Old-Timers from the 1850 Census

Some old-timer Phips, Phipps, Fips, Fipps, etc. listings from the 1850 federal census:

Amey Fipp[s?], born about 1774 in Rhode Island, resided 1850 Providence County, Rhode Island

Enumerated 30 August 1850 in the town of Johnston in Providence County, Rhode Island, was Amey Fipp[s?], age 76. She was the head of her household, and was born about 1774 in Rhode Island.

Ann Phipps, born about 1765 in North Carolina, resided 1850 Todd County, Kentucky

Ann Phipps, living on her own on 30 July 1850 in Todd County, Kentucky, was enumerated in the 1850 census. She was 85 and born in North Carolina. This means that she was born about 1765.

Charles Phips, born about 1787 in Pennsylvania, resided 1850 Martin County, Indiana

Charles Phips was born about 1787 in Pennsylvania according to the 1850 census. In that year, he was living in Martin County, Indiana. He was enumerated on 10 September 1850 as 63 years old, born in Pennsylvania, and unable to read and write. He was listed as head of household, but living with persons named Dodson and Wheeler.

Gasper Phipps, born about 1779 in Virginia, resided 1850 Smyth County, Virginia

Gasper Phipps, 71, was the head of a household on 15 August 1850 in Smyth County, Virginia. He was born in Virginia. His apparent wife Margaret was 73, so was born about 1777. Also in the same household was Robert Claiborne, age 10, born in Virginia. We’ve noted various Claiborne connections in southeast Virginia.

James Fipp[s?], born about 1765, location unknown, resided 1850 Pike County, Kentucky

An 1850 census listing in Pike County, Kentucky looks as though it might read “James Fipps.” The last letter is a bit indistinct, and no other letter on the page seems to look quite like it.

This individual was born about 1765, but the location of his birth was unknown. He is listed as a farmer in the household of John Cantrell, a 45-year-old “B Minister” (Baptist minister) who was born in South Carolina. Cantrell’s wife was born in Virginia. The household was enumerated on 12 August 1850.

Jacob Phipps, born about 1778 in Virginia, resided 1850 Yancey County, North Carolina

Jacob Phipps was the head of a household enumerated on 25 October 1850 in Yancey County, North Carolina. He was 72, born about 1778 in Virginia. Next door was the household of Kindred Phipps, a male born about 1810 in Virginia.

Jane Phipps, born about 1766 in Virginia, resided 1850 Grayson County, Virginia

Jane Phipps was 84 years old when she was enumerated as living on her own in Grayson County, Virginia on 4 October 1850. On the same page and in close proximity were various probable relatives, including Stampers (next door, apparently), Hashes, Bryants, and a Long. She was born in Virginia according to the census.

John Fipps, born about 1783 in New York, resided 1850 Butler County, Ohio

John Fipps was enumerated on 2 August 1850 in Butler County, Ohio as the head of a household. He was 67, so born about 1783, and born in New York.

John Phips, born about 1785 in Virginia, resided 1850 Grayson County, Virginia

John Phips was living in Grayson County, Virginia on 26 September 1850. He was enumerated as living by himself. He was 65, so was born about 1785, and was born in Virginia.

Joseph Phipps, born about 1780 in North Carolina, resided 1850 McDowell County, North Carolina

Listed in the census in McDowell County, North Carolina on 20 August 1850 is 70-year-old Joseph Phipps, with his apparent wife Elizabeth, age 60. Joseph was born about 1780 in North Carolina.

Josiah Phipps, born about 1772 (?) in North Carolina, resided 1850 Perry County, Alabama

Josiah Phipps was age 70-something (78?) in the 1850 census in Perry County, Alabama. If 78, that would mean he was born about 1772. He was born in North Carolina and was living in the household of 27-year-old William Phipps, who was born in Alabama.

Lewis Phipps, born about 1783 in Virginia, resided 1850 Lawrence County, Indiana

Lewis Phipps was enumerated on 21 November 1850 in Shawswick Township, Lawrence County, Indiana. He was a head of a household, age 67 (born about 1783), born in Virginia. The household listed just before his was that of 50-year-old Berry (Littleberry) Phipps, born about 1800 in North Carolina.

They were preceded by individuals named Kennedy, likely to have been relatives whose families originated in Virginia or North Carolina.

Margaret Phibbs, born about 1766 in North Carolina, resided 1850 Guilford County, North Carolina

Enumerated on 23 September 1850 in Guilford County, North Carolina was the household of William Phibbs, which included 84-year-old Margaret Phibbs. She was born about 1766 in Guilford County, North Carolina, according to the census, although Guilford County wasn’t formed until 1771. The county was formed from parts of Rowan County and Orange County.

Mary Phipes, born about 1765 in Virginia, resided 1850 Clay County, Indiana

The household of Ambr[ose?] “Phips” in Clay County, Indiana in the 1850 census included an individual listed as 85-year-old Mary “Phibes,” born in Virginia. Because of her age, she would have been born about 1765.

Also in the household were Catharine Phips, age 49, born in Kentucky, and Henry Bolock, 24, born in South Carolina. We’ve dealt with this family in past posts. Ambrose was born about 1805 in Kentucky.

Mary Phips, born about 1770 in Virginia, resided 1850 Grundy County, Tennessee

Eighty-year-old Mary Phips is listed in the household of David Phips in Grundy County, Tennessee on 20 September 1850. David was born about 1815 in Tennessee. Mary was born about 1770 in North Carolina.

Mary Phipps, born about 1788 in Virginia, resided 1850 Washington County, Virginia

Mary Phipps was 62 when she was living in the household of Elijah Phipps in Washington County, Virginia in the 1850 census, on 11 September 1850. She was born about 1788 in Virginia, and could not read and write.

Sarah Fipps, born about 1775 in South Carolina, resided 1850 Horry County, South Carolina

Sarah Fipps was enumerated on 16 September 1850 in Horry County, South Carolina, in the household of a woman named Feraby Correll. Sarah Fipps was 75, so born about 1775, and was born in South Carolina.

Wm. Phipps, born about 1784 in Virginia, resided 1850 Brunswick County, Virginia

Wm. Phipps, born about 1784 in Virginia, was enumerated on 10 August 1850 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He was 66.


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