A Phips/Phipps and Reeves/Reaves Timeline

Considering how frequently the Reeves (also Ryves, Rives, Reaves, etc.) name has come up in discussions in fairly recent posts, it might be useful to revisit a matter discussed earlier. This is the 1675 marriage of George Reeves of London to Anna Phipps of Lee in county Kent in England.

A marriage license abstract, dated 21 September 1675, describes George Reeves as being of St. Augustine in London, a 26-year-old bachelor. His wife to be was Anna Phipps of Lee in the county of Kent, described as a spinster. (This was a simply a term at the time for an unmarried woman, as distinguished from a widow.) She was “about 18,” and her parents were dead, according to the marriage license abstract.

It was presumably because her parents were dead that she entered into marriage “at the disposal” of John Blagrave of Arborfield in Berkshire, esquire, and Thomas Bullock of Binfield in Berkshire, gentleman. (We might note that Tandy Walker, Sr. and his wife Judith sold land in Lunenburg County, Virginia in 1750 to Henry Blagrave of Caroline County, Virginia. John Phips appeared in tax lists with Tandy Walker in Lunenburg County in 1748 and 1750.)

The marriage license abstract can be found in Joseph Foster, ed., London Marriage Licences, 1521-1869 (London: Bernard Quaritch, 1887), p. 1124. The marriage itself is mentioned in H.R. [Henry Ramsay] Phipps, “Phipps Families of Berkshire,” The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Archaeological Journal, Vol. 18, No. 1 – New Series, April 1912, p. 17.

Then the actual marriage (rather than just the license) is noted as having taken place on 23 September 1675 at St. Margaret’s in Lee, county Kent. This is noted in Leland Lewis Duncan and Arthur Oswald Barron, eds., The Register of All the Marriages, Christenings and Burials in the Church of S. Margaret, Lee, in the County of Kent, from 1579 to 1754 (Lee, Kent: Charles Rorth for the Lewisham Antiquarian Society, 1888, p. 7.

H.R. Phipps, in his 1912 article “Phipps Families of Berkshire,” notes that after George Reeves married Ann Phipps, he then “deserted her & died in Virginia.” (An earlier post mistakenly refers to H.R. Phipps as Ramsay. His middle name was Ramsay.)

He refers to George Reeves as being “of Ln,” presumably Lincolnshire, while the marriage license calls him of St. Augustine in London. Lincolnshire is today both an historical and a ceremonial county.

Anna or Ann’s twin brother was Constantine Henry Phipps. Both are said to have been born in 1656 in Reading, Berkshire, England, their parents being Francis Phipps and his wife Anne Sharpe. John became Lord Chancellor of Ireland, which does not imply any genealogical connection with Ireland.

The statement that George Reeves deserted Anna or Ann Phipps and died in Virginia leads one to wonder whether she lived in America.

