An Obituary: Angeline (Scott) Phipps

From Owen County Democrat, Spencer, Indiana, Thurs., Nov. 8, 1917, p. 4:


GraveAngeline (Scott) Phipps, daughter of Frank and Malinda Scott (deceased), was born in Owen county, Ind., Aug. 3, 1856 and departed this life Sunday, Oct. 28, 1917, at eleven o’clock p. m. being at the time of her death 61 years, 2 months and 25 days old. She was possessed with a disposition that she never cared to be from home, so her early life was spent on the old home place doing in her own sweet way what she could to make life pleasant for her father and mother. On March 29, 1887 the death angel entered the home and the father was called into Eternity. This left she and her mother to battle the trials of life alone, but she never gave up. She remained faithful to her mother and these two hand in hand fought the battles of that day until Nov. 27, 1892, when she was united in marriage to J. P. Phipps.

She was a faithful and true companion to her husband and they walked together side by side for almost twenty-five years. She had been afflicted for several years with what was thought to be rheumatism, but not serious. She kept gradually getting worse for the last few weeks and on Thursday, Oct. 3 she took to her bed and was never able to be up after that. The family physician was called, but all in vain. All that willing hands and loving hearts could do to relieve this dear one was done, but of no avail. For almost four long weeks she suffered, but patiently bore it all without a murmur. She never united with any church, but she put her entire trust in Him that doeth all things well. During her sickness her one desire was that she could get able to wait on herself. She said that she had prayed for the Lord to give her strength to use her arm, which she had lost the use of, and her prayer had been answered. She wanted to get well so she could help carry on her work, but when she realized she could not last long she said she was ready to go, so we feel that her spirit has gone above to dwell with Him in that mansion not made by hands.

Her trials and troubles are over and she is at rest but the home is so lonely without her. Her place at the table is vacant and her chair by the old fireplace is empty and can never be filled. The fire does not seem to burn so brightly, and all has lost its charm without her. All is so lonely and especialy [sic; especially] the husband, for she has just gone on a little while before him. It will be but a moments [sic; moment’s] notice compared to the years of Eternity they will spend together in that beautiful land where there is not parting or tears, but where peace and joy abound for ever and ever.

She leaves to mourn their loss a broken hearted husband, one sister, Mrs. A. J. Hicks, of Freedom, one brother, Thomas J. Scott, of Switz City, and a host of relatices [sic; relatives] and friends, but their loss is her eternal gain.

The funeral services were conducted fom [sic; from] the family home Tuesday by Rev. M. E. Mast, of Freedom, and the remains were laid to rest in the Hicks cemetery to await the Resurrection morn.

’Tis hard to break the tender cord,
When love has bound the heart.
’Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words
Must we forever part?
Dearest loved one we have laid thee
In the peaceful graves [sic; grave’s] embrace.
But they memory will be cherished,
’Til we see thy heavenly face.

H.M. Phipps: A 1914 Auction, Owen County, Indiana

A likely candidate for the H.M. Phipps of the following sale ad is Herschel Matthew Phipps. He was born about 1871 and is said to have died in 1954. He is buried at Freedom, Owen County, Indiana. His parents were George Washington Hamilton Phipps (called Washington H. Phipps) and Louisa (Morris) (Leak) Phipps.

The reason for the sale might have been that Herschel moved to South Dakota for a time. He was living there when his father died, according to his father’s obituary. From the Owen County Democrat, Spencer, Owen County, Indiana, Thurs., Feb. 5, 1914, p. 5

Public Sale.

The undersigned will offer at public auction at his farm, one and one-half miles south of Arney and four miles west of Freedom, on Monday Feb. 16, the following personal property: Two mares 3 years old, one 2 year-old horse, one horse 8 years old, one registered black Percheron stallion 6 years old, one cow 3 years old, one cow 4 years old, one cow 11 years old, calf by side, one McCormick mower, two harrows, one surrey, one buggy, one sled, hay and straw in mow, about 100 bushels corn in crib, sugar buckets, two pans and barrels, some household goods and many other articles too numerous to mention.

Terms of Sale – Sums of $5 and under cash in hand; on sums over $5 a credit of 6 months without interest if paid when due; if not paid when due 8 per cent interest to be charged from date of sale. All notes to be bankable. All property must be settled for before removed. 5 per cent off for cash.

