Catharine (Phips) Hartman of Rowan County, North Carolina

A Rowan County, North Carolina marriage bond, dated 30 September 1843, pertains to the marriage of George W. Hartman to Catharine Phips. The bond also names David Wood[?], apparently Woodson, as security.

The federal census shows the couple in that county on 29 August 1850, listed as George W. and Catharine Hartman. According to that census, he was born about 1822 in North Carolina, and she was born about 1811 in North Carolina.

The 1862 Rowan County, North Carolina estate file of George W. Hartman lists in detail various items from his personal estate. The file refers to a year’s allowance being allotted to Catharine Hartman, his widow, on 27 February 1863. The allotment was signed by four men including a Reeves – Saml. Reeves Sr.

A little slip of paper dated 31st January 1863 was signed “Catharin hartman.” In that document, she relinquished her right to administer the estate, and asked that Caleb E. Peeler be made administrator.

Earlier, on 27 December 1862, a bond obligated Caleb E. Peeler, Daniel Peeler, and John Glover in the matter of Caleb E. Peeler serving as administrator. A similar bond is dated 2 February 1863, and obligated the same men in the same matter, except that the name of John Glover is replaced by that of John W. Fisher.

A sale of the estate was filed in the May term in 1863. Not surprisingly, the sale list refers to an individual named Reeves. This was G or Y Reeves (also Rieves), apparently G. Reeves.

Items which were sold were, for the most part, standard farm tools and equipment, with a bit of livestock. Also in evidence, however, were various carpentry tools and one auction lot of cooper’s tools.


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