  • Abt 1610-1611, England: Francis Phipps or Phips was born, a son of George Phipps and Anne Elliott. (George, in turn, was a son of Robert Phipps of Nottingham.) Francis was referred to as about age 54 in 1664 and as age 54 on 11 March 1664/5.  (The Four Visitations of Berkshire, Vol. 57, p. 195; Crisp, ed., Visitation of England and Wales, Notes, Vol. 8, 1909, pp. 156-161).
  • About 1649, England: George Reeves was born, who later married Anna or Ann Phipps.
  • 1650s-1660s, Westmoreland Co., VA: A John “Ryves” was supposedly living in that county during that period of time. This was close to Middlesex County, Virginia, the location discussed below.
  • 1655-1656, prob. Reading, co. Berkshire, England: Twins Anna (Ann) and Constantine Henry Phipps or Phips were born, son and daughter of Francis Phips or Phipps of Reading, according to Sylvanus Urban correspondence, H.R. Phipps, Wikipedia, The Four Visitations of Berkshire, and various other sources. Constantine became Lord Chancellor of Ireland.
  • 12 Nov 1656, Reading, co. Berkshire, England: Anne or Anna or Ann Phipps, who later married George Reeves, was baptized in St. Mary’s, according to Crisp (cited below).
  • 9 May 1658, Reading, co. Berkshire, England: Francis Phipps was named in a codicil to the will of Tanfield Vachell, and was called “heretofore my servant.”
  • 12 July 1660, Reading, co. Berkshire, England: Ann (Sharpe), widow of Francis Phipps, was buried.
  • 24 Nov 1671, Virginia: A record labeled “Reeve for Administrac [with overlined “c”] of ye estate of his Bro.:” “It is ordered that ye petition of George Reeve about ye Administracon [with overlined “c”] of ye estate of his Brother Thomas Reeve & ffrancis Reve is referred to Middlesex Court there to be determined” (H.R. McIlwaine, ed., Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia 1622-1632, 1670-1676, with Notes and Excerpts from Original Council and General Court Records, into 1683, Now Lost, Richmond, Virginia: Virginia State Library, 1924, p. 287).
  • 25 Mar 1672, Virginia: Record labeled “Reeves administracon” [with overlined “c”]: ” . . . it appearing that the widow of ffrancis Reeves decd. . . . to administer to ye estate of her late husband who . . . Administratr. to his Brother Thomas Reeves decd. [with overlined “c”] to George Reeves brother of the sd. Tho: & Ffrancis provided hee put in good security to indemnify the honoble. John Pate Esqr. & Mr. Xopher [Christopher] Wormeley who were security for ffrancis Reeves. The sd. George Reeves confesseth Judgmt. to ye said John Pate Esqr. for 12lb 3s. [3 shillings] for ptested. bills of Exch. [with overlined “c”] according to Act:” (McIlwaine, see 24 Nov 1671, pp. 296-7).
  • 23 Sep 1675, Lee, co. Kent, England: George Reeves of St. Augustine in London married Anna Phipps of Lee. The marriage license identified George Reeves as a 26-year-old bachelor of St. Augustine in London, and Ann Phipps as a “spinster” (simply a woman who had not been married) in Lee in the county of Kent, age about 18.
  • 9 Oct 1682, Middlesex Co., VA: George Reeves and wife Ann “listed” in county court order book, according to a genealogist’s web page; it isn’t clear what is meant by “listed” or whether both parties were referred to in the record as alive and living together. It also isn’t clear from this whether this is definitely the same George Reeves.
  • 10 Oct 1684, England: Constantine Phipps, twin brother of Ann Phipps who married George Reeves, married Catherine Sawyer of London (Royal Berkshire History).
  • 1688, Middlesex Co., VA: George Reeves said to have died in Middlesex Co., VA, but is this the same George Reeves? Crisp (in his Notes, Vol. 8 to Visitation of England and Wales, 1909, p. 157, says that he was still living in 1695. H.R. Phipps says she lived with her sister Mary at Lee in co. Kent before she died, while her husband George Reeves, after they separated, died in Virginia.
  • 1689, London: Will of George Reeves said to have been probated after he died in Middlesex County, Virginia. Is this the same George Reeves?
  • 1 July 1689, Middlesex Co., VA: Administration of George Reeves estate said to have occurred, with administration granted to the widow referred to as Mrs. Phebey Reeves, according to a web page citing a published transcription. This would appear to indicate that George Reeves, assuming it’s the same one, had remarried by this time.
