John Wyche: A PS to the Last Post

An 1825 document from Brunswick County, Virginia in the last post referred to John Wyche as witness.

He could have simply been serving merely as an attorney or court functionary. His name also appears more directly, apparently, as an ordinary witness in an 1825 Brunswick County deed transcribed earlier.  There he appears as witness alongside several others including Winfield Phipps, son of Benjamin. Benjamin was a brother of John Phipps, named in the deed.

It might be instructive to note that John Wyche appears to have been a surveyor. He also served as a justice of the peace and as a Brunswick County militia lieutenant.

We’ve noted a number of surveyor connections or associations, although the reason hasn’t yet become clear. We could assume that it likely had something to do with the apparent connection of this branch of the Phips or Phipps family with the immigrant surveyor John Phips, who arrived in Jamestown in 1621.

John Wyche had correspondence with Thomas Jefferson. Wyche wrote to Jefferson from Brunswick County, Virginia on 19 March 1809 regarding the establishment of a library. Jefferson wrote back to Wyche two months later, on 19 May 1809, as shown in a letter in the Library of Congress website.

Several posts back, in an article titled “A Few Research Questions,” other Wyche connections were noted. One of the more interesting is that the 1770 Brunswick County will of Adam Sims names Winny Wyche, Douglas Wilkins, and Edmund Wilkins.

Those two men are the ones Joseph Fips or Fipps of Brunswick County, Virginia had land transactions with in Bute County, North Carolina in the 1770s. Then there are various associations with the Sims, Simms, or Syms family.

Also, as previously discussed, Betsey Fips or Phips, daughter of John Fips or Phips of Lunenburg County and later Caroline County, Virginia, who left a 1769 estate, married Ephraim Witcher. That surname is said by some to be a variant of the Wyche surname.



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