Phips Trading Token

Trewman’s Exeter Flying Post, published in Exeter, Devon, England on 10 May 1855, published a list of “antiquities,” specifically old coins, which were found when an old house was demolished near the Baptist Chapel. One was a trading token from the mercantile family of A. Phips or Phips. The newspaper explained that the family lived at a place referred to as Reeves’ and Linscott’s. The Phipps family maintained close associations with the Reeves family both in England and in America, as noted in earlier posts.

The article associated the token with Robert Phips or Fips, who was described as a wealthy loyalist who died in 1678. He was fined by the Parliament commissioners, presumably for being a loyalist, to the tune of £80. He owned various properties, including land below Northernhay and a house on Paris Street. In an earlier era, it was customary for funeral attendees to drink after the funeral, and when this Robert died it is said that 10 gallons of claret, 9 gallons of sack from the Canary Islands, and 4 quarts of cedar were consumed.


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