Phips Summons, 1837, Ashe Co., North Carolina

Greenbery (Greenberry) Phips and Elijah Phips were both summoned in an 1837 record. This is a summons from the Ashe County, North Carolina court in the case of Ross v. Perry.

Greenberry Phips or Phipps was supposedly born in 1815, a son of William and Nancy (Griffith) Phips. William was a son of Benjamin and Jean/Jane (Hash) Phips.

Elijah Phips was another son of William and Nancy (Griffith) Phips. Elijah was born about 1820 according to the 1850 census, and in Ashe County according to the death certificates of his sons John and Mathew.

State of North Carolina
To the Sheriff of Ashe County greeting
You are hereby commanded to summon
Greenbery Phips & Elijah Phips
personally to appear before the judge of our superior Court of law at the court to [be] held for Ashe county At the Court house in Jefferson on the 6th monday after the 3d. monday of [blank] next Then and there to testify And the truth to say in behalf of W Rap in a suit in said court defending wherein W Rap is plantiff [sic] And Richard Gentrey Perry is Defendent –
herein fail not under the penualty by law enjoined
witness Richard Gentry Clerk of our said court
At Office the 1st monday of October 1837
in the 62nd year of our Independence 1837
R Gentry C S C
by [?] C [?]ks [S?] C

This was an unbound record contained on a single sheet of paper. Such records were typically labeled on the back. The identification area on the back of this record reads as follows:

Willi[am?] Ross
Jonathan Perry

To Spring Term 1838

Geo Philips Shff
by R Gambill Dff


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