Mathew Phips, Estray Notice, 1835, Clay County, Indiana

In 1835, Mathew Phips of Washington Township, Clay County, Indiana ran an estray notice for a light gray horse which had been appraised 21 July 1835. The ad was published on 13 August 1835 in Terre Haute.

Mathew is the one who ran a store in Bowling Green in Clay County until he suddenly disappeared in 1841 a couple weeks or so after close relatives of his robbed a competitor’s store. He was a son of Jesse Phips of adjacent Owen County, son of Samuel Phips of Ashe County, North Carolina. When Mathew disappeared, he was presumed dead. His estate included his store in Bowling Green, Clay County, and a farm in Owen County.

The ad appeared in the Wabash Courier, Terre Haute, Indiana, 13 August 1835, p. 2:

TAKEN UP by Mathew Phips of Washington township, in Clay county, one light GRAY HORSE, seven years old, sixteen hands and one inch high, shod all round, swinned in the left shoulder, has a knot on each leg, and appraised to forty five dollars by Robert Burthfield and Geo. Zenor, on the 21st day of July, 1835, before me


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