anna Coffalt (or Coffatt) b. 1818 in Virginia. Married to Austin Clardy (correct spelling is Clardy, Clarany is the name on the 10 Mar 1848 Marriage Cert from Arkansas Marriages, 1837-1944.
    Anna married Joseph Phipps 26 Jan 1856 in Washington County, Arkansas

    Name: Joseph Phipps
    Birth Date: 1800
    Age: 56
    Spouse’s Name: Anna Clarida
    Spouse’s Birth Date: 1818
    Spouse’s Age: 38
    Event Date: 26 Jan 1856
    Event Place: Washington,Arkansas Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M58623-1 , System Origin: Arkansas-ODM , GS Film number: 1034247
    No image available
    Search collection
    Citing this Record

    “Arkansas Marriages, 1837-1944,” index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 06 Sep 2014), Joseph Phipps and Anna Clarida, 26 Jan 1856; citing Washington,Arkansas; FHL microfilm 1034247.

    Joseph and Anna had several children, hoping that this helps any interested Phipps. I’m related to Austin Clardy.

  19. *Please post this as a new post*

    Hello everyone,
    I stumbled upon this website while researching my Mullens side of the family. In the 1860 census my gr gr gr grandfather Andrew Jackson Mullens of IN is listed as a child with David and Elizabeth Mullens as his parents. I was always told that David’s (born 1834 in IN or perhaps TN) wife’s maiden name was Phipps. However, I have no proof of this. I’m wondering if anyone has any information to prove or disprove this. I’ve been trying very hard to find anything on David or Elizabeth and I’ve hit a road block. Any information would be very appreciated.
    Thank you!

  20. Please post as a new post

    Jeanine Scholz
    April 24, 2015 at 4:56 pm
    Something else to chew on:Maryland Archives. Icon Details of SM129-2, Series Information
    LAND OFFICE (Warrants, Index) 1679-1751 SM129
    Date: 1679-1751
    Film Reels: SR 2262-2 (Scanned)
    Description: 1
    Link: Link
    MSA Citation:MSA SM129-2. Online index, land records 1715-1722: Phips, Isaiah and Elin. from Rees Hinton, asst. 136 acres of land . John Smith had sold the land in Cecil Co MD in 1711 to Reese Hinton. The wife of Reese Hinton was Jane Smith, daughter of John Smith and possibly a sister to Elinor? John and Jane Smith sold their land in Cecil Co MD and moved to Opequon Creek in Frederick Co, VA.

    • Jeanine,

      This is another interesting record that could have implications. Have you research to find another that would place this John Smith (father of Jane Smith) in Philadelphia in or around 1708? Since Eleanor Smith married Isaiah Phipps in Philadelphia (at the Abington Monthly Meeting), then John Smith and his wife Jane would be here as well if he was the father of Eleanor.

      Have you seen this 1716 land deed (rec. in 1717) from Cecil Co., MD?
      Abstracts of Cecil Co Land Records, p. 116: “P. 80. Deed. John Smith of Elk River in Cecil Co., yeoman, and Jane his wife, for a valuable consideration, to Isayah Phipps of PA, yeoman, 96 acres of land, part of 832 acres which was part of the Bellionell tract, bounded by Guning Bedford’s plantation and by a tract of land John Smith lately sold to Thomas John. Charles Lord Baltimore by patent dated about 1683 granted to George Talbot, gent., land in Elk River known by the name of Bellionell. . . . Made 10 Aug 1716. Wit: Jno. Jewart, Alisa Paine. Ackn: 14 Aug 1716 by John Smith and Jane his wife. JPs: John Jewart, Guning Bedford. Rec: 27 Jul 1717. Jno. Dowdall, Clerk.”

      This land deed ties John Smith and his wife Jane directly to Isaiah Phipps. Do you have any specific records in Frederick Co., VA, that relates to John Smith and his wife Jane? The record I have seen related to Eleanor Phipps in Frederick Co., VA, is from 1745, and since this is an estate inventory list for her, I would assume that her husband Isaiah had already passed away.

