Joseph Phips, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, 1710

The book Genealogy of the Smedley Family, compiled by Gilbert Cope, was published in 1901. Page 22 refers to a 1710 record, evidently from Chester County, Pennsylvania, involving a road commission:

Daniel Hoopes, Aaron James, Joseph Phips, Evan Lewis, Randal Malin and George Smedley made Return of a Road which by vertue of an Ordr. of ye Last Court they Layed out for ffrancis Yarnall and a Township of Indians, And the Court Orders that the sd. Road be not Confirmed untill they have farther Considered of it, which is to be Done ye next Court, and If [no] Just objections be made against it then the same to be Confirmed and Entred on Record.

Further discussion follows regarding this road. Page 34 includes two references to Joseph Phips appearing as representative from the Springfield Quaker meeting for meetings held at Springfield and Middleton in 1710.


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