F.H. Phipps of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

F.H. Phipps died on 10 Apr 1902 at his home at 317 N. 14th Street in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The funeral was held 12 Apr 1902 and he was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Services were held by the Masonic lodge. (Source: “The Phipps Funeral,” Cedar Rapids Sunday Republican, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sun., 13 Apr 1902, p. 7.)

This would appear to be the Francis H. Phipps who is listed in Find A Grave. There it’s said that he was born 1828 and died 1902 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Cedar Rapids. No tombstone is provided, however, so we have no way of knowing if that information comes from the tombstone.

James Phipps of Illinois, Born About 1798

Some early Phipps individuals were found in burials in Cumberland County, Illinois. James Phipps was born about 1798, and died in 1873.

Margaret J. Phipps is also buried there and is said to have been his wife; a crack formed across her birthdate on her tombstone, but the claim is that she was born 16 Mar 1800 and died 11 Dec 1877.

From tombstones in Ryan Cemetery, Diona, Cumberland Co., IL:

Oct. 14, 1873
75 Y’rs 1 Mo.
& 23 D’s.

DIED Dec. [unreadable due to crack]
77 Y’rs 8 Mo.
& 25 D’s.

The name James Phipps appears among grand jurors in the first Cumberland County court in Greenup (Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois, Chicago: F.A. Battey & Co., 1884, p. 140). The year is not indicated, but evidently it was in or around 1849.

William Phips: 1st Native-Born American to be Knighted

William Phips was the first native-born American to be knighted. Sir William was born in Arrowsic, across the river across the river from Bath, Maine, according to an article titled “First Native American Knighted.” That article, subtitled “Sir William Phipps Born in Arrowsic Had the Honor and Secured a Sunken Treasure,” was published on 7 Sep 1907 in the Bath Independent of Bath, Maine.

Preston & Nancy Phipps of West Virginia

The tombstone of Nancy Phipps, buried in Danville, Boone County, West Virginia, is pictured in Find A Grave. She was born 18 Oct 1819 and died 26 Sep 1912. Also pictured is the tombstone in the same cemetery for P.M. Phipps. He was born 15 Jan 1826 and died 13 Apr 1902, according to the tombstone photo. Added are various details, such as his full name as Preston M. Phipps, and the claim that he was born in Ashe County, North Carolina, the husband of the Nancy previous mentioned. No supporting documentation is provided, however. The claim is made that he was a son of Joseph F. Phipps/”Martha Patsy” White. (Patsy was simply a common period nickname for Martha.)

In this case, however, we do know enough about Preston to determine that this is, indeed, his grave. He died 13 Apr 1902 at Danville, Boone Co., WV according to the Boone County Register of Deaths. The Register gives his burial date as the 14th. One of the oral history “Pioneer Recollections” by Sutherland recalls that he moved from North Carolina to Logan County, West Virginia, and that he was a son of Joseph Phipps/Patsy White. The census on 10 June 1860 shows him as Preston M. Phipps, farmer, living in Logan County, Virginia (later West Virginia), living with Nancy. The marriage to Nancy is also mentioned in the “Pioneer Recollections.”

Phipps Individuals of Bartholomew Co., Indiana

The funeral of William Phipps was discussed on page 8 of the Weekly Times in Columbus, Indiana on 1 Jan 1897. Columbus is in Bartholomew County. William was 78 years old, so must have been born about 1819. He died of dropsy at his home in Garden City on 28 Jan 1897. Garden City is also in the same county. The funeral was held 30 Jan 1897 with burial in “city cemetery.”

Find A Grave does not include that burial, but does include another Bartholomew County burial. That’s Isom H. Phipps, M.D., which is how his name appears on his tombstone. He was born 24 Nov 1866 and died 31 May 1950, according to a tombstone photo. Also included in the page is a cemetery record which says that his residence was at Odin, Illinois. Odin is in Marion County.

The name Isom, which frequently recurs among Phipps families and associated families of Southwest Virginia and Northwest North Carolina, suggests that this could have been an individual with ancestry in that area. That hunch was born out when a quick census search showed him to apparently be the son of Francis M. and Sarah J. Phipps of Lawrence County, Indiana.

U.S. Phipps: Railroad Conductor

U.S. Phipps was a railroad conductor for the Illinois Central railroad. He was killed at 8:20 pm on 2 Jan 1906, about three miles northeast of Carbondale, Illinois, while conducting a freight train. Phipps had lived in what an obituary called “this city” (apparently Carbondale, Illinois) for at least 6 years, and worked for Illinois Central the entire time.

He was also a member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, the Odd Fellows the Rebekah lodge. He left a wife, two daughters (14 and 8), and a son (age 12). Phipps was buried at Greenup, Cumberland County, described as the family’s “former home.” The funeral was held on Chestnut Street in Greenup, at Phipps’s home. Source: “Killed Under His Train,” The Daily Free Press, Carbondale, Illinois, Wed., 3 Jan 1906, p. 3.

The funeral for the same individual is discussed in an undated newspaper article appearing in the same paper on 4 Jan 1906, p. 4.