      Frederick Co, VA, Will Book 1: this is a transcript “Phipps, Elinor – Inventory – 25 Jun 1745, 3 Sep 1745 – value of estate not given items not totaled for cash, bonds, farming utensils, horses, household items, and furniture, livery items & stock, report taken by Joseph Edwards, James “E” Cody & Jeremiah Smith, report submitted by the administrator Wm. Hoge, Jr., received by J. Wood cc; Book 1, 51.”

      Could the Jeremiah Smith be a male relative of Eleanor? Also note the name of James Cody in the estate inventory of Eleanor (Elinor) contrast this with a 1743 record related to Benjamin Phipps in Frederick Co., VA:

      Frederick County, VA, Minutes of Court Records, dated 10 Feb 1743: “On petition of Richard Arnold and others for a road from the North Branch of Cape Capon to James Cody’s road, it is ordered that the petitioners have lease to clear the same, and Benjamin Phipps and William Warden are hereby appointed overseers of the same and it is further ordered that they cause the same to be cleared according to law.”

      In 1751, there were land surveys for Benjamin Phipps of 400 acres in Frederick Co. along the North River of Cacapeon and Isaiah Phipps of 247 1/2 acres in Augusta Co. along the Little Cacapon River.

      In 1760, Benjamin Phipps (of North Carolina) sold his 400 acres to Samuel Pritchard. In the same year, an Isaiah Phipps of Granville Co., NC, recorded his will, which included 249 acres in Hampshire Co., VA, on the south side of the South Branch. His will also lists another 218 acres in Hampshire Co., VA. Note that in 1754, Hampshire County was created from portions of Augusta and Frederick Counties. Can this Isaiah Phipps with land in Hampshire Co. be the same one with the land survey in 1751? If so, it appears that both Benjamin and Isaiah had moved to North Carolina by 1760.

      Have you found additional records related to Isaiah Phipps in Frederick or Augusta Co’s, VA? Is it possible that the Isaiah and Benjamin of the 1751 land surveys are sons of the elder Isaiah and Eleanor Phipps?


      PS – I would agree with your estimate that this Isaiah Phipps was likely born around 1684 after his family had arrived in Pennsylvania from England in late 1682. This would put his age at about 24 when he married Eleanor Smith in 1708.

      • Tim,
        I am asking myself the same question, are Isaiah and Benjamin sons of Isaiah and Eleanor? I found something today in the Quaker records on ancestry. This is in reference to what I posted yesterday about John Smith selling land to Rees Hinton and HInton selling it to Isaiah Phipps,
        In the Kennett Monthly Meeting records, 10/5/1723, Rees Hinton, Thomas Jacobs and Isaiah Phipps request approval for removal to the New Garden Monthly Meeting. John Smith first sold land to Thomas Jacobs in MD and then sold land to Rees Hinton, and then Hinton sold it to Phipps. These families are clearly connected.
        I have not seen the 1716 land deed where John Smith sold land to Isaiah Phipps, thank you.
        I will need to explore Frederick Co VA for John Smith and Jane and do wonder if Jeremiah Smith might also be a relative of Eleanor. I spent most of the day going over those Quaker records on Ancestry,com, I am pretty much blind by now but it is well worth it.

  21. More thoughts, here is a Hampton involved in Frederick Co with John Smith: This is clearly John Smith from Cecil Co, MD.

    Notes by Patricia Crespi.
    John Smith and John Hampton Jr. convenanted to divide a patent, Hampton to get 150 A, west end. Surveyed and patented by John Smith 21 Aug. 1734, 420A on Opeckon Creek at Turkey Spring. Hampton assigned his right to William Hiett and Simion Woodrow. 60A to Woodrow, 90A to Hiett. West side Shenando River and on Opeckon Creek at a place called Turkey Spring. Div. comes between Hiatt and Woodrow crossing Opeckon Creek to stone by a run coming from John Smith’s mill. Wit: Samuel Brattan, Rees Smith, William Smith, John Smith ackn. 22 June 1738. Commission to Morgan Morgan, Benjamin Borden and William Russell to take acknow. of Jane, wife of John Smith, who is too sickly and impotant to travel to court. 5 Jan 1738/9 We certify that Jane Smith is dead. 22 Feb 1738/9 Returned signed by Benjamin Borden and Morgan Morgan.
    Jane Smith GCT from Chester MM, Pa. 26 of 5 Mo., 1736 to Hopewell.
    Quaker Yeoman, by James Bellarts, Vol 14, #3, Pct. 1987, pg. 3, Hiatt Notes:
    Contains several references to the Hiatt and Smith families; viz. John Hiett’s brother in law, John Smith, had by 1711 married Jane Hinton, dau. of Rees Hinton.

