1817 Grayson County, Virginia Deed to Benjamin Phipps

The following information is presented here despite obvious deficiencies in the document copies which were consulted. Three Phipps-related deeds appear in immediate succession in Grayson County, Virginia Deed Book 3.

Very faint and incomplete records of a deed which concludes on p. 491 refers to land sold, apparently, to Joseph Phipps. John Landreth and his wife Elizabeth are mentioned, along with concerns that Phipps be free from claims of Landreth.

This deed was witnessed by Joseph Field, Jonathan Thomas, and William Phipps. The land was adjacent to Stephen Ward and Daniel Jones. The deed was signed by John Landreth and Elizabeth Landreth.

This deed was followed by another. The 2nd deed is also from John and Elizabeth Landreth but to Benjamin Phipps. That deed appears to be nearly complete in the retrieved copies.

The Joseph “Field” who witnessed this and the previous deed was presumably the same person as the Joseph “Fields” who witnessed a deed to Isaiah Phipps in a recent post.

The following deed, then, comes from Grayson County, Virginia Deed Book 3, pp. 491-492. The deed is dated 24 May 1817.

[p. 491:]

This Indenture made this twenty fourth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen in the 41st year of the Commonwealth, Between John Landreth and Elizabeth his wife of Grayson County and State of Virginia of the one part and Benjamin Phipps of the [line missing in the copies consulted?]

[p. 492:]

hundred [blank] and twenty Dollars to them in hand paid by the said Benjamin Phipps at or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have bargained and sold and by these presents do and each of them do bargain and sell unto the said Benjamin Phipps his heirs and assigns part of a tract of land for [sic] fifty acres more or less part of a tract surveyed for Nathaniel Landreth on a branch of Saddle Creek the waters of New River lying in the County of Grayson Bounded as followeth to wit, Beginning on a white oak thence S. 20 [PP.?] to a conditional line made between William Wyatt & John Wyatt [binding?] to a branch running with the branch as it meanders to a [fork?] and [with?] the conditional lines to the old line and from th[ere?] to the beginning to have and to hold the said tract of land with its tenements hereditaments [to?] and all and singular [other?] the premises herein before mentioned or intended to be bargained and [sold?] with every part and parcel thereof appurtenance[s?] unto the said Benjamin Phipps his heirs or assigns for ever and the said John Landreth & Elizabeth his wife for them selves and their heirs the sd [i.e. said] land with all and singular the premises and appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the said Benjamin Phipps his heirs and assigns free from the claim or claims of them the said John Landreth and Elizabeth his wife or either of them their or either of their heirs and all and every person or persons whatsoever shall will and do warrant and forever define by these presents. In Witness whereof the said John Landreth and Elizabeth his wife have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written

John Landreth (Seal)
Elizabeth Landreth (Seal)

Sign’d, seal’d, and deliver’d in the presence of us [signed:]
Test [i.e. witnessed by] Joseph Field
Joseph Phipps
William Phipps

This deed is immediately followed by one from John Landreth to Benjamin Phipps.


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