Roy & Phipps & Potter: VA & NC & IN

A query referring to Ephraim Witcher says that he married “one of our Phipps” and had children in Henry County, Virginia. This is followed by a reference to Thomas Roy marrying Mary Ann Phipps in Virginia. The statement is also made that the two women, apparently Ephraim Witcher’s wife (who would be Elizabeth Fips) and Mary Ann Phipps were sisters of Littleberry Fipps or Phipps.

We’ve discussed how Littleberry, also known as Berry, ended up in Lawrence County, Indiana, as did some of the Phipps family from Ashe County, North Carolina.

Fairly extensive text in a web page which is supposed to include information on “Descendants of Hugh Roy” doesn’t display, for the most part, at least using Safari on a Mac. Looking at the HTML, however, reveals a statement that Thomas Roy was born 4 July 1793, probably in North Carolina, and that he died near Bedford, Indiana.

This is followed by the statement that Mary Ann Phipps was born 1780-1790, followed by a reference to 5 Oct 1827 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Although this data isn’t displaying properly, it would likely refer to the date of the alleged Thomas Roy marriage to Mary Ann Phipps.

The Bedford, Indiana referred to in connection with Thomas Roy is in Lawrence County, Indiana, and is a specific location associated with Ashe County, North Carolina relatives. Littleberry Phipps appears to have been in Surry County, North Carolina, then in Pulaski County, Kentucky before migrating into Lawrence County, Indiana.

Another reference to the Thomas Roy/Mary Ann Phipps marriage appears in another old query, which strangely refers to a South Carolina marriage. (Is that just an error?)

The 1827 marriage claim is echoed in a RootsWeb page, which has Thomas Roy born 4 July 1793 in Virginia, and marrying Mary Phipps 5 October 1827. Their children are listed there as William (Merrit?) Roy, Sarah Midas Roy, and Nancy Randal Roy. Much the same information appears in another “Descendants of Hugh Roy” page.

That page shows Thomas Roy as, again, born 4 July 1793 in Virginia and died sometime after November 1850 (presumably referring to a census entry) in Lawrence County, Indiana. His wife Mary Phipps is said to have been born about 1794 in Virginia and to have died after the same November 1850 data in Lawrence County.

There, the children are listed more fully as William Merritt Roy, Sarah Midas Roy, and Nancy Randal Roy, with their birthdates and with death data for William.

Not only that, but this latter page also refers to a brother of Thomas Roy named Leonard Roy. Leonard, according to this source, was born 4 July 1798 in Virginia. (Hmm. Both were born on the 4th of July but in different years?) He is said to have married another Phipps – Frances Phipps. They married, according to that page, 5 April 1823 in Pulaski County, Kentucky.

There’s the location Pulaski County, Kentucky again, and in the list of their children the name Potter shows up. We’ve been discussing the Potter connection to this family. Children of Leonard and Frances (Phipps) Roy are listed as Potter Roy, Gideon P. Roy, Brough Roy, Mary Ann Roy, and Matilda Franklin Roy.

Not only do we find the Potter name here in Potter Roy, but the less-than-common given name Gideon appears. You will recall that we’ve also discussed Gideon Potter, son of Martha (Phipps) Potter. Gideon Potter wrote of his family’s move to Pittsylvania County, Virginia and his grandfather being imprisoned and whipped just prior to the Revolution because of his religious views.

Gideon Potter also wrote of the family’s move to Indiana, and to what part of Indiana? The same Bedford in Lawrence County which is referred to above.

Various web pages, by the way, refer to Frances Phipps who married Leonard Roy as Franky Phips or Phipps. Franky or Frankey was a very common 19th century nickname for Frances.

Leonard Roy and Thomas Roy are both listed in the 1830 census in Pulaski County, Kentucky. At least Thomas is also listed there in the 1840 census.

Thomas Roy and his wife, apparently Mary Phipps, are listed in Lawrence County, Indiana in the 1850 census:

1850 Census, Perry Township, Lawrence County, Indiana, 5 November 1850, 1844/1844:

  • Thomas Roy, 57 [born about 1793], M, farmer, real estate $700, born NC
  • Mary Roy, 65 [born about 1785], F, born NC
  • Sarah Roy, 32 [born about 1818], F, born NC
  • Geo. W. Douglass, 12, M, born IN
  • Francis M. Douglass, 12, M, born IN

This is next to the household of William Roy, age 36, born in North Carolina. The following page shows the household of Leonard Roy and his wife Frances, presumably Frances (“Franky”) Phipps:

  • Leonard Roy, 52 [born about 1798], M, farmer, real estate $800, born NC
  • Frances Roy, 52 [born about 1798], F, born NC
  • Mary A. Roy, 22 [born about 1828], F, born KY

The next household after that is that of Gideon P. Roy, mentioned above, and the next household after that is that of Benjamin Potter and his wife Mary. We’ve discussed Benjamin Potter Phipps, son of Littleberry Phipps (mentioned above), but this is Benjamin Potter. He was born about 1788 in North Carolina. His wife Mary was born about 1798 in Virginia. They, in turn, were living next door to the household of 31-year-old William C. Potter.

This Benjamin Potter was presumably the person of that name who was Gideon Potter’s brother and who their mother Martha lived with after her husband Stephen Potter died.


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  1. Hello Phipps Family,
    Is any one familiar with Roy Lebo Phipps? He would be around 70 years of age. Joined the Marine Corps and married my sister, Linda Mac Kinnon, circa 1969. His grandson is trying to locate him or any information. Thanks! Brent Mac Kinnon,

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