A Fine Black Horse

New Canton is a community located in Hawkins County, Tennessee. This is where F.L. Phipps was living when he had the following notice printed in the newspaper at Abingdon in Washington County, Virginia.

From The Abingdon Virginian, Abingdon, Washington Co., VA, 11 December 1863, p. 3:

$750 Reward.

Stolen from the subscriber, in Hawkins County, Tenn., 14 miles East of Rogersville,

A Fine Black Horse,

eight or nine years old, bald face, right hind foot white, saddle mark, sore on left side of his back, very heavy made, long, heavy tail, and a horse of fine carriage.

I will give two hundred and fifty dollars for the delivery of said Horse, and five hundred dollars for the apprehension of the thief.

Said horse was bought from Capt. Jenkins, of Brig. Gen. Williams’ command. The Horse was stolen on the night of the 29th ult.

F. L. PHIPPS, New Canton, Tenn.

Dec. 11, 1863


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