Bounty Land Application File, Heirs of Jacob Phipps

Excerpts from the bounty land warrant file of Henrietta Phipps et al., minor heirs of Jacob Phipps, appear below. Testimony indicates that the family lived in Delaware County, Ohio, but that late in life Jacob moved to Winamac, Indiana, which is located in Pulaski County. Jacob Phipps is listed in the 1840 census in that county:

Jacob Phipps: Free white males: 2 10-15, 1 40-50 [born about 1790-1800]; free white females: 2 under 5, 2 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 2 20-30 [born about 1810-1820]

He also appears in the index cards to War of 1812 service records:

Phipps Jacob
Detachment 3 Reg’t [i.e. Regiment] (Renick’s), Ohio Mil. [i.e. Militia]
(War of 1812.)
[Rank at enlistment and at muster out:] Private | Private . . .

Daughters of Jacob Phipps applied for bounty land based on their father’s War of 1812 service, but they applied in the 1890s, long after his service. One of the claimants was Henrietta Phipps. Her Ohio death certificate notes that she was born 25 July 1837 in Ohio, a daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Gotshall) Phipps. Jacob’s birthplace was referred to as unknown, and that of Margaret as Pennsylvania. Henrietta died 27 December 1919 in Franklin Township, Morrow County, Ohio and was buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, location not stated, on 29 December 1919, according to the same record.

The following appears on slips of paper in the file, apparently written by an employee or employees of the Pension Bureau. The source of the information was not stated. In the first item, the “D” likely stands for “dead,” or “deceased,” and the “C” presumably stands for “claimant.”

2″ wife – [i.e. 2nd wife]
Henrietta Phipps born July 25 37 [i.e. 1837]. C
Margaret M – ” ” Dec 14. 39 – C
Ann C – ” Mch 25. 42. D.
Keziah ” ” Jan 22. 45. D.
Emma C ” ” Aug 21.47. C

Polly [? (unclear, looks like “Burp” or “Bump” or “Burrs”)] (Phipps) died Jan 1879 leaving 7 children now living – she made no application – [Note: Polly was a common period nickname for Mary]

On another slip of paper, the following appears:

note –

This claimant obtained report of service of Adj Gnl. [i.e. Adjutant General] Ohio, and evidence of identities is not good.
1st signatures are not similar.
2″ – clmts [i.e. claimants’] fathers 1st marriage occurred in Jan 1814 in a middle Co. of Pa. and the soldier enlisted in a middle Co. of Ohio, and his service occurred but a few months prior to clmts [i.e. claimants’] fathers marriage.

The following appears on another slip of paper headed “Bureau of Pensions:”

child. Henrietta Phipps born. 1837 –
Margaret M. ” 1839 –
Emma C – ” 1847 – . . .

Children as per fam records
Polly Phipps (1st mar.) born Oct 2’34. D –
Henrietta ” (2″ mar) clmt. born 1837
Margaret M. ” ” ” 1839
Emma C ” ” ” ” 1847
Mary K ” dead –
by record family . . .

all children [in margin: “1st wife -“]
1. Saml. W Phipps born. Dec 1/14.
2. Nathanl ” ” [Dec?] 21. 15.
3. James ” ” Apl 13. 17 D –
4. Nancy. ” ” Dec 20. 18.
5. Aaron ” ” Oct 12. 20. D.
6. Moses. ” ” Jan 1. 22. D –
7. John ” ” Aug 31. 23 D –
8. Elizabeth ” ” Aug 9. 25
9. Ruth [or Rush?] ” ” Oct 12/27 D
10. Darius ” ” Oct 16 29
11. Luanna [or Suanna?] ” ” Feb 20. 32 D.
12. Polly. ” ” Oct 2. 34 D.

The following are letters in the file:

