Surry County, North Carolina Tax Records

We are indebted to the webmaster of the “A Witcher Genealogy” website, who has sent tax list data from Surry County, North Carolina, including photos of original records. We’ve discussed Phipps and Witcher and Potter connections in Surry County in earlier blog posts.

The 1791 original document shows what is presumably Matthew Phips, but surprisingly listed as “Phips Matthey.” The final letter is clearly formed, with a flourish. He had no acreage recorded, but 1 poll.

The 1809 original document includes a listing for a George Phips, He is listed as “Phips George.” The page includes 5 columns: the individual’s name, “land,” “poles” (polls), “Stud,” and what looks like “Stone” or “Store” or “Stove.” The listing for George Phips indicates that he had 100 acres (100 in the “land” column) and 1 “pole” or poll.

The 1812 original document includes a listing for “Phipps James,” showing 100 acres and 2 polls. Significantly, the page also lists some Potters and Poes, including Raleigh Poe, as discussed in earlier posts.

The original record in 1814 again shows Raleigh “Pow” and one of the Potters, Stephen Potter, Sr., in addition to two Phipps listings. Included are James Phipps and Lewis Phipps. James had 100 acres and 1 poll; Lewis had no acreage listed and 1 poll.

Putting this together with other information from published abstracts which was also sent, yields the following picture. The final column indicates whether or not the original record was consulted.

Year Name Acres Polls Record
1789 Matthew Phips 0 1 Abstract
1790 Matthew Phipps 0 1 Abstract
1791 Matthey Phips 0 1 Original
1809 George Phips 100 1 Original
1812 James Phipps 100 2 Original
1813 George Phips 100 1 Abstract
1813 James Phips 100 1 Abstract
1813 John Phips 0 1 Abstract
1814 James Phipps 100 1 Original
1814 Lewis Phipps 0 1 Original
1815 James Phipps 100 0 Abstract
1816 James Phipps 100 0 Abstract
1816 Lewis Phillips 0 1 Abstract
1818 Berry Phipps 100 1 Abstract
1818 George Phipps 50 1 Abstract
1818 James Phipps 200 0 Abstract
1819 Berry Phips 100 1 Abstract
1819 George Fips 50 1 Abstract

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