Joseph Crispe & the Phipps Family of St. Kitts

An earlier post, which concerned the genealogical research of Henry Ramsay Phipps, referred to the notes of someone named Crisp, without further comment. This presumably pertains to what has been published as Family of Crispe: Genealogical Memoranda Illustrating the Crispe Descents and Alliances, compiled by Frederick Arthur Crisp.

This material appears to have been published in 1882. Page 65 includes the following, which is dated 1712:

“I Joseph Crisp of the parish of Christ Church Nicholas Town in the Island of St. Christophers . . . unto my daughter Mary Phipps out of the money that I hope to receive for the Losses sustained in this Island by the French Descend in the Months of February and March 1705/6,” £500 – “to my Grandson Joseph Phipps and to my Granddaughters Elizabeth Phipps Mary Phipps and Susanna Phipps Twenty thousand pounds of Muscovadoe Sugar to each of them” when 16 “and to the Child my Daughter Phipps now goeth with” if it lives to attain the same age “Twenty thousand pounds of Muscovadoe Sugar” – “to my Grandson Joseph Phipps” £20 “per Annum for three years to better his education at one of the Universities in England provided his Father sends him there” . . . . “to my dear and ever loving Wife Elizabeth Crisp one Negroe Woman named Hannah her Son Charles Daughter Mary and the Child she goes with” for life and after her decease the same “to my daughter Mary Phipps and heirs for ever” . . . . Dated 12 May 1708 – Witnesses “Jno. Davis Dan: Burchall Cte. Josh. Dusonssay” – Dated 10 May 1708 – Admon. [i.e. administration] with the Will annexed granted 21 Oct. 1712 to Samuel Ball for the use and benefit and during the absence of Joseph Crispe the son &c now living at St. Christopher’s, Elizabeth Crispe the relict having died before accepting her executrixship – On 23 Dec 1713 the said Will was proved by Joseph Crispe junr. the son &c, the Grant in Oct 1712 having ceased and expired by reason of the said Joseph’s return to Great Britain.

The Minutes of the Council of St. Christophers for 2 Oct 1683 refer to Joseph Crispe and James Phipps among those who were appointed as representatives “for a General Assembly of the Leeward Islands.” Capt. Joseph Crispe and Capt. James Phipps are both included under St. Christopher’s in a list of the officers of the Leeward Islands dated 30 Dec 1685 in British colonial state papers.

Also of related interest is a section of Caribbeana: Being Miscellaneous Papers Relating to the History, Genealogy, Topography, and Antiquities of the British West Indies, ed. by Vere Langford Oliver (1912), which presents a considerable amount of information from 18th century wills in its section headed “Phipps of St. Kitts.” This material appears on pages 358-364. The opening refers to H.R. (Henry Ramsay) Phipps:

“Major H. R. Phipps, R.A., having lately received from the Registrar’s Office of St. Kitts several wills, abstracts of these are now given. This additional information, of course, materially alters the tentative pedigree which appeared in Vol. I, p. 68 – (Ed.)”

This material from this public domain book can be freely accessed in Internet Archive via this link.


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