  • 2 Dec 1689, Middlesex Co., VA: According to the same web page cited at 1 July 1689, George Reeves’s widow Phebey remarried to John Smith, who was ordered to give to Daniel Rice certain items and a slave bequeathed by George Reeves in his will to Daniel Rice. At issue was a slave named Daniell, two mares, and all of George Reeves’s linen and woolen clothing.
  • Before 3 Apr 1695, England: Crisp says that Anne (Phipps) Reeves died before 3 April 1695.
  • 1698, Holborn, co. Middlesex, England: William Phipps, son of Constantine Henry Phipps and nephew of Ann (Phipps) Reeves, was christened at St. Andrew’s.
  • 20 Sep 1707, Middlesex Co., VA: According to the same web page cited at 1 July 1689, a deed involved Charles Reeves of Stepney, Middlesex County, England, heir of George Reeves of Virginia. The deed refers to land in Middlesex County, Virginia bought in 1664 by Thomas Reeves which descended from him to Francis and George Reeves (presumably sons of Thomas) and “now” to George’s heir Charles in England. (This would seem to suggest that the George of Middlesex County, Virginia was the right one.) The deed was witnessed by a Cocke, apparently (with evidently some transcription issues). We’ve discussed the Cocke surname, as in the marriage of Catherine Cocke to John Burton, brother of Nowell Hunt Burton whose son Josiah Burton was evidently the one to whom the Goochland County, Virginia Fipps orphans were bound in 1742. John Burton was also brother of Hutchins Burton, whose granddaughter Jane Burton married George Reeves of Wilkes County, North Carolina and later Grayson County, Virginia, with that George Reeves being father in law of Samuel Phips or Phipps of Wilkes and later Ashe County, North Carolina, evidently by that George’s first (earlier) marriage. We’ve also discussed such matters as the 1732 Goochland County land sale by John “Felps” of Goochland County to James Cocke of Henrico County.
  • 12 Dec 1710, England: Constantine Phipps, twin brother of Ann (Phipps) Reeves, was knighted by Queen Anne and made Lord Chancellor of Ireland (Royal Berkshire History).
  • 1718, England: William Phipps, nephew of Ann (Phipps) Reeves, married Catharine Annesley, daughter of James Annesley. James Annesley is apparently the one who married Catharine Darnley, illegitimate daughter (called “natural” daughter) of James II.
  • 1722, England: Constantine John Phipps, son of William Phipps (with William being a nephew of Ann (Phipps) Reeves) was christened.
  • 9 Oct 1723, London: Constantine Phipps, twin brother of Ann (Phipps) Reeves, died in the Middle Temple. The Middle Temple was one of the four Inns of Court with which barristers were associated and which called them to the bar.
  • 1744, England: Constantine John Phipps was born, son of the Constantine Phipps who was christened in 1722, with that earlier Constantine being a son of William Phipps (christened 1698), with that William being a nephew of Ann (Phipps) Reeves and a son of Ann’s brother Constantine Henry Phipps, who was Lord Chancellor of Ireland.
  • 14 May 1746, Surry Co., VA: The will of a George “Rives” was written, but it appears that the Middlesex County, Virginia George was probably the correct one.
  • 28 Mar 1764, Virginia: Constantine John Phipps, born 1744, of England, became the godfather of Betty Tayloe Corbin, born 28 Mar 1764, apparently in Virginia.
  • 1773, north of Norway: Constantine John Phipps, born 1744, attempted to reach the North Pole by ship.
  • 3 Sep 1774, Virginia: Philip Vickers Fithin wrote that he was involved by “Captain Fibbs” to a barbecue. Fithin, in his journal and letters, wrote about the family of George Lee Turberville (see 1782, below) and his wife Betty Tayloe Corbin, whose godfather was Constantine John Phipps, born 1744. Perhaps this “Captain Fibbs” was Constantine John Phipps, who may have been in the area.
  • 4 Jan 1782, Virginia: Betty Tayloe Corbin (Constantine John Phipps, born 1744, was her godfather) married George Lee Turberville, lawyer, apparently of Westmoreland and Richmond Counties, Virginia. The marriage license is dated 4 Jan 1782 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
  • 1791, Brunswick Co., VA: Benjamin Phipps married Lucy Turbyfield or Turbyfill, said to be a variant of the same surname as Turberville, as mentioned above.

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