    • Jeanine,

      It sounds like that if John Smith married Jane Hinton in 1711, then they would not be the parents of Eleanor Smith who married Isaiah Phipps in 1708. Perhaps John and Eleanor were siblings then. It’s also great to see the connection with Jane Smith going from Chester MM to Hopewell. I have had no luck yet finding any Quaker records with the Phipps in Hopewell MM in Frederick Co., VA. Such a record would be an absolutely critical link tying this branch of the Phipps family to the migration trail to the West (from Cecil Co., MD, to Frederick Co., VA).


    • One other note of interest is this John Hampton Jr. I would wonder if there is any connection with the Andrew Hampton named in the Granville Co., NC, will of Isaiah Phipps in 1760. This could be another link between the Isaiah Phipps in Cecil Co., MD (son of Joseph Phipps, 1640-1716), John Smith in both Cecil Co., MD, and Frederick Co., VA, John Hampton Jr. in Frederick Co., VA, Andrew Hampton in Granville Co., NC, and the Isaiah Phipps in Granville Co., NC (who also owned land in Hampshire Co., VA, adjacent to Frederick Co. and formed from Frederick Co. in 1754).

  22. I have been spending my days going over Quaker records for Isaiah Phipps and his wife Eleanor. I have yet to find their marriage certificate though I have the references in the Quaker records to them being cleared for marriage. I continue to look for a birth date for Isaiah and for any children he may have had. I do not think that there is a Quaker record for the Phipps in Hopewell I must admit, I wonder if Isaiah and Elinor remained Quakers until their death. I have seen mention that John Smith, husband of Jane HInton, also died in Frederick Co, VA in 1738 and wonder at this point if Isaiah really did die in Cecil Co MD. I have gone through all of the Administration bonds, inventories and wills looking for any sign of the Phipps in Cecil Co MD with no luck. I did find the will for Thomas Jacobs, who moved along with Isaiah Phipps and Reese Hinton, he died in Cecil Co MD in 1753 and mentioned in his will that he owned land he had bought in Opeqon from Abraham Hollingsworth (his brother in law.) He willed that land to his daughter Catherine.
    I will try to look at Frederick Co VA court orders for any early signs of the Phipps as my next move.

  23. I am afraid I am another begging for your assistance. Trying to establish if Wendell Thomas Phipps (b.1906) son of Thomas Huston Phipps is part Native American. He and his wife live in Choctaw Territory, but the census data always records them as white. When I saw that others in this family enrolled as Native Americans I was curious if you could verify if this branch of the family is also native. Many thanks, R

  24. I’ve hit a wall with Martha Jane Phipps, married to Wilburn Fulton and mother to Judge Elbert M Fulton in Wise, VA. Census records for 1860/1870 have her born around 1836 -1849. I can’t find her on any following census records. I’m fairly certain from “A Narrative History of Wise, VA” and from Joseph Phipps’ last will that her parents are Joseph Phipps and Nancy McMillan. I’ve found a death record for a “Jane Dickey” with father listed as “Joseph Phipps” and mother “Macmillan”. Her spouse was listed as Stephen Dickey. A pension record for a confederate soldier for Mrs. Jane Dickey (solder name Stephen Dickey), lists their marriage as 1899, which would be after Wilburn died – though I don’t have a death certificate for Wilburn, just family dates. I’ve seen Martha Jane go by Martha J, Jane, and M J in various documents that I’m certain are referring to her.

    Could this be a second marriage? I can’t find any marriage records to substantiate this idea. Also, the Jane Dickey birth year is fairly consistently 1833, so perhaps it’s another Jane with a father named Joseph Phipps, and a mother with the last name Macmillan?

