Judith (Phypps) Faylor of North Carolina and Indiana

Christopher C. Faylor was born in 1818 (tombstone inscription), about 1818 in Ohio (1950 census), or about 1819 in Ohio (1880 census). He married Judith Phypps (inscription on their tombstone). She was born 1826 (tombstone inscription), about 1826 North Carolina (1850 and 1880 censuses). They married in 1842 at Germantown, Darke County, Ohio, according to web claims without any mention of any source or sources. A later Christopher Faylor does show up in census records in Darke County, Ohio.

Christopher appears as Christopher Faylor in the 1850 and 1880 censuses, but Judith appears as Judah Faylor in 1850 and as Judith Faylor in 1880. The family was living in German Township, Darke County, Ohio on 30 November 1850, where Christopher was a farmer. They were living in Kirkland Township, Adams County, Indiana on 3 June 1880, where Christopher was again a farmer. Adams County, Indiana is situated along the Ohio state line.

Christopher’s parents were born in Maryland according to the 1880 census. According to the same census, Judith’s parents were born in North Carolina. Christopher’s mother was likely the 75-year-old “Cathine” (presumably Catherine or Catharine) Faylor who was living with the family in the 1850 census. She was born about 1775 in Pennsylvania. Web posts without any mention of sources claim that she was Catherine Margaret, married to Michael “Failer.”

The 1880 census shows the family in Adams County, Indiana, with this “Cathine” Faylor. In April 1902, apparently in the circuit court in Decatur in that county, Peter Faylor brought a suit to have her declared of unsound mind. The case was dismissed in 1903 (“Divorce Day in the Court: Three Cases . . . ,” Bluffton Banner, Bluffton, Indiana, 7 October 1903, p. 2).

Then in 1909, however, Jake Stout and Peter Faylor assumed ownership of the “Katy Faylor” farm northwest of Decatur, Adams County, on the Wabash River. The two men were described as heirs who had been involved in “the long hard seven year fight for the farm” (“They Took Farm,” Decatur Democrat, 30 August 1909, pp. 1-2; see also “Big Case Up Again,” Decatur Democrat, 28 May 1909, p. 1; ; various other articles in area papers; State ex. rel. Mock et al. v. Bleeke et al., 116 N.E. 2, 1917).

Christopher died in 1887 and Judith in 1905, according to the inscription on their tombstone. They are buried in Prater Cemetery at Rensselaer, Jasper County, Indiana, according to a Billion Graves page which includes a photo of their tombstone. The tombstone refers to him as Christopher C. Faylor and to her as Judith Phypps.

Jasper County, Indiana, where they are buried, is in northwest Indiana, not far from Chicago.

From the 1850 census, German Township, Darke County, Ohio, 30 November 1850:

  • Christopher Faylor, 32 [born about 1818], male, farmer, real estate $1,500, born Ohio
  • Judah Faylor, 24 [born about 1826], female, born North Carolina, could not read and write
  • Sarah E Faylor, 7 [born about 1843], female, born Ohio
  • George R Faylor, 4 [born about 1846], male, born Ohio
  • [W. C.?] Faylor, 2 [born about 1848], male, born Ohio
  • Harvey N Faylor, 1 [born about 1849], male, born Ohio
  • Cathine [sic; as written] Faylor, 75 [born about 1775],. female, born Pennsylvania

From the 1880 census, Kirkland Township, Adams County, Indiana, 3 June 1880:

  • Christian Faylor, white male, 61 [born about 1819], married, farmer, born Ohio, his parents born Maryland
  • Judith Faylor, white female, 54 [born about 1826], wife, married, keeping house, born North Carolina, her parents born North Carolina
  • George Faylor, white male, 34 [born about 1846], son, single, farmer, born Ohio, his father born Ohio, his mother born North Carolina
  • William Faylor, white male, 32 [born about 1848], daughter, single, farmer, born Ohio, his father born Ohio, his mother born North Carolina
  • Susan Faylor, white female, 26 [born about 1854], daughter, single, born Ohio, her father born Ohio, her mother born North Carolina
  • Jarome Faylor, white male, 20 [born about 1860], son, single, farmer, born Ohio, his father born Ohio, his mother born North Carolina
  • John W Faylor, white male, 12 [born about 1868], son, single, attended school, born Ohio, his father born Ohio, his mother born North Carolina

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