More from Jeaffreson

Here are a couple more references from Jeaffreson.

From John Cordy Jeaffreson, ed., Middlesex County Records (London: Chapman & Hall, 1892), Vol. 4, p. 212:

20 MAY, 35 CHARLES II [the regnal year of 1683-1684]. – Certificate, under the hand and seal of Charles Hinton . . . J.P., of the conviction of fifty-seven persons of having been present, together with some sixty unknown persons, at a conventicle, held on Sunday the 20th of May aforesaid under colour of exercising religion, otherwise than according to the liturgy and use of the Church of England, in a certain house called Meggs Meeting House in the parishes of St. Martins’-in-the-Fields and St. Paul’s Covent Garden, together with certificate that each of the said convicted conventiclers had been fined five shillings for his or her aforesaid misdemeanour. The fifty-seven convicted conventiclers comprised John Prosser of Bowe Street Westminister schoolmaster, Fortuna Phips wife of Henry Phips of Round Court cap-maker, John Curtis a porter in Witch Street at the Hartichoke, William Cammell at the house of Mrs. Bruce a schoolmaster’s wife. Consisting chiefly of tradesmen, artisans and servants, these fifty-seven conventiclers did not comprise a single individual to whom the draughtsman of the certificate assigned any degree of gentle quality. S. P. West. R., 9 July, 35 Charles II. . . .

30 DECEMBER, 2 JAMES II [the regnal year of 1686-1687]. – True Bill that, at St. Clement’s Danes’ and divers other places co Mid. on the said day and divers other days before and afterwards, Hanna Bull late of the said parish spinster unlawfully diabolically and wickedly committed and perpetrated the horrible and abominable crime of adultery with a certain William Phipps. No clerical note touching later proceedings in the case. S. P. R., 4 April, 3 James II.


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