Eugene Phipps’s Life Rendered Intolerable by Wife

A few posts ago we focused on Eugene L. Phipps, who was born about 1834 in Massachusetts. He was a leading merchant of Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri in the 1880s. An earlier post included a biography from The History of Pettis County, Missouri (1882) which says that Eugene was born 17 Dec 1834 in Framingham, Massachusetts.

Although a census claimed that his parents were both born in Virginia, that biography says that his parents were both born in the same town as Eugene, as was his grandfather.

Here is more about, evidently, that same Eugene L. Phipps:

From the Sedalia Weekly Bazoo, Sedalia, Missouri, Tues., 8 Aug 1882, p. 5:

Woes of Wedlock
Some Cases of Married Misery in Sedalia as Shown by the Records of the Circuit Court. . . .


Plaintiff, E. L. Phipps, says that his wife, Helen Phipps, the defendant, renders his life intolerable by her violent and unreasonable conduct and asks to be relieved from the bonds of wedlock contracted with her.

Obituary: John Preston Phipps, Owen Co., Indiana

From The Owen Leader, Spencer, Indiana, 25 June 1919, p. 4:

Pres Phipps Dead

John Preston Phipps, about 70 years old, for years living near Freedom, died Monday morning at 7 o’clock from liver trouble, having been a sufferer for a long time. His wife died two years ago. He is survived by a brother and a sister. Funeral services will be held today and interment made in Hicks cemetery.

William Phipps, Born Butler County, Pennsylvania

The following is miscellaneous genealogical data extracted from the pension claim of Caroline M. Jenkins, widow of William Phipps, on the basis of his Civil War service:

William Phipps:

  • Born about 1833 (age 29 at enlistment) Butler County, Pennsylvania
  • Brother of Samuel H. Phipps who was born 19 Feb 1826 and who resided Morgan County, Ohio 12 Aug 1901
  • Married Miss Caroline Matilda Grimes 18 Aug 1862 Noble County, Ohio by George Rhodes, Justice of the Peace
  • Children: None
  • Military service: Sergeant/Corporal, Company E, 92nd Ohio Volunteers
  • Mustered in 10 Sep 1862
  • Farmer, brown eyes, black hair, dark complexion, height 6’ 2 3/4”
  • Died at home in Carter Township, Noble County, Ohio “of wounds rcd in Battle of Buzzard Roost Ga,” also described as “effects of a wound received in Battle of Tunnel Hill, Georgia,” 1 May 1864

Spouse: Caroline Matilda (Grimes) (Phipps) Jenkins:

  • Born 9 Apr 1836 near Brownsville, Pennsylvania
  • Remarried 24 Apr 1872 to David L. Jenkins, Noble County, Ohio, by Rev. Milton Squibb
  • Resided Sarahsville, Center Township, Noble County, Ohio 18 Jun 1864
  • Resided Meigs, Morgan County, Ohio 16 Apr 1901
  • Died 6 May 1923

Samuel Phipps of Ashe County: Testimony at Age 92

Samuel Phipps was born about 1760-1763, according to his testimony in Revolutionary War pension applications on behalf of Martin Gambill and Thomas Baker. The 1850 census says he was born about 1762 in North Carolina. The late John Mullins, in his book The Phipps Family of NC and VA, asserts that Samuel Phipps was “Born 1762 probably in Orange County,” but this appears to be conjecture.

One of the Revolutionary War pension affidavits containing testimony from Samuel is included in the pension claim of  Molly Baker, widow of  Thomas Baker. That affidavit, in attestation by justice of the peace James Gambill contains the interesting remark that Samuel was a “member of the church,” information that doesn’t seem to appear elsewhere.

