Isaiah Phipps Deed, Grayson County, Virginia, 1811

A Grayson County, Virginia deed from Daniel Wills to Isaiah Phipps is not dated per se, but was acknowledged in court in June 1811. The parents of this Isaiah Phipps are unknown, but he has frequently been claimed as the son of a conjectural Joseph Phipps and a supposed wife named Mary Romal, whose very existence appears to have no actual basis.

From Grayson County, Virginia Deed Book 3, p. 13:

To all to whom these presents shall come Greeting. Know ye that I Moses Wills of the County of Grayson and State of Virginia, and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred Dollars to me in hand paid before the unsealing hereof well and truly paid me by Isaiah Phipps of the County and State aforesaid, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and myself therewith fully satisfied and contented and every part and parcel thereof, do acquit and exonerate and discharge him the said Isaiah Phipps his heirs Executors, Administrators forever by these presents, Have given granted bargained and sold aliened, conveyed and confirmed, and by these do freely and fully and absolutely, Give grant bargain, sell alien convey and confirm unto him the said Isaiah Phipps his heirs and assigns forever a certain Tract parcel or piece of land containing Ninety acres by Survey be the same more or less lying and being in the County of Grayson and State of Virginia on both sides of Crooked Creek and bounded as followeth to wit, Beginning at a white Oak on a point of a ridge at N.[3′, W?] 112 poles to a Spanish Oak, S.20.W. 50, White Oak sapling, [S.?] 22 W. 80 to a Gum saplin [S.?]37. E. 156 to a red O. [i.e. oak] Saplin in the head of a hollow. N. 12. [6?]. 150 to the begining [sic; beginning]. To have and to hold, provided always and upon condition that four notes fifty Dollars each that was given to Hyrem Wills for the use of Daniel Wills and wife from Isaiah Phipps and Joseph Fields, If these notes should come against Isaiah Phipps and Fields, so that the virtue of a receipt given by Moses Wills Attorney for Daniel Wills against said notes should not [kill?] the power of said notes that they are not recoverable of the said Phipps and Fields, then the Deed to be Void, Else to remain in full fource [sic; force] and Virtue.

[for?] Daniel Wills (L[s?])
by Moses Wills [att? (for attorney?)] (L[s?])

Test. [witnessed by:] Joseph Fields.
Fanney Fields.
Marget [or Margot?] Fields

Grayson June Court 1811. This Deed from Daniel Wills to Isaiah Phipps was acknowledged in Court by Moses Wills Attorney in fact for Daniel Wills and [Granted?] to be Recorded.

[abbreviation unclear] Martin Dickenson.


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