Jemima, Widow of William Phipps

Here is a bit more on the line of William Phipps, killed by Indians 1745 (who has been previously discussed) and his wife Jemima, who eventually became Jemima Tute. This is from John W. Jordan, Genealogical and Personal History of the Allegheny Valley, Pennsylvania. Vol. 3, New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1913:

[p. 1040:] “The Howe Line.

“The history of this family, as shown in the ‘History of Northfield, Massachusetts,’ is a most interesting one. The immigrant ancestor, John How, or Howe, came over from Sudbury, England, and settled in what is now the town of Sudbury, Massachusetts, in 1638. He removed to Marlboro in 1657, where he became a leading citizen, dying May 28, 1680, at the age of seventy-eight years. He married Mary –, who died in the year 1698; among other children they had a son Samuel.”

The second generation is then discussed, which involved a Samuel Howe, born 1642, who married Sarah (Leavitt) Clapp. Their son Nehemiah, born 1693, and his wife Margaret Willard, formed the third generation. The fourth generation was that of Caleb Howe:

“Caleb, son of Nehemiah and Margaret (Willard) Howe, was born in the year 1724; he lived near Bridgman’s Fort, and was in Captain Phineas Stevens’ company, 1746-49. He was a sergeant at Number 4, and wrote Captain Stevens an account of the attack on that place June 20, 1749, when Ensign Sawtelle was killed and a son of the captain taken; he was mortally wounded by Indians June 27, 1755, when Fort Bridgman was taken and its occupants carried into captivity in Canada. He died the next morning at Hinsdell’s Fort and was buried a short distance to the northeast of it, where his gravestone may still be seen. In 1746 he married Jemima, daughter of Josiah Sawtelle, and widow of William Phipps, who was killed by the Indians at Great Meadow, on July 5, 1745. She was captured when the fort was taken, and with her seven children carried to Canada; with three of her [p. 1041:] children she was redeemed and brought home before 1760 by Colonel Schuyler. She afterwards returned to Canada and recovered her second daughter, Submit Phipps, born in 1736, married, November 22, 1755, to Nathan Willard; she died in 1781. Mary Phipps, the oldest daughter, was carried to France, where she married Crom Lewis, a Frenchman. Mrs. Howe married (third) Amos Tute, and died March 7, 1805, at the age of eighty-two years. The children of Caleb and Jemima Howe were: 1. William, born 1747. 2. Moses, born 1749. 3. Squire, mentioned further. 4. Caleb, born 1753. 5. A son, born 1755, who died in Canada, March, 1756.”


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