Matthew Phripp, Justice of the Peace

Matthew Phripp is listed as a justice of the peace in Norfolk, Virginia in an article titled “Justices of the Peace of Colonial Virginia 1757-1775.” That article appeared in the Bulletin of the Virginia State Library, Vol. 14, Nos. 2-3, for April and July of 1921.

Matthew is listed in 1775 in Norfolk along with Cornelius Calvert, John Tatem, and George Veal. The Tatem (Tatum) surname is one that has surfaced a number of times in researching the Reaves or Reeves and the Eppes or Epps families.

Matthew Phripp is also listed in Norfolk on 15 December 1773. Among the other justices listed at that time are John Tatem, John Hutchings, Joseph Hutchings, and Bassett Moseley, as well as Robert Taylor and John Taylor, Sr. We’ve discussed the close relationship with the Hutchings, Moseley, and Taylor families.

A similar list is dated 15 December 1774 in Norfolk, and includes Matthew Phripp. The surnames Hutchings, Tatem, Taylor, and Moseley appear again. Matthew is also listed in Norfolk on 20 April 1775, again with Tatem, Hutchings, Taylor, and Moseley among the surnames present.

We’ve noted earlier that the family’s “Phripp” spelling was usually used, but that the name has also appeared in 18th century (1700s) records as Phipp and as Phipps.


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