More on Tandy Walker

Recent posts have referred to the enigmatic appearance of Tandy or Tandey Walker in connection with John Fips of the Lunenburg and Charlotte Counties area of Virginia. Evidently both men had ties back to the Brunswick County area.

Both Tandey or Tandy Walker and John Phips or Phipps were apparently living on the same property in 1748 and 1750 in Lunenburg County, Virginia.

You can refer back to the following:

A web page about the Blagrave family, with that family associated with the same Jamestown which was associated with the survey John Phips, refers to Tandy/Tandey Walker. In 1750, Tandey Walker witnessed a Lunenburg County deed to Henry Blagrave of Caroline County. That was the same Caroline County where John Fips died about 1768.

Another deed abstract in that page, dated 1750 in Lunenburg County, has Tandy Walker and his wife Judith, of Cumberland Parish in Lunenburg County, selling land to Henry Blagrave of Caroline County.

Vague memories (and lack of time to pursue them) suggest that various earlier noted Phipps references are associated with the Meherrin River as well as Meherrin Parish in Brunswick County. The land in this 1750 deed was land on a fork of the Meherrin River.

We’ve also noted the Sylvanus or Silvanus Stokes who was also associated with this John Phips or Fips, as well as the presence of a Sylvanus Walker. Presumably one of the two men named Sylvanus could have been named after the other. A Sylvanus Walker page refers to a Sylvanus Walker as a son of a Tandy Walker, but also a Tandy Walker as a son of a Sylvanus Walker.

Referenced in that same page are records pertaining to Henrico County. Note the references to Henrico County and Henrico Parish in the last post.

We’ve also referred to both Goochland County, Virginia and the recurring Epps connection in the last post. That same web page also refers to a 1747/8 land sale in Goochland County, where Tandy Walker sold land to an Eppes.


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