State of North Carolina
Ashe County

Be it known that on the 22 day of July. A D 1852 personally appeared before the subscriber a Justice of the peace in and for the county and state aforesaid Samuel Phipps aged ninty [sic; ninety] two years old [b. abt 1760] who being duly sworn according to law depotheth [sic; deposeth] and say [sic; sayeth] as follows This affiant s[?]ars [sic; swears?] that he was well acquainted with Thomas Baker deceased the husborn [sic; husband] of Molly his widow the present appliant [sic; affiant or applicant?] for a pension and know [sic; knows] that said Thomas Baker Baker [sic; Thomas Baker deceased did served [sic; served or did service] in the service [sic] of the revolutionary war. for this affiant was with said Thomas Baker in [such?] service in said war time after time [sic] showing of the officers [sic] under whom said Thomas served when the [?]ies [sic; looks like t(smudge)tories] was [our?] said Thomas was of Captain William Nall [sic; Nall’s] Company and this affiant swars [sic; swears] that said Thomas is the Identical person spaking [sic; spoken] of by Mrs Molly Baker as this affiant knows that said Thomas was in several engaguements [sic; engagements] againest [sic; against] the tories in said war and according to the best of my recol[?] [sic; recollection?] he was in in [sic; in] said service eighteen month [sic; months] at best in said war and the affiant well recollect [sic; recollects] in the date seventeen hundred and Eighty that Thomas Baker [died?] and his wife Molly was living together as husborn [sic; husband] and wife and at that time it was the general practice to Marry by publication in the county and state aforesaid

Sworn and subscribed to on the day and date above written

Samuel his X mark Phipps

James Gambill J P

State of North Carolina
County of Ashe

Be it known that I James Gambill a justice of the peace in and for the county and state aforesaid do hereby certify that Samuel Phipps is a respectable [? (looks like “al”)] man of our County and is a respectable member of the church and that his statement is well deserving of credit on his oath or other wise given from under my hand and seal this 22nd of July A D 1852

James Gambill J P

Testimony of William Phipps of Maryland and Kentucky

William Phipps was born about 1757 according to his tombstone, which gives his age at death at 88. He died 27 Dec 1845 and is buried in Ohio County, Kentucky. He was the husband of Henrietta (Addington) Phipps. They were the father of John Phipps, born 28 June 1792 according to his obituary.

John was presumably the Justice of the Peace who witnessed the testimony of William Phipps in 1838 on behalf of William Cooper’s widow Polly. She was submitting a pension claim based on her late husband’s Revolutionary War service. William Phipps had known William Cooper, and testified regarding their marriage.

William was 80 years old at the time, which meant that he was born about 1757. That provides exactly the same age as his age at death which appeared a few years later on his tombstone.

The deposition of William Phipps taken in Hartford Ohio County Kentucky on the 8th day of December 1838[.] This deponent being first duly Sworn according to Law Deposeth and sayeth, that he is Eighty Years-old past that he has resided in the county of Ohio State of Kentucky for the last Forty-Years and that previous thereto he resided in the State of Maryland That he was will [sic; well] acquainted with William Cooper and Polly his wife in the state of Maryland and believes they were legally married and that this deponant [sic; deponent] has lived near to the said William Cooper Nearly forty years and was intimately and will [sic; well] acquainted with him and his wife Polly, and that for many years before the death of Said William Cooper I believe and always understood he drew a pension from the United States for his service as a Soldier of the Revolution, and that the said William Cooper died in Ohio County on the Second or third days of July 1836 and that the said Polly Cooper is the widow of said William Cooper and that she is now living in this County and that since the death of said William Cooper which took place as above, (viz) on the 2nd or 3rd days of July 1836, the said Polly Cooper has remained a widow, ever since

William his X mark Phipps . . .

State of Kentucky
County of Ohio S.S.

I John Phipps a Magistrate of the county above named do hereby certify that the Depositions foregoing, of William Phipps and William L Barnard were taken Sworn to and Subscribed in Hartford Ohio County Kentucky on the 8th day of December 1838, and do further certify that the William Phipps and William L Barnard are both persons of Respectability and truth and as such to be relied on, Given under my hand this 8th day of December 1838

John Phipps J.P.

Eugene Phipps, Sedalia, Missouri Merchant

Eugene L. Phipps was born about 1834 in Massachusetts, but his parents were born in Virginia, according to the 1880 census. That census shows him as living on Broadway in Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri, where he was a merchant. In that census, his wife is shown as H.H. Phipps.

Phipps remarried in 1886, to a Mrs. Elizabeth Butler. The wedding occurred in St. Louis. The wedding was covered by the local Sedalia paper, the Weekly Bazoo.