Morrow Ohio
County. Oct 19th 1894

Department of the Interior.
Wm. Loch[ron?] Washington. D.C.
Commissioner. of Pensions. Sir
We received yours of Oct 6th yesterday. In the matter of our claim [Ows?] N. Div. [U.?] Esr. B. L. No 337.683.
Henrietta And others Minor heirs of Jacob Phipps, our father. We have written to Norton Delaware Co Ohio for information concerning our father Jacob Phipps where he lived when a boy. Mr John Brundige of Norton Delaware Co Ohio writes. And Says I was well acquainted with your Father he and I Joined farms. And I now own the farm that your father Jacob Phipps once owned. And Says also if I could be of any Advantage to you I would be glad to do so. And Says I am close to 80 yrs and can scarcley [i.e. scarcely] Steady a pen. but he died last fall. And cannot help us now. And All of the Old inhabitands [i.e. inhabitants] are dead We have writen [i.e. written] All over And have not found one Inhabitant yet over 80 yrs living. And that is the way that we come to write to our half brother. Brothers Samuel Phipps of Chesterhill Morgan Co Ohio And Darius Phipps of St Josep [i.e. St. Joseph] Mo. And Mrs Nancy De moss of Kansas City Kansas, Our half siter [i.e. sister] for their affidavits to Confirm our words. And Concerning Our fathers 1st marriage It was a love affair like a great many marriages are now days I have often heard my mother Say that our father and his first wife ran away and were married her father Nathaniel Wyatt was unwilling for them to mary so young and so they ran away. And I suppose that is the way that they Come to be married in a middle county of Pennsylvania. you said that we Should learn exactly where Our father enlisted He enlisted At Ft Wyatt near Norton Delaware Co Ohio. his father in law Nathaniel Wyatt owned a large brick house And he had it fortified during the war of 1812 and that is where our father Jacob Phipps enlisted and where he got his first wife We have learned through the Post Master of Norton Ohio Who has been a resident of Norton Ohio Since 1858 this letter that we received from this Post Master Was dated Dec 6th 1893. he Says that all of the old inhabitants are dead All of the Wyatts, Brundiges rejecting such testimony [i.e. testimony]. minor heirs
Henrietta Phipps. Emma C Phipps
Margaret Matilda Hammond

Letter 2:

Alvin Texas
Feb. 4th 1895

Mrs. Margaret M. Hammond
Dear Madam
Received yours of Jan 23 on feb 2 and seat my self to reply to your questions I was well acquainted with Jacob Phipps but I cannot say that I [? (looks like “how”)] of his being a soldier in the war of 12 that I cant say where they got there Lisence [i.e. license] you can find out by writing to his Daughter Martha Marple in Fredrick Town in Knox Co Ohio or to his oldest Son Samuel Phipps [yo?] can find out by by [word repeated] him all the question you have asked of me his Post office is Park[ers?]ville ohio you see Matty and she can tell you all
Robert Patton

I [? (looks like “Dam”)] to know [his?] ones the Wyatt farm it belonged to Samuel Wyatt [heires?] the last that I knew of it the farm if about 1 mile from the town of Norton North
I can Say this much for you that there was no other Jacob Phipps in that part of the Country, of delaware. I Do not know off [i.e. of] any old Soldier now living [? (looks like “aare”)] the war 12 you find Sam and Matty you see that I left that part of the Stat [i.e. state] in 59
R Patton

And Pattens are dead. Where we have written any letters all of the old habitants are dead Mr Layer. James Olds of Mt Gilead Ohio Says I was well acquainted with your father Jacob Phipps when he lived at Norton Delaware Co Ohio and also when he moved to Winamac Ind.
After Our fathers first marriage with Elizabeth Wyatt her father Nathaniel Wyatt gave his daughter Elizabeth Wyatt and our father An 80 acre farm at Norton Ohio where he still lived when he married Our mother Margarett [i.e. Margaret] Gotshall and where Henrietta Phipps was born and where he lived untill [i.e. until] he moved west and there he lived when he died February 17th 1848 near Winamac Indiana [Note: Winamac is in Pulaski County]. Our fathers Signature Corrisponds [i.e. corresponds] with his writing in Oaur [i.e. our] old family Bible we sent you a coppy [i.e. copy] of the family record it was a correct coppy of the reccord [i.e. record] and not of the writing
Very Respectfully
Henrietta Phipps Et al
minor heirs of Jacob Phipps.

Letter 3:

