Lt. David Phipps of the Continental Navy

Lt. David Phipps was a significant figure in the Continental Navy. H was born 2 August 1741 at Falmouth, Maine, a son of Danforth Phipps and Elizabeth Skillings Deering. Danforth Phipps was a shipwright as, it is said, was William Phips who became the first colonial governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

David Phipps married Mary English in New Haven, Connecticut in 1771. A detailed account of his naval adventures, including voyages to the Caribbean, appears online in an article titled “David Phipps, Lieutenant.”

David Phipps died 26 March 1825 and is buried in New Haven.

The article refers to six children of David Phipps:

  • Mary Phipps, born 21 August 1772, married Samuel Bird, moved to Georgia
  • Sarah (“Sally”) Phipps, born 26 November 1774, married Rev. Joseph Mix
  • Elizabeth Phipps, born 8 April 1776, married Col. Jared Mansfield, who was appointed as an instructor at West Point by Thomas Jefferson and who later was surveyor-general of the Northwest Territory; moved to Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Elizabeth, died 12 April 1850 at Fishkill, New York
  • David Phipps, Jr., born 16 January 1778, drowned in New York Harbor in 1822
  • Roger Dearing Phipps, born 28 July 1782

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