Phypps in Buncombe County, North Carolina

A past post referred to a 1797 North Carolina land grant in Buncombe County to Isiah Phypps. This was grant number 355 for 100 acres on Indian Camp Branch. The name Isiah Phypps came from some source which transcribed the given name as Isiah, of course a form of Isaiah.

Searching the MARS system in the North Carolina Archives website, however, reveals that the Archives has abstracted the name differently – as Josiah Phypps. The land had been entered 18 October 1796 with the grant subsequently issued on 2 December 1797.

A quick search of the North Carolina Land Grant website also shows the name as Josiah Phypps, not Isiah, although it would appear that the document images in that site must not be compatible anymore with Safari on a Mac. If so, it may be because of use of Flash, which has been experiencing gradually diminished support across various platforms and devices for some time, because of multiple issues.

Buncombe County is in western North Carolina. Because the western boundary of the state is a diagonal, Buncombe County is some distance to the southwest of Ashe County, the location which has been the focus of a number of our posts.


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