Phipps, Fipps, Fibbs, Phips, Fips: Cabarrus Co., NC

The last post noted the estate of Isaac Fibbs AKA Phips in 1804 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. He left a widow referred to as “Marey Phips alias Mary Fulham.”

Is it possible that this family connects with the family John Fips who married Caty Dry in Rowan County, North Carolina in 1801? A marriage bond for John Fips’s marriage is dated 28 July 1801.

Why would one wonder whether this family connects to Rowan County? For the following reasons:

  • John Fips married a Caty Dry in Rowan County. The Dry family just doesn’t seem to show up in Rowan County records, but is prominently visible in Cabarrus County.
  • Conversely, The Fibbs/Phips family in Cabarrus County was closely connected with the Russell family. One of the web pages discussed in the last post associates the same Russell family with Rowan County.
  • Guilford County was formed, in part, from Rowan County. As noted in the last post, the Mebane family was socially related to the Phipps family in Guilford County, and the Mebane family is discussed in one of the web pages cited as being associated with the same Russell family.
  • Although, when looking at a modern map, Cabarrus and Guilford Counties don’t look close, in 1800 Mecklenburg, in southern North Carolina, was adjacent to Cabarrus County, and Cabarrus County was adjacent to Rowan County, and Rowan County was adjacent to Guilford County.
  • The surname spellings just really didn’t matter. In records cited below, it appears clear that the same family is being discussed when the following spellings are used: Phipps, Fipps, Fibbs, Phips, and Fips. That’s five different spellings of the same surname in the same area.

The last post asked whether this Fibbs/Phips family could have migrated from Virginia down into Rowan and Guilford Counties in North Carolina, and then further south into Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties.

The fact that the Dry family seems to be so closely identified with Cabarrus County could easily make one wonder whether that’s the case. It also could make one wonder whether the John Fips who married Caty Dry in 1801 in Rowan County was related to the Isaac Fibbs/Phips who left an estate in 1804 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

We also noted a few other Cabarrus records in the last post. Note that Cabarrus and Mecklenburg were adjacent. Here’s a rehash, plus some additional data:

  • 1792, Cabarrus Co., NC | County formed from Mecklenburg County.
  • 20 Feb 1792, Mecklenburg Co., NC | Estate settlement for Isaac Phipps, in which documents a deal with James Russell, attested later by his daughter Sela/Cely Russell .
  • 10 Apr 1793, Cabarrus Co., NC | A deed from Charles Baker Fulham to Hugh Carothers, involving land on Coddle Creek conveyed from Robert Campbell to James Oliphant to Isac Fipps. Isac Fipps is referred to as the former husband of Fulham’s present wife; note that the 1804 estate (see below) of Isaac “Fibbs” refers to his widow as Marey (Mary) Phips alias Mary Fulham.” Determining whether this was a divorce or a remarriage after the death of Isaac would depend on  the death date of the Isaac in the 1804 estate records. If it was the same Isaac as the one of the Mecklenburg records in 1792, then one would assume she simply remarried after the death of her husband. Again, Cabarrus is adjacent to Mecklenburg and was formed from Mecklenburg. The fact that the deed also refers to her as the “relict” of Isaac Fipps, deceased, seems to clearly indicate that the Isaac Phipps of the 1792 estate records in Mecklenburg County is the Isaac Fibbs/Phips of the 1804 estate records in Cabarrus County. That would not be unusual. Note also the Carothers surname here: We’ve noted in the past how a close connection between the Phipps/Fipps family and the Carothers/Carruthers family is demonstrated in records in Craven and Beaufort Counties of North Carolina. From what we’ve seen of family networking and mobility, it would not at all seem that this should preclude Rowan/Guilford connections as well.
  • 17 Jan 1795, Cabarrus Co., NC | A deed from Susanna Russell to James Plunkett mentioned land on Coddle Creek near Isaac Phips. Susanna Russell inherited this land through the will of James Russell (see 1795?, below).
  • 1795?, Mecklenburg Co., NC | Will of James Russell, who made a deal with Isaac Phipps as mentioned at 1792, above. The will mentions Sela/Cely Russell as James Russell’s daughter, and Levy/Levi as his son. Levy or Levi appears to have married Sarrah Fibbs (Sarah Phips) in 1797.
  • 20 Feb 1795, Cabarrus Co., NC | Warrant to George Campbell for land, the description of which mentions the land of heirs of Isaac Fips. Also mentioned is Susannah Russell (as mentioned above), Fips’s corner, and Fips’s old survey. This was on Coddle Creek.
  • 1797, Cabarrus Co., NC | Levy (Levi) Russell, son of James Russell (see 1795?) married Sarrah (Sarah) Fibbs.
  • 25 Nov 1797, Cabarrus Co., NC | Marriage bond or marriage of Hugh Johnston to Hannah Fibbs
  • 1801, Cabarrus Co., NC | Levi Russell is listed, presumably the one who married Sarrah (Sarah) Fibbs.
  • 28 July 1801, Rowan Co., NC | John Fips marriage bond to Caty Dry.
  • 9 Nov 1801, Cabarrus Co., NC | Warrant to George Campbell for land adjoining Isaac Phips. The land description mentions Coddle Creek.
  • 1803, Cabarrus Co., NC | Bastardy bond involving Polly Fibbs with Samuel Martin as the father. Polly was an extremely common period nickname for Mary; was this the widow Mary from Isaac’s 1804 estate?
  • 1804, Cabarrus Co., NC | Estate of Isaac Fibbs/Phips, leaving a widow “Marey Phips alias Mary Fulham.” The family was involved with the Russell family; compare the Mecklenburg reference at 1792, above.
  • 17 Oct 1804, Cabarrus Co., NC | A jury was to apportion a widow’s third of land for Mary Fipps, “otherwise Mary Fullham.”
  • 1806, Cabarrus Co., NC | Bastardy bond involving Polly Fibbs with Robert Ross as the father. Again, Polly was an extremely common period nickname for Mary; again, was this the Mary of the 1804 estate records?
  • 3 Nov 1808, Cabarrus Co., NC | Warrant issued to Alexander Patterson for land adjoining Martin Phips.
  • 16 June 1810, Cabarrus Co., NC | Marriage bond or marriage of Thomas Martin to Jean Phipps.
  • 16 May 1820, Cabarrus Co., NC | Warrant issued to William Collins (Callens? See the last post.) for land adjoining Isaac Fips, deceased.

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One thought on “Phipps, Fipps, Fibbs, Phips, Fips: Cabarrus Co., NC

  1. Rowan County, NC Deed book 16 page 462 David Woodson to Isaah Phipps, 1798. You can find it on the Kluttz Map, page 5. This land would be in close proximity to the land of George Miller (1763-1833) who was married to Eleanor Phipps.

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