Newly Released Missouri Death Certificates

Missouri death certificates for 1965 have just been released. Digital copies can be accessed in the Missouri Digital Heritage website of the Missouri State Archives.

Among the newly released listings for 1965 are the following. Of course, the record itself will contain more information:

  • Baby Bettie Jean Phipps, born 30 July 1959, died 4 May 1965 City of St. Louis, daughter of Jake Phipps/Hattie
  • Clyde Orlen Phipps, born 14 December 1908 Green Castle, Missouri, died 24 May 1965 Elm Township, Putnam County, Missouri, son of Elmore W. Phipps/Cora Stewart
  • Dee Granville Phipps, born 11 October 1875 Randolph County, Missouri, died 2 March 1965 Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, son of Silas Phipps/Amanda Drennan
  • Homer Phipps, born 15 June 1893 Missouri, died 30 April 1965 City of St. Louis, parents unknown
  • Ida May Phipps, born 6 October 1877 Clay County, Indiana, died 20 June 1965 Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, resided Galena, Cherokee County, Kansas, wife of Dan Phipps, daughter of William Kitch/Martha Stevens
  • Maude Leila Phipps, born 10 February 1874 Harrison, Arkansas, died 28 June 1965 West Plains, Howell County, Missouri, wife of Arthur N. Phipps, daughter of Jackson Eoff/Mary Potts

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