Mary Phipps of Essex Co., NY, Wife of Azel Abel

Excerpts from the Vermont Revolutionary War pension application file associated with the service of Azel Abel:

“State of New York
“County of Essex ss. On this Twenty fourth day of March A.D. One thousand Eight hundred and Fifty five personally appeared before me, a Justice of the peace duly authorized by law to Administer oaths within and for the County and State aforesaid Mary Abell aged Seventy five years a resident of the town of Elizabethtown, in the County of Essex and State of New York, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that she is the widow of Azel Abell, deceased, who was a private of the Connecticut Militia, War of the Revolution; that the said Azel Abel was placed on the pension list . . . on the 22d day of September 1833 . . . . She further states that she was married to the said Azel Abell in Granville, Washington County, in the State of New York, sometime in the year One thousand Eight hundred as she verily believes that she does not now recollect at what particular time in said year she was married; nor by whom the marriage was solemnized – that her name before her said marriage was Mary Phipps; that her said husband died at Elizabethtown, in the County of Essex and State of New York – on the 17th day of September 1833 . . . that she has not again married, but is ow a widow and the widow of the said Azel Abell, deceased . . . . “

[from typed letter to individual requesting records:] ”  . . . it appears that Azel Abell or Abel was born July 9, 1764 in Norwich, Connecticut. . . . Soldier’s first wife (her name not stated) died in the spring of 1797 at Orwell, Rutland County, Vermont, and he married June 21, 1792 at Granville, Washington County, New York, Mary or Polly Phipps or Fipps. He died September 17, 1833 at Elizabethtown, New York, and she was allowed pension on her application executed November 22, 1848, while a resident of said Elizabethtown, aged seventy years. Soldier had children by both wives, only names stated being – Oliver, first wife’s child, was fifty-seven years old in 1848; and James, second wife’s child, who was forty-nine years old in 1848. . . . . “

“State of New York
“Washington County ss. Asa Reynolds of Granville in the County and State aforesaid being duly sworn doth depose and Say That the Deponent was well acquainted with Azel Abel . . . I was also acquainted with Mary Phipps who also resided in the said Town of Orwell for as much as four years previous to the death of the wife of the said Azel Abel, which said Mary Phipps was then a girl Seventeen or Eighteen years old. That Deponent removed to and resided in the Town of Granville in the County of Washington and State of New York in the year Seventen Hundred and Ninety three in the Latter part of the [Winter?] and resided in what is now called Middle Granville That in the month of June in the year Seventeen Hundred and ninety three and Deponent bellieves in the forepart of the month . . . The said Azel Abel and the said Mary Phipps Called at his house and after some conversation Engaged for a Magistrate, that Deponent Enquired of them for What purpose they Wanted One, when said Abel informed him they wanted one to tie a Knot for them, That Deponent went with them at their Invitation to the House of One Daniel Curtiss who resided but a Short distance from Deponents – in Granville aforesaid and who was at the time an Acting Justice of the Peace in and for the said Town of Granville, and That after Makeing Known to the said Justice Curtiss the Object of their Visit & introducing said Azel Abel & said Mary Phipps to him they all went into the House and the said Justice then and there in the Presence of this Deponent and in the Presence of said Justices wife and one of his children Married the said Azel Abel to the said Mary Phipps. That they Staid at the House of Deponent That night and started for house on the next morning [soon?] after Breakfast. That he Deponent S[?] said Azel Abel and his said wife but [then?] afterward which was about six months after their said marriage when Deponent Called on them at Orwell aforesaid and Deponent has since learned that Said Azel Abels after removing to the State of New York obtained a Pension and also that he is now Dead. Deponent further says That the said Daniel Curtiss the said Justice of the Peace is Dead, and has been for some years, and that he does not Know that any member of his family are living at this time his wife is also dead. And Deponent does not Know any thing about whether he Kept any Record of Said Marriage or not or what has become of his old Justices Dockets & Records and further Deponent s[aith?] not
“[signed:] Asa Reynolds
“Subscribed and sworn to before me this [30?] day of April A D 1847. . . . “

“State of New York
“Essex County ss. George Vaughan being duly sworn . . . That Deponent first became Acquainted with Azel Abell & Mary Abells his then wife and who is now a widow and the above Applicant for a Pension in the Year 1805. That they then Resided at Elizabethtown in the County of Essex and State of New York and Kept a Publick House. That they had Children but deponent does not Know the ages of Said Children at that time. That the Said Azel Abel, and the Said Mary Abel did at that time, live together as Husband & Wife. . . . “
“[signed:] george vaughan
“Subscribed & Sworn to before Me Nov 23d 1848 . . . . “

“State of New York
“Essex County ss. On this 27th day of November A D 1848 . . . Personally appeared Oliver Abel a Resident of the Town of Elizabethtown in the county of Essex & State of New York . . . who . . . is the son of Azel Abel who is now deceased. That he is aged 57 years That he resided & lived with his said Father in the Town or Orwell in the County of [?] and State of Vermont in the years 1797 and 1798 that Deponents mother died at Owell aforesaid in the Spring of 1797 the precise day deponent cannot recollect only by the Record of her Death Kept by and in the hand writing of his Father the late Azel Abel That Deponent was About Six years old when his mother died That Mary Abel the foregoing Declarant was then living in his said Fathers House and that some time in the Spring or Summer of the next year after the Death of Deponents mother – his Father and the said Mary Abel who was then Known and Called Polly Fipps went away from home and said they were going to Granvill – That on their Return home they both informed Deponent & his sisters that they were Married at Granville in the County of Washington while they had been gone by One Daniel Curtiss a Justice of the Peace – That Deponent from that time to this date has always recognized & treated the said Mary Abel as his Step mother. Deponent resided in his Fathers family – After they removed from the said Town of Orwell to Elizabethtown Essex County New York and has always lived near them to the day of the Death of his Said Father and resides within a Short distance of the Said Mary Abel . . . . That James Abel was the first and oldest child born of the said Mary Abel after her Marriage to Deponents Father and Deponent and the Said James were brought up together, that the Said James Abel is now Forty nine years of age . . . . “
“[signed:] Oliver Abel
“Subscribed and Sworn to this 27th day of November 1848 . . . . “