From the Sedalia Weekly Bazoo, Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri, Tues., 9 Feb 1886, p. 5:


The wedding of Mr. Eugene L. Phipps, the well-known and prosperous merchant of this city, and Mrs. Elizabeth Butler, formerly of this city, late of 1115 Washington avenue, St. Louis, took place at the First Unitarian church, St. Louis, at 5 p. m., last Thursday evening. The ceremony was performed by the rector of the church, Rev. John Snyder, D. D. Mr. and Mrs. Phipps left directly after the ceremony for Boston, where they will visit Mr. Phipps’ mother and other relatives for a few weeks. They will then return to Sedalia and will make their home here. Among the guests precent [sic; present] at the wedding was Mr. D. I. Holcomb, of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Phipps’ friends in this city will congratulate them in their new relation.

1880 Census, Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri, 7 June 1880, p. 22, 192, on Broadway:

  • E.L. Phipps, WM, 46 [b. born 1834], married, grocer, b. MA, father b. VA, mother b. VA
  • H.H. Phipps, WF, 36 [b. abt 1844], wife, married, keeping house, NY “Frankfort” NY
  • F.W. Phipps, WM, 16 [b. abt 1864], son, single, at school, NY MA NY
  • C.M. Phipps, WM, 12 [b. abt 1868], son, single, at school, NY MA NY
  • L.E. Phipps, WM, 6 [b. abt 1874], son, single, MA MA NY
  • Clem Jones, BM, 26, single, servant, could not read or write, MO [no data for parents]
  • Sophia Nighsett, WF, 25, single, servant, MO Germany Germany

Sons of McCamy Phipps, Jr., Washington County, Indiana

McCamy Phipps, Jr. was born about 1867 in Indiana according to the 1870 and 1880 censuses. He was a son of McCamy and Sarah Ann (Turner) Phipps. The elder McCamy was born about 1830 in Indiana according to the 1860 and 1880 censuses, and according to the 1863 draft registration.

The 1860 census shows the elder McCamy Phipps living in Brown Township, Washington County, Indiana, with post office at Campbellsburg. In the 1863 Civil War draft registration he is listed as McCamy Phipps on 8 July 1863 in Brown Township. He was described as white, married, born in Indiana, and age 33.

The 1870 census shows him in the same township on 6 June 1870, where he is listed as McC. Phipps. He is listed as McCamy Phipps in the same township in the census on 2 June 1880.

McCamy Phipps, Sr. left a will in Washington County, Indiana dated 1 July 1880, according to Davis, Abstracts of Wills of Washington County, Indiana, 1971, pp. 29-30. That will was probated 5 Aug 1880.

His father is said to have been Sampson Phipps, born about 1785-1795 in Virginia, died 1840 Washington County, Indiana. McCamy might be the “McKinney” mentioned in a transcribed guardian record for Sampson.

Since the older of the two individuals named McCamy Phipps died in 1880, presumably in Washington County, the following very negative article must pertain to sons of the younger McCamy:

From the Indiana State Sentinel, Indianapolis, 10 Feb 1874, p. 3:

Horrible Outrage.
More Outlawry – The Ways of Evil Doers in Washington County.
(From an Occasional Correspondent of the Sentinel)

SALEM, Ind., Feb. 4 – Near Campbellsburg, in Washington county, lives one Hugh Henry and his wife, both of whom are reported not over bright – and Mrs. Henry’s reputation for chastity is also not over good – measured by report. On last Saturday night, about eight or nine o’clock, one Alonzo Neyman and two boys by the name of Phipps, (sons of McCaney Phipps a prominent citizen of this county. Neyman’s father is a practicing physician in good standing in his community) went to the house of Henry and knocked for admittance which was refused, it appears by Henry himself, whereupon they broken down the door with a rail; when; it seems, Henry got out and went to Campbellsburg, a distance of about half a mile, for assistance; he returned as soon as possible with several parties, but too late to prevent the outrage upon his wife. A brother-in-law of Henry got to the house before Henry’s return armed with a gun – and is said to have seen the Phipps boys and Neyman at or near the house. Mrs. Henry’s relation is in substance as follows: After Henry left the house they attacked her, and in the scuffle tore down a b[e]dstead, and finally dragged her from the house, when two of them held her while the other one perpetrated the horrible outrage of rape upon her person. They were arrested and taken before C. Prow, Esq., at Campbellsburg, on Monday, for examination, when they filed an affidavit for a change of venue and the case was sent to Frank Horner, a Justice of the Peace of Brown township, and the hearing set for the 13th inst. [i.e. the 13th of the same month]