Benjamin Phipps of Brunswick County, Virginia

Earlier posts have discussed the life and family of Benjamin Phipps (and other family members) of Brunswick County, Virginia. Here are some facts about him:

Benjamin Phipps:

  • Born: 25 Feb 1761 (family Bible at Library of VA)
  • Died: 28 Jan 1845 (family Bible at Library of VA)>

Children of Benjamin Phipps (Phipps and Steed Family Papers at Univ. of NC):

  1. Winfield Phipps
    • Born about 1801 VA (1850 census)
    • Married (1) Eliza M. Powell 13 Nov 1828 (family Bible at Library of VA)
    • Married (2) Julia Ann King 28 Sep 1837 (Julia Ann King Phipps papers at Library of VA)
    • Resided Brunswick Co., VA 23 Oct 1850 (1850 census)
    • Died 1860 (Julia Ann King Phipps papers at Library of VA)
  2. James N. Phipps
    • Born about 1804 VA (1850 census), born 10 July 1806 (family Bible at Library of VA); notes on back of 1845 Brunswick Co., VA summons specifically call Jas N. Phipps a son of Benjamin
    • Married Mary (“Polly”) Steed (called Polly Phipps in 1846 will of her father Jedathan Steed); Jas. N. Phipps and wife Mary are named in 1845 Brunswick Co. summons; Polly was common period nickname for Mary
    • Resided Brunswick Co., VA 23 Oct 1850 in household of brother Winfield (1850 census)
    • Children (mentioned in 1846 will of their grandfather Jedathan Steed):
      • Elizabeth L. Phipps
      • Eugene B. Phipps

The family Bible includes mentions of other individuals as well. The name Williamson Phipps also appears in Georgia records pertaining to the Cherokee removal. Littleton Phipps is also said to have moved to Georgia. (Note the Georgia references in the preceding post.) Here is what is found in the family Bible record, as noted in an earlier post:

Benjmin Phipps was born Feb the 25th dayt 176[?]
Wilson Phipps was born 29th March 1792
William Phipps was born June 13th 1793
Martha Phipps was born March 1 1795
Elizabeth Phipps was born Jun 25th 1796
Mary Phipps was born Decr. 9th 1797
Williamson Phipps was born November 25th 1798
Littleton Phipps was born April 3rd 1801
Winfield Phipps was born June 14 1802
James N. Phipps was born July 10th 1806

The wife of Benjamin Phipps is said to have been Lucy “Turbeyfield,” with that surname appearing in a variety of forms. If so, as noted earlier, this may connect him with the Betty Tayloe Corbin, born 1764, who had Constantine John Phipps of England as her godfather although born in Virginia.

The obituary of Benjamin is found in the Richmond Enquirer, published in Richmond, Virginia on 11 February 1845 (p. 3). Note that his age corresponds to the birthdate mentioned above.

Note also that he is referred to as a Revolutionary War soldier. Interestingly, the Revolutionary War pension application file of Benjamin Phips or Phipps of Grayson County, Virginia makes it clear that he was born about the same time (1761 or 1762).


Died, at his residence in the county of Brunswick, Va., on the 28th of January 1845, Mr. BENJAMIN PHIPPS, aged 83 years, 11 months, and 3 days, leaving eight children and many friends and acquaintances to lament their loss. Mr. Phipps was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and always manifested a lively interest for the perpetuation of the liberties which his patriotism and valor aided to establish. Peace to his ashes!

The Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama papers will please copy. [Presumably this refers to the above obituary, and not the unrelated one which follows.]

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