Yet Another Cooprider PS

As yet another PS (related to the last 2 posts), the marriage of Eli Cooprider to Rachel Everhart should probably be noted. According to William Travis, A History of Clay County Indiana, Vol. 2, New York: Lewis Publishing Co., 1909, pp. 520-521, Eli Cooprider was born in 1840 in Harrison Township, Clay County, Indiana. This was the same location where Ambrose D. Phipps was living in the 1840 census. (See also Charles Blanchard, ed., Counties of Clay and Owen, Indiana: Historical and Biographical, Chicago: F.A. Battey & Co., 1884, p. 420.)

Eli Cooprider married Rachel Everhart on 24 May 1866 according to the same source. Travis says that she was a daughter of John and Judy Everhart, and that she was born in Coshocton County, Ohio.

John Andrew Phipps was born 9 March 1836 in Owen County, Indiana, according to his tombstone. Owen County is adjacent to Clay County. He was a son of Mathew Phips, who was pronounced dead in 1841, leaving a store in Clay County and a farm in Owen County. Mathew Phips was a son of Jesse Phips or Phipps, who came into Owen County around 1833 from Ashe County, North Carolina, a son of Samuel Phips who died in Ashe County in 1854.

John A. Phipps married 4 times, according to his own Civil War pension testimony. His first marriage was to Lavinia or Lavina Mary Everhart. An Owen County marriage record shows that they married there on 8 January 1857. The 1850 and 1860 censuses show that she was born in Ohio.

Lavina or Lavinia was a daughter of John Everhart and his wife Magdalena. This family is said to have come from Coshocton or Harrison County in Ohio. (Harrison is very near to Coshocton.)

If this Lavina who John A. Phipps married was from the same Everhart family as the Rachel Everhart who Eli Cooprider married, this would serve as further circumstantial evidence of family connections. Although circumstantial evidence is just that – circumstantial – it could serve as further evidence of a possible connection between Ambrose D. Phipps of Clay County, Indiana, and Laura Phipps who married Uriah Cooprider, on one hand, and the family of Jesse Phips and descendants of Clay and Owen Counties, who had come there from Ashe County, North Carolina, on the other.


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