Captains Phipps in Virginia and South Carolina

Some especially interesting British documents from the National Archives are listed below, as taken from the Archives’ index. They are supplemented by a few links from this blog and from Wikipedia.

Some of the materials pertain to Capt. Constantine John Phipps who, according to Wikipedia, commanded the Diligence from 24 November 1763 to 20 June 1765. After the latter date, records persist which pertain to a Capt. Phipps of the Diligence, but one of those records (17 July 1765) identifies the latter Capt. Phipps as Edward Phipps. As a result, it’s assumed that all the records listed below pertaining to the Diligence after Constantine left on 20 June 1765 would pertain to this Edward. His relationship to Constantine John Phipps is unknown at this point.

  • 24 November 1763: Constantine John Phipps was placed in command of HMS Diligence, a 12-gun sloop, on that date, according to Wikipedia. This would be Constantine John Phipps, who we’ve discussed in past posts. (See here, for instance.) As far as American history is concerned, he’s probably best known as the British Naval officer who brought the dreaded tax stamps associated with the infamous “Stamp Act” to North Carolina in 1765. Although he was British, Constantine John Phipps was also godfather for a female born in Virginia, as we’ve also discussed. He was a great-great-grandson of Francis Phipps or Phips of Reading, Berkshire, England who we’ve discussed in lots of posts. Constantine John Phipps’s great-grandfather Constantine Henry Phipps was the Lord Chancellor of Ireland and was the twin brother of Anne Phipps. She married one of the multiple individuals named George Reeves we’ve been discussing. this one left her and died in Virginia, while she died in England.
  • 7 March 1765: Capt. Phipps of the ship the Diligence in Virginia: This appears to be a record in which Phipps was supposed to sail from Halifax to Virginia, but evidently a storm damaged the ship.
  • 20 June 1765: Capt. Constantine John Phipps left the Diligence and instead began to command HMS Terpsihore instead, according to Wikipedia. This was a 24-gun 6th rate warship. From here, records pertaining to Capt. Phipps onboard the Diligence presumably refer to pertain to Capt. Edward Phipps. Capt. Phipps is specifically identified as Edward Phipps in the record dated 17 July 1765, below. Who was Edward, and what was his relationship to Constantine?
  • 5 July 1765: Capt. Phipps of the ship the Diligence in Virginia: This record involves Phipps, presumably Edward Phipps, sending “pay tickets,” whatever they were for Philip Bailey, E. Jones, Thomas Urling, and Thomas Hussey. The tickets are no longer attached to the document which is indexed.
  • 17 July 1765: Capt. Edward Phipps of the ship the Diligence in Virginia: The record has to do with ship repairs, etc.
  • 4 September 1765: Capt. Phipps of the ship Diligence in South Carolina: He enclosed a pay ticket for for a certain George Strange, who was discharged.
  • 6 Npvember 1765: Capt. Phipps of the ship Diligence in Virginia: Yet another record pertaining to Capt. Phipps involves bills payable for additional slops. That term refers to sailors’ clothing supplied from a ship’s stores.

Some additional sources:


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