David C. Phipps and the White Family in Ashe Co., NC

A very recent post concerned the estate of George Phipps, Sr. of Ashe County, North Carolina, who had died by 1833. He appears to have been a son of Samuel Phips, who died in Ashe County in 1854, and Samuel’s wife Elizabeth Reeves. He also appears to have left a widow named Nancy and two minor orphans, Belinda Maomy and George, Jr.

This Nancy is believed to have been a White, and the Patcy/Patsy who married George’s brother Joseph is also believed to have been a White.

That same post also noted how it is believed that Samuel Phips, Jr., who married Elizabeth Reeves, daughter of George Reeves, had a son John who married Mary Cox. It is also believed, in turn, that this John Phips was the father of David C. Phipps who married Dorcas Stamper. We noted how, for some reason (more research is clearly needed), obtaining a divorce from Dorcas required intervention by the Virginia state legislature in 1846.

The following record appears to associate Nancy Phipps, probably George’s widow, who is believed to have been Nancy (White) Phipps, with a certain Elizabeth White and with this David C. Phipps. The record is a bond to ensure that Elizabeth White would show up for court after she was charged with assault and battery.

The record was found among unbound Ashe County, North Carolina court records. The record is dated 7 December 1836:

We Elizabeth White Nancy Phipps Isaiah Long and David C. Phipps are held and firmly bound unto the State of North Carolina in the sum of two hundred dollars to be levied of their goods & chattles lands & tenements, to be void on condition that Elizabeth White do make her personal appearance at Ashe Court House on the third monday of March next then and there to answer a charge of the state for Assault and Battery, and that she do not depart the court without leave then the above obligation to be void otherwise [to?] remain in full force & virtue given under our hands & seals this 7th day of December 1836
Elizabeth her mark White (seal)
Nancy her mark Phipps (seal)
I Long
D. C. Phipps (seal)

A B McMillan witness as to Nancy Phipps
P. [or T.?] Earnest Jr


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