Phipps and Shiel

“A number” of men on Montserrat in the Caribbean were named William Shiell or Shiel, it is said. A brother was named James Phipps Shiell. Why he was named that isn’t clear, but he is said to have made “constant use of his illustrious name.” He was evidently born in 1836. A relative was named Matthew Phipps Shiel.

A note in the page linked points out that the Phipps family was “prominent” in the West Indies and that they were “found in abundance” on St. Kitts. Reference is made to six Phipps brothers who made up half of St. Kitts’s assembly in 1746.

Fairly well known was Matthew Phipps Shiel, but he wasn’t born until 1865. Wikipedia says that he was born on Montserrat and that his ethnicity was Irish and West Indian. He is well remembered today for his books and other writings.


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