A Goochland Rehash

The last post noted that if the unconfirmed Burton genealogies are right (or right enough), then this has far-reaching implications for researching the genealogy of the Phips/Phipps family of Ashe County, North Carolina.

Samuel Phips or Phipps and George Reeves or Reaves both lived in Wilkes County, North Carolina prior to the 1800 census. Samuel Phips of Ashe County, North Carolina then shows up as George Reeves’s heir in Grayson County, Virginia when the latter died in 1811.

Earlier, in 1742, two Fipps orphans in Goochland County, Virginia were bound to Josiah Burton.

George Reeves’s second wife appears to have been a Jane Burton. According to the unconfirmed Burton genealogies, as noted in the last post, this Josiah Burton and Richard Burton, the father of Jane Burton, were first cousins. This relationship isn’t proven, as far as is known, but is claimed and does appear to be supported with ample circumstantial evidence.

If so, then the likelihood of it being coincidence that a Burton directly associated with the Goochland County, Virginia orphans being that closely related to a Burton fairly directly associated with Samuel Phips, Jr. of Ashe County, North Carolina would surely be small indeed.

This would suggest, based on probability, that the orphans in Goochland County, Virginia in 1742 were probably related to Samuel Phips of Ashe County, North Carolina. (Ample additional connections have been traced in earlier posts, too many to suggest much likelihood of coincidence being the explanatory factor.)

Here is a reprise of some of what we know about Goochland County as far as the Phips or Fips etc. family is concerned, plus a few other directly relevant records from elsewhere. Note that various posts in the past referred to additional connections to Goochland County involving closely associated families.

Note that, for genealogical purposes, a close link exists between Goochland and other counties, due to boundary changes, but that’s especially the case with regard to Henrico County.

  • 1634, Henrico Shire, VA | Henrico became one of the 8 original Virginia shires
  • 1692, Henrico Co., VA | Nowell Hunt Burton supposedly was born; he supposedly became a planter of Goochland County and fathered Josiah Burton to whom the Fipps orphans in Goochland Co. were bound in 1742
  • About 1718, Henrico Co., VA | Josiah Burton was supposedly born; the Goochland County Fipps orphans were bound to him in 1742
  • By 1726, Surry Co., VA | Francis Eppes shows up and shortly begins to acquire land; this is the same county where the surveyor John appeared earlier with co-surveyor William Harris, as well as the orphan John Phips, son of Elizabeth Harris; see 1730, below
  • 1728, Goochland Co., VA | The county was formed from the shire of Henrico, later called Henrico County
  • 1730, Goochland Co., VA | Francis Eppes acquired a massive amount of land in Goochland County – about 10,900 acres; see “By 1726,” above
  • 1737, Goochland Co., VA | Tandy Walker Sr. of Henrico Co. bought land in Goochland Co.; see 1747 and 1748, below
  • 19 Oct 1742, Goochland Co., VA | Orphans Joseph and Benjamin Fipps ordered by the church wardens of St. James’s Parish to be bound to Josiah Burton
  • 1747, Goochland Co., VA | Land in Goochland Co. sold by Tandy Walker Sr. and wife Judith; and sold to an Epes (Eppes); also see 1737, above
  • 1748, Lunenburg Co., VA | John Phips was living on the same property as Tandey (Tandy) Walker; see 1737 and 1747, above
  • 1764, Lunenburg Co., VA | John Fipps listed as overseer in connection with Peter “Fountain” (Fontaine) in a tax list; see “About 1790,” below
  • 15 Dec 1780, Goochland Co., VA | Benjamin “Phop” or “Fop” born to Ben. “Phop” or “Fop” and his wife Mary “Reeve” according to the Douglas Register; “Phop” or “Fop” was very likely either a misreading or a spelling variation for Phip or Fip or something similar; we’ve discussed the Reeves, Burton, and Eppes intertwined connections in various other posts, and this “Reeve” was probably a “Reeves”
  • 20 May 1781, Goochland Co., VA | The Benjamin “Phop” or “Fop” of the previous listing was baptized, again according to the Douglas Register, kept by Rev. William Douglas
  • 10 Mar 1784, Goochland Co., VA | William “Phop” or “Fop,” brother of Benjamin of the previous 2 listings, was born to Ben. “Phop” or “Fop” and his wife Mary “Reeve”
  • 22 Jun 1784, Goochland Co., VA | The William “Phop” or “Fop” of the previous listing was baptized, again according to the Douglas Register
  • About 1790, Goochland & Albemarle Cos., VA | Thomas Jefferson copied, about 1790, a survey drawn by Peter Fontaine (Sr. or Jr.) showing a tract of 7,732 acres in Goochland and Albemarle Cos.; see 1764, above
  • 6 Sep 1793, Halifax Co., VA | A deed connects George Reaves (George Reeves), father in law of Samuel Phips (with both men living in Wilkes Co., NC at the time) with the Eppes family; Reeves married (2) a Burton; see the Burton, Eppes, and “Reeve” references above, at 1692, about 1718, by 1726, 1730, 1742, 1747, 1780, and 1784

Note that Josiah Burton shows up in Goochland County, Virginia records before appearing as a tithable in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Lunenburg is the same county where John Phips or Fips appears, who died in 1768 in Charlotte County, Virginia and whose descendants were in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Wilkes County, North Carolina, Surry County, North Carolina, and Ashe County, North Carolina.

Some of those descendants appear clearly related to Samuel Phips of Ashe County, North Carolina. Descendants of both Samuel Phips of Ashe County, North Carolina and John Fips of Charlotte County, Virginia ended up in Lawrence County, Indiana. Another Burton who ended up in Lawrence County, Indiana was a Burton related to both the Jane Burton mentioned above (associated with Samuel Phips), and the Josiah Burton mentioned above (associated with the Goochland County orphans).

In addition, various Goochland County records refer to John PHELPS, and his wife Mary. For reasons that have been discussed in prior posts, it’s extremely likely that some “Phipps” records lie buried under surname variations, and this may possibly be one of them. We also noted a PHILLIPS in Halifax County, Virginia, not far away (the same place where a deed associates the Reeves, Eppes and (indirectly) Phips family, who very likely was also a “Phipps.”

Also note that the families of Burton, Rawlings (or Rollings or Rollings etc.) as well as the Epps or Eppes families were all heavily involved in the general Henrico/Goochland area around this time. The Cox family also shows up repeatedly in context with other associated families, and may connect to the Coxes who so often appear in records associated with the Phips family in Ashe County, North Carolina.


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