H. M. Phipps.

B. F. Peacher, Auctioneer.
My farm of 95 acres is for rent.

Daniel & Elizabeth Phipps of Upshur County, West Virginia

An 1866 affidavit on behalf of Catharine Borough, widow of Jacob Borough, was signed by Elizabeth Phipps and witnessed by Daniel and George Phipps. This affidavit was submitted as a part of a pension claim.

Elizabeth Phipps was said to be 50 years old at the time, so born about 1816, and a resident of Upshur County, West Virginia.

Death records refer to James K. Phipps, son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Pringle) Phipps. James was born in 1849 and died in 1930 in Upshur County.

Another record pertains to Anna Phipps, a child who died in 1861, with Daniel and Elizabeth Phipps listed as her parents. Anna also died in Upshur County.

A later Daniel was born about 1879 and died in childhood in 1881 in Upshur County.

George Phipps, who could have been the George who witnessed the affidavit, was born about 1832 and died in 1927 in Upshur County at the age of 89.

Here is the affidavit:

STATE OF West Virginia

On this 24 day of December, 1866, personally appeared before me, a Justice of the Peace in and for the County and State aforesaid, Elizabeth Phipps aged 50 years, a resident of Upshur County County [sic], and State of West virginia, to me well known, who I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, who being duly sworn, does on oath declare that she was well acquainted with Catharine Borough, the wife of Jacob Borough, deceased, late a Private in Company E, 4th Regiment of West Va. Vol Cavalry, also well acquainted with the said Jacob Borough.

That the said Jacob Borough left surviving him only the following named children under sixteen years of age, their names, and date of birth are as follows, viz:

George L Borough Born March 10th 1860
David H Borough “ January 31” 1862
Mary Ellen Borough “ September 15th 1864

That she was in attendance at the birth of Mary Ellen Borough from which fact she is positive as to the date of her birth. She further declares that she has no interest in this claim in any way whatever, and that her Post-Office address is French Creek Upshur. County West. Va
Elizabeth her X mark Phipps
Daniel Phipps
George Phipps

Subscribed and sworn before me this 24 day of December, 1866, and I certify that I have no interest in this claim in any way whatever. And that the affidavit was read to the affiant before signing and she assented to the same
Ashley Gould, J. P . . .

From West Virginia death certificate:

  • Name: James K. Phipps
  • Status: White married, farmer, male
  • Birth: 9 Jan 1849 West Virginia
  • Death: 29 Sep 1930, Route 1, French Creek, Weade District, Upshur County, West Virginia
  • Age at death: 81-8-20
  • Burial: 1 Oct 1930 Waterloo Cemetery, French Creek, West Virginia
  • Father: Daniel Phipps, born Massachusetts
  • Mother: Elizabeth Pringle, born unknown
  • Spouse: Sarah E. Phipps
  • Informant: S.D. Phipps, Route 1, French Creek, West Virginia

From Upshur County, West Virginia death record book, 1861, p. 13:

  • Line number: 86
  • Name in full: Anna Phipps
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of death: 1 Nov 1861 [born about 1858]
  • Place of death: Upshur County
  • Cause of death: Putrid sore [throat?]
  • Age: 3 years, 9 mos.
  • Names of parents: Daniel & Elizabeth Phipps
  • Where born: Upshur County
  • Informant: Elizabeth Phipps, mother

From Upshur County, West Virginia death record book, 1881, p. 46:

  • Line number: 26
  • Name in full: Daniel Phipps
  • Race: White
  • Date of death: 1 June 1881 [so born about 1879]
  • Place of death: Upshur County
  • Cause of death: Measles
  • Age: 2
  • Names of parents: Geo. & M. Phipps
  • Where born: Randolph Co., VA
  • Informant: Phipps, father

From Upshur County, West Virginia death record book, 1927, p. 132:

  • Line number: 17
  • Name: George Phipps
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of death: 1 July 1927
  • Place of birth: West Virginia
  • Cause of death: Paralysis
  • Age: 89 years, 7 mos., 22 days [so born 1832]
  • Occupation: Farmer
  • Spouse or unmarried: Widower
  • Informant: G.O. Brown, physician

Hire of Slaves, 1851, Craven County, North Carolina

A Craven County, North Carolina document is labeled in the following way:

Hire of slaves of Lafayette Phipps

Craven County Court
March term
Returned & Registered
in book No. 6 folio
90 May 27, 1852
J. G. [?]ly

The other side of the document reads as follows:

