2016 Phipps Reunion, Independence, Virginia

Thanks to Carole Conrad for the following:

Dear Phipps Family, Cousins and Friends:

You are invited to the 2016 PHIPPS Reunion!

Sunday, July 17, 2016
11 am – 3 pm
Meeting Room
115 Klondike Road
Independence, Va. 24348
VFW: 276-773-3951
CELL: 336-572-0051
The VFW, with lots of parking space, is near the NC Border and 15 minutes from Sparta.

Our PHIPPS REUNION is for ALL descendants of the three Phipps “Brothers”: Benjamin, Isaiah and Samuel, who moved to the Grayson Cty, Va./Ashe Cty, NC./Alleghany Cty, NC./Wilkes Cty, NC. area around the time of the American Revolution, for their brother John who also moved to the area for a short while and then went West, and for the other Phipps brothers: Joseph Jr., James Sr. and Aaron, who stayed in Alamance/Guilford County, NC for that generation.

Schedule of Events

  • 11 am Out of towners and others may arrive to meet and greet
  • 12 pm – 1 pm Register, food set up, meet and greet
  • 1 pm – 2 pm lunch
  • 1 pm – 3 pm Latest Family Updates, discussion of Phipps veterans, Latest Phipps DNA results, Memorial to those we lost.
  • Prizes and games.
  • Hosts: Carole Conrad, Jane Phipps-Frazier plus many more


  • As you arrive please sign in, pick up your family packet, offer yearly donation (we suggest $3 per adult)
  • and update your emailing/mailing information.
  • Please bring a covered main dish and/or veggie and/or dessert.
  • All beverages, plates, napkins, cups and silverware are supplied.
  • Introduction of all attendees and their families.

Please bring your pictures and stories for this past year.
New babies, grads, marriages, big bdays, big annivs.!

History of the Phipps discussion:
Veterans: Phipps and cousins.
Please bring your pictures and stories.
History Game/Contest for Children with Prizes.
Missing Cousin/Relatives Found. Please bring your stories and photos.
In Memoriam. Please bring us the memories of your loved ones who have left us
Faraway Cousins: Please bring their stories and pictures.
Poster Boards of family lines and pictures on display. Bring your own, too!
Phipps authors and their books! Please bring yours.
Prizes for oldest, youngest, furthest travel, most family members attending in one family, cousins who are a Phipps the most times (our record is 3 so far!)
Please join us for the fun and honoring our ancestors!

We can arrange a free tour for your family.
Please call Carole with any questions at 336-372-4454 or 336-572-0051 or email casuco@yahoo.com

We suggest the Grayson Inn, Indep. Va.: 276-773-3313 or 877-467-7144


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