James Fips of Brunswick County, Virginia, 1779

The following deed transcription comes from Pittsylvania County, Virginia. We are once again grateful to the webmaster of the website concerned with the genealogy of the Witcher family for the material from which these transcriptions were derived.

The record is dated 16 October 1779, and is a Pittsylvania County deed from James Fips of Brunswick County to Jeremiah Ward of Pittsylvania County. This was for 232 acres on the Pigg River and on both sides of Cedar Creek. The land is specifically referred to as having been surveyed earlier for John Goad, Jr. back in 1753.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Deed Book 5, p. 305:

[in margin:]

[page] 305 . . .

Fips. Deed

[body of text:]

This Indenture made this Sixteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred & Seventy nine Between James Fips of Brunswick County of the one part & Jeremiah Ward of the County of Pittsylvania of the other part Witnesseth the said James Fips for & in Consideration of the sum of Two hundred & twenty Pounds Current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the sd. Jeremiah Ward the receipt whereof the sd. Fips does hereby acknowledge hath granted, bargained, Sold, alien’d, Enfeoff’d & Confirm’d & does by these Presents grant, bargain, sell, alien, Enfeoff, Confirm & deliver unto the sd. Jeremiah Ward his Heirs & assigns one Certain Tract or Parcel of Land Lying & being in Pittsylvania County Aforesd. Lying on Pigg River & on both sides of Ceday [sic; later in document as “Cedar”] Creek bying [sic, apparently, presumably the clerk had both being and lying in mind, either of which would be formulaic depending on the part of the deed] the Tract of Land which was

[page break]

[page:] 306

[body of text:]

Survey’d for John Goad Jun. on Cedar Creek in the year one thousand Seven hundred & fifty three Containing two hundred & thirty two acres more or Less, And the Reversion & Reversions, Remainder and Remainders thereof & all the estate right Title Interest Claim or Demand whatsoever of the sd. James Fips of in & to the sd. Land & Premises & every Part & Parcel thereof To have & to hold the sd. Land & Premises with the appertenances [sic; appurtenances] unto the sd. Jeremiah Ward his heirs & assigns forever & the sd. James Fips does hereby for himself his heirs Exrs. [i.e. executors] & admrs. [i.e. administrators] Covenant Promise & agree to & with the sd. Jeremiah Ward his heirs & assigns that he the sd. James Fips the afore mentioned Land & Premises with the appertenances [sic; appurtenances] unto the sd. Jeremiah Ward his heirs & assigns against all Persons Whatsoever shall & will Warrant & forever Defend In Witness whereof the sd. James Fips has hereunto set his hand & affixed his seal the day Day [sic; word repeated] & year first Within Written – [signed:]

James Fips L. S.

Sign’d Seal’d & Deliver’d
In presence of [signed:]
James Mitchell
Robt. Dalton [or Dolton?]
Bryanwar[possibly another letter; ink smudge] Nowlin

[page break]

[in margin:]

[page] 307

[body of text:]

Memorandum that on the Day & year within Written Quiet & peaceable possession and Seizen of the Within Land & Premises with the appurtenances was given & made by James Fips to the within Mentioned Jeremiah Ward according to the Tenor effect & true meaning of the Within Written Deed – [signed:]

James Fips L. S.

In presence of [signed:]
James Mitchell
Robt. Dplton [or Dalton?]
Bryanwick [or Bryanwich?] Nowlin

At a Court held for Pittsylvania County the 19th day of October 1779.

The Within Indenture together with the Memorandum of Livery & Seizen hereon indorsed [sic; endorsed] was proved by the oaths of the Witnesses thereto to be the acts & deed of the within named James Fips & the same was ordered to be recorded by the Court. – [signed:]
Test William Tunstall C[o.?]

Again, this land had been surveyed earlier for John Goad, Jr., and the deed was witnessed by Robert Dalton. According to an online abstract, Nathan Swanson registered a stray horse in 1775 in Pittsylvania County with William Witcher. The horse was appraised by John Goade, Robert Dalton, Sr., and Robert Dalton, Jr.

Again, another witness to the above deed was James Mitchell. According to the same web page just cited, two years earlier in 1773 a Pittsylvania deed from John Goad to James Mitchell was witnessed by Robert Dolton or Dalton, Jr.

Regarding William Witcher, presumably the same one who Nathan Swanson registered a stray horse with, William Witcher, Jr. received a land grant in Pittsylvania County in 1786 for 640 acres adjoining William Goad. That’s according to a digital copy of the grant in the Library of Virginia site.

According to online discussion posts, William “Witchett” (Witcher) sold land to Daniel Witcher (both of Halifax County) in a deed recorded 1766, with the deed witnessed by John Goad Jr.

In the same page, reference is made to two men named Daniel Witcher who, it says, were close in age. The claim is made that one married “Susanna (Key Dalton) or (Ward),” whatever that means. The land in the deed above was, again, sold to Jeremiah Ward and the transaction was witnessed by Robert Dalton.

The other Daniel, according to the same post, married Sallie Ward, daughter of Jeremiah Ward. Again, the land in the deed above was sold to Jeremiah Ward.

That same post then goes on to suggest that the Daniel Witcher who married Susanna had a daughter Martha who married Reuben Goad.

One web page refers to John Goad, Jr., perhaps the same one, as being the uncle of Col. John Sevier, the well known historical figure in early Tennessee settlement. From the same page and other pages, it appears that the Goads were closely aligned with the Bennetts, perhaps the same family as that of Absalom Bennett, and the Seviers with the Cockes.

We’ve discussed  the relationship between Absalom Bennett and the Phipps family of Brunswick County on various occasions, in addition to various connections with the Cocke (Cook) family.

According to this page, John Goad (perhaps the same one) married Margaret Chiles. A list of Amelia County, Virginia surveys from 1746-1751 includes a listing for an undated survey for John Fipps on the south side of the Appomattox adjoining Chiles. See the previous post in this blog for more.

In 1751 in Amelia County, John Phips and John “Childs” (Chiles) were both ordered to work on a road. Various very close connections between the Chiles and Walker families were discussed in past posts, such as this one.

The question has been raised as to whether the James Walker so closely affiliated with Henry Chiles was related to Tandy Walker who was directly affiliated with John Fips or Phips in Lunenburg County.


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