Hire of Negro Slaves, bloning [sic; belonging] to Lafayette Phipps by Sarah Rigg Executor of James Riggs for the year 1852

Decr 27

Allen Negro Boy – C. V. Levan – 4.00
Holland “ Girl – C. V Levan – 5.00
[total:] 9.00

December 27 – 1851
Sarah Riggs

Estate of Preston Phipps, Alleghany Co., NC

Voluminous materials fill the estate file of Preston Phipps, an 1892 Alleghany County, North Caroline file. That file includes the following newspaper ad clipping (from the Alleghany Star):

North Carolina.
Alleghany county.
I have this day qualified as the Administrator of Preston Phipps dec’d, and all persons who have claims or demands against his said estate will present them to me for settlement and payment, on or by the 25th day of Feb. 1893, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. This Feb. 22nd, 1892.
W. C. Fields.
Adm’r of Preston Phipps.

Several documents in the file refer to Jane as being Preston’s widow. A document in the file, dated 8 May 1895, reads in part:

 . . . That Preston Phipps of said County died in said County in 189[blank] and left surviving him as his hiers [sic; heirs] at law, his children A F Phipps, J. C. Phipps, P. C. Phipps, M. L. Phipps his sons and Ruth Phipps, S. A. Edwards who prior to the death of her father had married Starling Edwards, and Nelly Vaughan who prior to her fathers death had married A. J. Vaughan his daughters, all of whom are over 21 years of age . . .

. . . That all of said hiers [sic; heirs] at law live in this County except Nelly Vaughan & her husband, Ruth Phipps & J C Phipps, and all being of full age, will accept service of summons as he is informed & believes . . .

Another Alleghany County document of the same date says in part

That all the said hiers [sic; heirs] are of full age. J. C. Phipps lives in state of Neb. A. J. Vaughan & wife Nellie and Ruth Phipps live in Va. and all the residue live in this County.

An earlier Alleghany County document, dated 25 Feb 1892, is a petition for power for Jane Phipps, the widow. That document describes Jane’s land in the following terms:

the tract upon which the widow now lives, on the little fork of Potato Creek, in said state and County, and bounded on the North by the Virginia state line – on the West byi P. C. Phipps land & Major Cox on the South by Caleb Parsons, and P. C. Phipps, on the East by M. L. Phipps: These lands & the said state line entirely surround it – containing about 112 acres

Another legal notice newspaper clipping from the Alleghany Star appears in the same file, this one dated 1893:

State of North Carolina,
Alleghany County.
In Superior Cour[t]
Before the Clerk.

Starling Edwards and wife S. A. Edwards, A. J. Vaughan and wife, Nellie Vaughan and Ruth Phipps, Petitioners
A. F. Phipps, P. C. Phipps, J. C. Phipps, W. L. [sic] Phipps, Defendants.

It appearing to the satisfaction of the court that the defendant, J. C. Phipps, is a non resident of this State, and cannot after due dilligence [sic; diligence] be found within the State; and it further appearing that he is a proper party to this proceeding which is brought for the partition of the Preston Phipps land in this county. It is therefore ordered and adjudged that publication of notice to said defendant be made in the “Alleghany Star,” a newspaper published in the town of Sparta, and in said county, once a week for six successive weeks, commanding the defendant to appear at the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court for said county, in the Court House in Sparta on the 31st day of August, 1893, and answer or demurr [sic; demur] to the complaint or petition that is now filed in said Clerk’s office in this cause or the plaintiff will demand judgment for the relief asked in the petition. This July 13, ’93. W. C. Fields Atty. for Petitioners.
W. E. Cox, C. S. C.

Joseph Phipps & Others, McDonald & Dallas Counties, Missouri

McDonald County, Missouri is located in the extreme southwestern corner of Missouri, adjacent to Oklahoma and Arkansas. A Joseph Phipps who was born about 1798 in North Carolina appears in the 1850 census in McDonald County, Missouri.

