Nancy Phipps, Daughter of Jordan Phipps, 1821

Nancy Phipps married Lewis Perry in 1821 in Williamson County, Tennessee, according to a marriage bond abstract. This is the same county where Jordan Phipps from Sussex County, Virginia was living.

The 1826 will of Jordan Phipps in Williamson County refers specifically to his daughter “Nancy McCulloch Perry.” What isn’t clear is whether McCulloch was a middle name or a previous married name.

We could also note in passing that the same will names a son of Jordan Phipps as “Claibourn.” Could there be a relationship to the Claiborne family associated with William Claiborne who brought the surveyor John Phips to Jamestown a century earlier, in 1621?

In addition, we could also note that Jordan Phips or Phipps entered Wilkes County, North Carolina roughly around 1800, as did Mathew Phips. Could there be any relationship to the Mathew Phips who was mentioned in the last post?


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