Banditti of the Prairies: Another Edition

Another edition of Edward Bonney’s Banditti of the Prairies than the one linked recently (the 1856 edition) is accessible in Google Books. This is the 1855 edition published by T.B. Peterson and Brothers in Philadelphia.

This edition can be downloaded as a pdf or epub (pdf recommended), and contains some illustrations not present in the 1856 edition. This book, although sometimes disturbing, needs to be read by any researcher interested in tracing the genealogy of this branch of the family.

The 1856 D.B. Cooke edition is, as noted earlier, available here in Internet Archive. That edition can be read online through Internet Archive’s own excellent viewer, or can be downloaded in a variety of file formats (pdf recommended).

Also in Internet Archive is what appears to be a much later (probably 20th century) edition published by Homewood Publishing in Chicago. That edition is sans the illustrations which make the earlier editions so interesting, with at least one of those illustrations having been taken directly from an early daguerreotype.

A microfilm copy of the same title, in the University of Indiana Library at Bloomington, appears to be a copy of the early draft manuscript version of the book.


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