“Lost” Charles City County, Virginia Records Found

An item which has been in the news lately is the return of previously lost early records from Charles City County, Virginia. The 300 or so pages of records evidently cover the period from 1694 to 1700.

It’s unknown whether the records will contain Phips or Phipps references, but it’s entirely possible. The records are expected to be digitized by the end of the year. The immigrant surveyor John Phips entered Jamestown in 1621, and he or one or more of his descendants could have had dealings with the nearby settlement of Charles City.

By 1770 to 1771, extant Charles City County records refer to a John Phipps and a William Phipps there, both of whom were orphans of James Phipps. Earlier, back in 1753, a John Phipps was born in Charles City County, according to his pension records. He later lived in Surry County, Virginia, then in Amelia County, where he entered Revolutionary War service in 1775. He eventually lived in Orange County, North Carolina before moving into Kentucky.


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