Jesse Tatum Land and Joseph Phipps

The last post referred to land in Brunswick County, Virginia sold in 1779 by Jesse Tatum to Joseph Phips, both of whom were of that county. This was 76 acres which, according to the deed as abstracted, had earlier been patented to Jesse Tatum on 5 July 1774.

Not only did Jesse Tatum sell this land to Joseph Phips in 1779, but the original patent to Jesse Tatum back in 1774 refers to Joseph Phips as an adjacent land owner, although referring to his “old” line and his “old” corner. As a result, it appears that Joseph Phips – or a family member of that name – was living next to Jesse Tatum or next to land which later became his, even prior to the 1779 transaction.

In the deed, Lord Dunmore patented 76 acres to Jesse Tatum which had earlier been patented to someone else – James and Mary Smith – who had failed to pay the quit rents. Jesse Tatum then “humbly” made petition to have this land patented to him, and this was granted after he paid 10 shillings.

The land is described as being on the north side of Coldwater Run. The land description refers to “Joseph Phipps’s old line as well as “Phips’s old Corner.”

Something a bit strange about this patent is that the clerk appears to have made a substantial error when recording it. The marginal note refers to Jesse Tatum and 76 acres. The text of the patent then starts in, however, referring to land given to Adam Sims, not Jesse Tatum, and referring to the acreage as two hundred and, apparently, ninety acres.

This is followed, however, by text pertinent to Jesse Tatum, not Adam Sims. By the way, Adam Sims, Sr. left a 1770 Brunswick County will which refers to Douglas (Douglass) and Edmund Wilkins. They were involved with Joseph Fipps or Phipps in Bute County, North Carolina land deals, as already discussed in past posts.

Land adjoining Zachariah Sims, by the way, was involved in a 1784 Brunswick deed involving the Woolseys (mentioned in earlier posts; the Phipps and Woolsey families intermarried), Robert Davis (mentioned in the last post), and Absalom Bennett (also mentioned in the last post as well as various other posts). We’ve discussed the Bennett lawsuit involving both Brunswick County, Virginia and Wake County, North Carolina, with Absalom’s son Julius naming Phipps individuals in his Wake County will.

The Sims or Simms family also had direct dealings with the Rives or Reves or Reeves family who had multiple connections to the Phips or Phipps family. Zachariah Simms owned land adjacent to land sold in 1797 by James and Elizabeth Phips to George Johnson. That land was also adjacent to Harmon Upchurch. The Upchurch family was discussed in the last post, since James Fips sold land to James Upchurch in 1781.

From the land patent:

[p. 676] . . .

[in margin:]

Jesse Tatum
76 Acres
F[? (looks like Form or Foun, possibly From)] page 109

[body of text:]

George the third &c To all &c Whereas by one Patent under the Seal of this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia bearing date the twenty eighth day of September one thousand Seven hundred and twenty eight there was granted to Adam Sims one certain Tract or parcel of Land containing [? (the text looks as though it has been erased and then written over and is indistinct, but looks like “two hundred & ninety,” which isn’t relevant] acres lying and being in the County of Brunswick on the North side of Coldwater run which said Tract or parcel of Land was granted on condition of paying our Quitrents [sic; one word; i.e. quit rents] and cultivating and improving as in the said Patent is expressed And Whereas James Smith and Mary Smith in whom the right and Title of part thereof supposed to contain one hundred acres is since become vested but by a Survey thereof lately made is found to contain seventy Six acres have failed to pay such Quitrents as to the said Seventy Six Acres and Jesse Tatum hath made humble Suit to our Lieutenant and Governor General of our said Colony and Dominion and hath obtained a Grant for the same Therefore Know ye that for divers good Causes and Considerations but more especially for and in Consideration of the Sum of Ten Shillings of good and

[page break – p. 677:]

lawful Money for our use paid to our Receiver General of our Revenues in this our Said Colony and Dominion We have Given Granged and Confirmed and by these presents for us our heirs and Successors Do Give Grant and Confirm unto the said Jesse Tatum and to his heirs and Assigns forever all the said Seventy Six acres of Land and every part and parcel thereof bounded as followeth, towit [sic; one word, i.e. to wit] Beginning at a white Oak on the North Side of Cold water run then along Joseph Phipps’s old line South eighty three degrees West twenty eight poles to a red Oak then North eighty eight degrees West thirty eight poles to a white oak Phips’s old Corner North fifteen degrees West one hundred and forty eight poles to a red oak then North Sixty degrees East eighty four poles to a persimmon on Coldwater then up the Meanders of the Run to the Beginning With all &c To have hold &c To be held &c yielding and paying &c Provided &c In Witness &cWitness our trusty and welbeloved [sic; well beloved] John Earl of Dunmore our Lieutenant and Governor General of our said Colony and Dominion at Williamsburg under the Seal of our said Colony the fifth day of July one thousand seven hundred and seventy four in the fourteenth year of our Reign

[signed:] Dunmore

Exd. [for “examined”]


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