  25. I am a beginner at this so be patient please, trying to work on Phipps history and have a report completed fro my father a fews years back that shows my GGGGF Littleberry Phipps 1790-1861 Surry Cnty. NC, as the son of John Phipps 1760-1838 and Tabitha Christopher, John being the son of Joseph 1730-1769 Pennsylvania.
    Littleberry was married to Jane Witcher. This same report states Littleberry had two brothers Lewis Phipps 1783-1858 born in Grayson Va and another brother Benjamin Phipps born 1800 NC.
    So I have them listed this way in my ancestry file but as i look around at sites and posts and messages it has come to my attention that there is question as to Littleberry’s parentage and that in fact he may be the son of a James and Sarah Phipps. There is a James listed as the brother of John so that could in fact be true, so i am now wondering if anyone has any better info and if Littleberry is the child of James would that also make the two brothers listed Lewis and Benjamin also sons of James……

  26. I am looking for information about Simeon Young Phipps who was born in 1829 and lived in Durham, NC. He is buried there. I have found one document that says his father is John and mother is Mary Clements. That is IT!!! If anyone has information, I would be so grateful.

  27. Hello, Please post as a new post. My maternal ggggrandmother was Lydia Phipps, who according to most of the census information, was born in North Carolina around 1805. She and her children were living in Smyth County Va in the 1840 census. I am assuming she passed away between 1860-1870. I haven’t been able to locate a husband to Lydia or her maiden name. In the 1830 census for Washington County VA, there is a Benjamin Phipps listed and the members of the household do almost match up with what Lydia’s were 10 yrs later. (Smyth County was formed in 1832 next to Washington Co) I haven’t been able to find any information on this Benjamin. Does anyone have any Benjamin’s in their family trees that could have showed up in Washington County Va in the 1820’s to the 1830’s. BTW, the children of Lydia are as follows: Jerome, James, Sarah, John & Harriett. Thanks for any input…

  28. I’ve been looking for Marie Mazy Phipps who married Isom Burton Osborne. She was the daughter of Isaiah Eva or Edy ( Kennedy ) Phipps. She and Isom Osborne married sometime before 1850. Isaiah and family were listed in the 1850 census record of Fletcher Ky., but by this time Mary Mazy Phipps had already married Isom Burton Osborne.

  29. Hello, My name is Howard Benson, website re villages of Oulton and Woodlesford in Rothwell parish in Yorkshire. I am researching the Calverley family and believe Seth Grosvenor of Cape Coast, cousin of James Phipps, came from Oulton Hall. I have Seth’s will. I am trying to put together the family connections. Can you help with the ancestry of Phipps and Grosvenor please…….ie how was it that they were cousins. My email is I can send you my research notes.

  30. The National Archives has instituted a new resource called the Innovation Hub. Instead of me trying to explain it, I will provide you with the link: ( The part I wanted to point out to you is the Citizen Scanning section: ( The material scanned will show up in the National Archives Catalog: ( I had an opportunity to scan the Bounty Land Applications for the following names: Phipps. The archives staff have informed me there is a backlog in terms of posting to the National Archives Catalog. Look for the files to show up in March 2019 or April 2019.

    • Status Update – All the Phipps Bounty Land Applications have been posted to the National Archives Catalog. Just type “Phipps Bounty Land” in the search field and hit submit. The Phipps Bounty Land Applications should appear. The Bounty Lands I scanned are in color. Hope this helps.

  31. Hello Community

    Im Roger Contreras Phipps from Dominican Republic, Great Grandson of Sir. WIlliam Phipps he was an engineer, sended to St. Kitt back in the late 1880 from England, and he came to DR in 1902, as a result that he married a black woman, here in DR he made another family, and have 5 sons (one of them my Grandfather), in the 1916, when the uS arrived to DR, he got kill, and almost all his son, just missing my Grandfather who was 9 years old and his elder brother who was 17, since then he was looking info about his family and we stll loking info about it, went 2 times to St, Kitts and they dont give us any info even we having prooves about who he was..

    how can we find any help here about it


    Roger Contreras Phipps

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