Benjamin W. Phipps of Tennessee

According to what appears to be published data from Raleigh Cemetery at Raleigh, Tennessee, Benj. W. Phipps was born 10 November 1830 and died 16 September 1853. Raleigh is in Shelby County. A photo of his tombstone is posted in Find A Grave, however, which contains none of this data except for the name. On the other hand, the stone is recumbent and looks as though it has been broken.

Who was this Benjamin W. Phipps? Searches of the 1850 census in Tennessee have not turned up anything. The 1850 census in Brunswick County, Virginia shows a Benjamin W. Phipps, however, who was 19 (born about 1831), an apparent son of Winfield and Julia Phipps. The age matches, and the middle initial matches. Further, relatives of Winfield were known to have moved into Tennessee. Could this be the same Benjamin?

Winfield is listed among the children of an earlier Benjamin Phipps, born 176[?], in the family Bible at the Library of Virginia. Various of Winfield’s and Benjamin’s relatives moved from Brunswick County, Virginia into Tennessee.

Winfield was born 14 June 1802 according to the family Bible and married (1) Eliza M. Powell 13 November 1828 according to the family Bible and (2) Julia Ann King 28 September 1837 according to the Julia Ann King papers at the Library of Virginia.

The 1850 census shows Winfield living with his 2nd wife Julia Ann King and with his brother James N. The census says that James was born about 1804. The family Bible says he was born 10 July 1806.

From the 1850 census, Southern District, Brunswick County, Virginia, 23 October 1850, #609/609:

  • Winfield Phipps, 49 [born about 1801], male, farmer, real estate $3,128, born Virginia
  • Julia A Phipps, 30 [born about 1820], female, Virginia
  • Benjamin W Phipps, 19 [born about 1831], male, Virginia, attended school
  • William C Phipps, 5 [born about 1845], male, Virginia
  • Thomas W Phipps, 2 [born about 1848], male, Virginia
  • Lucy A Phipps, 3/12 [3 months, born 1850], female, Virginia
  • James N Phipps, 46 [born about 1804], male, farmer, Virginia
  • Nancy P. Baily, 34 [born about 1816], female, Virginia

The older Benjamin died in 1845, as noted in the Richmond Enquirer on 11 February 1845, p. 3. There he’s referred to as Mr. Benjamin Phipps, aged 83 years, 11 months, and 3 days, who died 28 January 1845. That would mean, of course, that he was born around early in 1761. The family Bible says 1760-something, but the last digit is indistinct.

The obituary says he was a Revolutionary War soldier, and suggests that Mississippi, George, and Alabama papers should “please copy.” This suggest that he had relatives and/or friends in those locations.


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