Fannie Rhea and Joshua Phipps

From Zella Armstrong, comp., Notable Southern Families, Vol. 2 (Chattanooga, TN: The Lookout Publishing Co., 1922)

p. 272: “Joseph Rhea II (1762-1825), son of Rev. Joseph Rhea and Elizabeth (McIlwaine) Rhea. He married (1789) at Abingdon, Virginia, Frances Breden (1764-1850). ‘Joseph Rhea and wife, Frances, reared their family in a house which he erected, in 1800, on Back Creek, Sullivan County, three-fourths of a mile from where his father located on Beaver Creek. . . ”

p. 281: Their daughter “Fannie Rhea (1799-1850), married (1825) Jonathan Bachman, and had children: . . . (2) Ann Peoples Bachman (1827-1901), who married three times: First Joshua Phipps; Second Rev. C. Waterbury; Third, — Lyons. By her first husband she had one child: Joshua McKinney Phipps (1853-), who married Mary McKinney, and had children: (a) Annie Phipps (1881-), (married Samuel Lee King. Children: Samuel Lee King II, J. Phipps, John G. and Charles Logan); (b) Charles McKinney Phipps (1877-), (married Annie Sevier Morrison. Children: Mary McKinney, and Margaret Sevier); (c) Kenneth Logan Phipps; (d) James Gaines Phipps (1881-), (married Mabel Sevier Morrison. Children: Kenneth Logan and James Gaines Phipps II); (e) Mary Phipps; (f) Joshua McKinney Phipps II; (g) Fannie Phipps (1889-), (married Arthur S. Cosler. One child: Arthur S. Cosler); . . . . ”

According to unverified sources, Joshua McKinney Phipps was born 25 Feb 1853 at Rotherwood, Kingsport, Tennessee. His father Joshua Phipps was 24 Feb 1802 at Hawkins County, Tennessee. The reference above to Sullivan County can be explained in that Kingsport is mostly in Sullivan County, with part in Hawkins County, and with Rotherwood being in Hawkins County.


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