1860 Census, Elkhorn Township, McDonald County, Missouri, P.O. Bethpage, 3 July 1860, 465/465:

  • Joseph Phipps, 62 [b. abt 1798], M, farmer, real est. [blank], personal est. $60, b. NC
  • Mary A. Phipps, 42 [b. abt 1818], F, VA, could not read and write
  • Hanna L. Phipps, 15 [b. abt 1845], F, MO
  • Sarah I. Phipps, 11 [b. abt 1849], F, pers. est. $30, AR

A bit further down the same page, the following family appears at 469/469:

  • Thos. Phipps, 34 [b. abt 1826], M, real est. [blank], pers. est. $100, AR
  • Mary A. Phipps, 33 [b. abt 1827], F, TN
  • Jane Phipps, 15 [b. abt 1845], F, TN

By the time of the 1870 census, Joseph Phipps and his wife Mary A. Phipps (above) appear to have moved a bit further northeast to Dallas County, Missouri, assuming it’s the same couple:

1870 Census, Benton Township, Dallas County, Missouri, P.O. Buffalo, 2 July 1870, 274/211:

  • Joseph Phipps, 69 [b. abt 1801], MW, farmer, real est. [blank], pers. est. $150, NC
  • Mary A. Phipps, 57 [b. abt 1813], FW, keeping house, VA

Union Provost records from the Civil War at the Missouri State Archives refer to an A. Phipps as listed in a McDonald County, Missouri record. The description provided by the archives says that the name appears on a petition from refugees of McDonald County.

That petition, which is only partly readable, asks that troops be provided so that the men who signed the petition can return to their homes in McDonald County. According to the petition, each of the men knew someone who was murdered by guerrillas.

Another McDonald, Missouri Phipps individual was Will Phipps. His death certificate says that he was born in Texas 16 Mar 1853, a son of unknown and “Marry” with a surname that looks perhaps like “Beene.” His wife was, according to the certificate, “Lucie.”

In Dallas County, Missouri, an Isaac N. Phipps is buried in Hopewell Cemetery at Tunas. According to his tombstone, he was born 23 Oct 1845 and died 6 Aug 1909.

Also buried in the same cemetery is a Levi D. Phipps, born 13 Sep 1874 and died 23 Apr 1959 according to his tombstone. Levi’s death certificate says that he was born in Kansas, a son of Isaac Phipps, with the mother’s name unknown.

Joseph Phipps of North Carolina, Born 1780

Joseph Phipps was born about 1780 in North Carolina according to the 1850 census. He appears to be the same individual, however, who is listed in the 1860 census as having been born in South Carolina.

In 1850, Joseph is listed as a farmer living in McDowell County, North Carolina. The 1860 census shows him living in the same county, but with a different place of birth.

McDowell County is in Western North Carolina. This is a county which didn’t exist until 1842, when it was formed from parts of Burke County and Rutherford County.

Note that the Sarah listed below, assuming that it’s the same person in both instances, appears to have an erroneous age recorded for her in one or both of the census years. Also note that Sarah’s place of birth is recorded as North Carolina.

A basic principle involved in dealing with conflicting data in old manuscripts is that what’s often termed the “more difficult reading” is regarded as standing a higher likelihood of being correct. In other words, if the data is unexpected and unusual, it would seem more likely to be correct; otherwise, why is that data there?

In this case, in the 1860 census everyone on the page other than Joseph and his wife is recorded as having been born in “N.C.” Even Joseph’s daughter Sarah is recorded as having been born in North Carolina. The only exceptions are Joseph and his wife Elizabeth.

Might this suggest that they really were born in South Carolina? In theory, the 1850 census taker could have just recorded everyone as born in North Carolina without bothering to ask. In fact, everyone on the page is recorded as born in North Carolina except for the last person, who was born in Kentucky.

1850 Census, McDowell County, North Carolina, 20 Aug 1850, 316/316:

  • Joseph Phipps, 70 [b. abt 1780], M, farmer, real estate value [blank], b. NC
  • Elizabeth Phipps, 60 [b. abt 1790], F, NC
  • Nancey Phipps, 25 [born abt 1825], F, NC
  • Elizabeth Phipps, 24 [born about 1826], F, NC
  • Sarah Phipps, 21 [b. abt 1829], F, NC
  • Charity J. Phipps, 17 [b. abt 1833], F, NC
  • William Phipps, 22 [b. abt 1828], M, laborer, NC
  • Joseph Phipps, 2 [b. abt 1848], M, NC

1860 Census, McDowell Co., NC, P.O. Black Mountain, 28 Jun 1860, p. 373, 505/505:

  • Joseph Phipps, 80 [b. abt 1780], M, SC
  • Betsy Phipps, 28 [b. abt 1832], F, SC
  • Sarah Phipps, 22 [b. abt 1838], F, NC