Chesterville Morrow Co Ohio Feb 12th 1895
Mr Wm Lockren Commisioner sir
Henrietta Phipps ul.;d [as written] we the minors of Jacob Phipps write we have been buisy [i.e. busy] writing to find some of the old Soldiers of the War of 1812 but have failed to do so we send you there letters we resceived [i.e. received] of the oldest persons we could find that knew our Father Jacob Phipps pleas [i.e. please] read those letters hear what they have to say about him, we confess we made a mistake about the Fort it is called Fort Morrow it was always called Fort Wyatt to us Children, these letters we send will prove that it is called Fort Morrow
concerning our Father Jacob Phipps first marriage to Elizabeth Wyatt the daughter of Nathaniel and Anna Wyatt we have the record of their marriage in Jacob Phipps old Family Bible now in our possesion [i.e. possession] but to where they were married we cannot tell the Jacob Phipps that married Elizabeth Wyatt is our Father that married our mother Margaret Gotshall the Daughter of Micheal [i.e. Michael] and Catharine Gotshall of Mt Vernon Knox Co Ohio this is the same one Soldier Jacob Phipps that served in Lieut Addison Carvers Company, Lieut Col James Reincks [i.e. Renick’s] 3rd Regiment Ohio Vol Infantry 4th Brigade 2nd Div of the War of 1812 this Company was from Delaware Co Ohio, our Father Jacob Phipps enlisted in the War of 1812 at Norton in Delaware County Ohio Marlboron [as written] Township the letters Addressed to Margaret M Hammond is the Second Daughter by the second Marriage of Jacob Phipps to Margaret Gotshall Phipps, Mr Robert Patton in his letter Says that they [as written] was no other Jacob Phipps lived in Delaware Co but our Father Jacob Phipps we will look up Jacob Phipps and Elizabeth Wyatt where they were married if we can find theire [i.e. their] marriage Licenses we will send them on to Washington, but where shall we go to get our Fathers Comrades for Witness for us must we go to the other World and bring the dead back to life again to Testfy [i.e. testify] for us before we can get our Father Jacob Phipps Bounty Land to which we have made aplication [i.e. application] for we have bout [i.e. about] made up our minds we cant find eny [i.e. any] of his Comrades a living in this World that was in the Same Company our Father Jacob Phipps was See how old They would be if they were as old as our Father, 100 years old take the average Age of Man they would not be meny [i.e. many] a living now that served in the War of 1812
being every Soldier in the War was entitled to a Land Warrant we think Jacob Phipps Land Warrant or his Just dues belongs to us Minor Children being Father nor Mother never got eny [i.e. any] thing for his servis [i.e. service] in the War of 1812 look at the big Pensions that Thousands get that is well to do in the World they have plenty of this Worlds goods we are poor and always had to make our own living for Father died when we ware [i.e. were] young their [i.e. there] are some we know living near us gets Pensions that dont deserve a Pension no more than you think we do very likely our Father [appears to jump to p. 26] had to undergo. As many hardships as the Soldiers did in the late War of the re Bellion that signature of Jacob Phipps we think Corsponds [i.e. correspondents] with his writing in the Bible that we have that was our Father Jacob Phipps we have his Bible and you have the Copy of the Family Record yours with respect the Minors of Jacob Phipps

Henrietta Phipps and Others, minor hiers [i.e. heirs] of Jacob Phipps . . .

Letter 4:

Chesterville Ohio
Feb 21th [as written] 1895.
Mr Wm Lochern.
Commissioner of Pensions.
Washington D. C.
Dear sir
Answer to your last letter to us, that we returned to you Feb. 13th. The question concerning our fathers first marriage Jacob Phipps our father and Elizabeth Wyatt his first wife were married in Columbus, Ohio and got their license there
January 19th 1814.
Yours Respectfully
Henrietta Phipps.
Et al. minor heirs
of Jacob Phipps.

Letter 5:

Waldo Marion, co. O. [i.e. Ohio] Dec 23d. 1894

Miss Emma C Phipps
Dear Miss
in answer to yours of the 20th my Mother Hariett [as spelled] [Y?] Mahan says she was well acquainted with Jacob Phipps but she knew nothing of him being a soldier. Mothers father was a Captin [i.e. captain] of a company that went from here in 1812 but the company roll I guess is lost now for he died some 45 years ago. His name was William S Drake
My Mother says she cant remember your Mother but Mother & my self can remember of your father selling to Valentine Coleman for she had a Sister living on the west side of the crick [i.e. creek] by the name of Coldren then but now ded [i.e. dead]. You wanted to know whether their [i.e. there] was any of the Wyatts Pattens of Duttons would remember your father Robert Patten was alive the last I herd [i.e. heard] from him & old man, he lives in the west some whare [i.e. somewhere] you can get his address of his daughter Mrs Harvey Wilson Marion Ohio & John B Wyatt Prospect Marion co Ohio. The older Duttons are in California. The old Nathaniel Wyatt farm was about 1/2 mile from Norton and Mrs Mary Wyatt owns where the fort and brick house stood this I saw when a boy. you are a little mistaken about it being Fort Wyatt it was called Fort Morow. This is the best information I can send you Patten & Wyatt. I am 63 years old and they are some older. your most obedient Servant
C S. Jones

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