More on Buggery Charge

Several posts back we discussed the 1758 Orange County, North Carolina court record concerning a “buggery” charge against 11-year-old Isaiah Phipps. Tim Phipps sent a copy, from microfilm, of the actual record. The record is not easy to read, but can be transcribed as follows:

“Isaiah Phipps a boy of Eleven Years [three?] Months and [Six?] Days [? (possibly "after")] being brought before the Court on Suspicion of a Bugery committed on a Mare. On hearing the Evidences on behalf our [sic; not "of" our] Sovereigh[t.?] Lord the King against the said Phipps it is the Opinion of the said Court that he be discharged – “

P.S. to Last Post

Additional Russell/Phipps connections can be seen in the Russell family document linked in the previous post. That pdf document also refers to a Susanna, apparently the wife of James Russell, who “paid account against” the estate of Isaac Phipps (p. 5).

The same page mentions a 1795 Cabarrus County deed from Susanna Russell to James Plunkett for land near Isaac Phips. The same page also refers to the marriage of Joseph Russell, born about 1770, to Nancy Phips, apparently in 1795.

The author cites a copy of the estate settlement in a “Phipps Family file” in the Charles A. Cannon Library in Concord, North Carolina. Concord is in Cabarrus County. Isaac Phipps was associated with both Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties.

The document also refers to a marriage bond dated 25 Nov 1797 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina (p. 9). This was for the marriage of, apparently, Levi Russell (who isn’t named at that point) to Sarrah (Sally) Phipps. Their marriage was noted on p. 6. Levi Russell is said to have died about 1845 in Dade (presumably the county of that name), Missouri.

Page 6 refers to Joseph Russell, born about 1770, who married Nancy Phips in 1795. She is said to have been a daughter of Isaac Phips and Mary Oliphant, the latter with a question mark. Additional notes appear for this Nancy, including a remark which sounds as though she remarried later to a Thomas G. Martin who had earlier been married to Jane Phips.

Then reference is made to a 1798 deed from Levi Russell to James Collens in Cabarrus County, witnessed by Elizabeth Phipps (p. 9).

A bit later, the document mentions what appears to be the April 1818 term of the Cabarrus County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, with reference to the settlement of the Isaac Phipps estate (p. 9). The notation follows that “Sarah is in NC to sign deeds.” Whether that refer to the Sarah who evidently married Levi Russell isn’t made immediately clear at that point.

The document then (p. 10) refers to an inheritance received from “her” (apparently Sarah (“Sally”) Phips/Phipps) father Isaac Phipps. Reference is made to an 1818 deed which settled the estate, and a list of children of Levi Russell/Sarah (“Sally”) Phips follows. One of those children was obviously named after Sarah’s father, since his name was Isaac Phips Russel.

A number of other Phips or Phipps references appear in this document. Could there possibly have been any connection to the Robert Russell of the Phipps/Russell deed in 1774 in Granville County, North Carolina? (Note that this document makes no mention of Granville County.)

More on this family appears here. In addition, the book Families of Cabarrus County, North Carolina, 1792-1815 refers to Levi Russell and wife Sarah “Fibbs.”

Isaiah Phipps Deed, 1774, Granville Co., NC

Tim Phipps sent a copy, from microfilm, of a Granville County, North Carolina deed dated 1774, from Isaiah Phipps to Robert Russel (as spelled). This was for a hundred acres on the north side of Mill Creek.

In the county deed record book, this deed immediately follows one we’ve transcribed in an earlier post. That one was for 100 acres on the other side, the south side, of Mill Creek. In 1760, Isaiah Phipps had purchased 200 acres from Andrew Hampton; was he now selling that land? And who was the Robert “Russel” (Russell) of the second 1774 deed?

Unconfirmed information claims that a certain Robert Russell was born about 1795 and was a son of John Russell, Sr. of Granville County. His widow Mary Russell’s will is supposed to have probated in Stokes County.

James Reeves of Granville County is said to have had a daughter Delilah Reeves who married a Robert Russell. Whether either of these Robert Russells was the one of the deed, or whether they could have been the same individual, is unclear.

Also, the name Robert Russell appears in Guilford County court records from 1781 to 1790, but whether this could have been the same Robert or a close relative is unclear. That would seem unlikely due to distance, but on the other hand we have the connection between Isaac Phipps and Sela Russell in Mecklenburg County, which is even further away.

In 1792, the estate of Isaac Phipps of Mecklenburg County was settled. In an earlier post on the subject, we noted that Isaac Phipps had a daughter named Sela/Cela Russell. Was that an error, however? A genealogist’s web page quotes from the estate settlement records as referring to a business deal between Sela Russell’s father and Isaac “Phips.”

Also, the will of James Russell, abstracted in that same page, refers to James Russell’s daughter “Ceily.” This suggests, without taking the time to sort it out at this moment, that the earlier post in this blog which placed her as a daughter of Isaac was probably an error.

Mecklenburg County was not close to Granville County. Still, there were fewer settlers in those days, and fewer people named Russell and Phipps. Could there have been a connection?

Here is the deed from Granville County records:

[p. 197:]
This Indenture made the Twentyninth day of July in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand Seven hundred and Seventy four Between Isaiah Phipps of Granville County in the Province of north Carolina of the one Part and Robert Russel of the Same County of the [second part?] Witnesseth that the said Isaiah Phipps for and in Consideration of the Sum of fifty [Pounds?] Proclamation money to him in hand paid by the said Robert Russel before the [Sealing?] and [Delivery?] of these Presents the receipt whereof the said isaiah Phipps doth hereby Acknowledge [hath?] [?] granted bargained sold [alien'd?] released and Deliver’d unto the said Robert Russel one Certain [?] of land Situate lying & being in Granville County aforesaid and on the north [side of?] mill Creek Containing one hundred Acres [be?] the Same more or less and is bounded as follows [page break - p. 198:] (to wit) Begining at a red oak on the South side of the said Creek then runing north [?] [pole?] To a pine then west 210 pole to a [pine?] then South 180 pole to a poplar on the said Creek then Down the Said Creek to the mill race and along that to the Creek and Down the Creek to the begining To have and to hold the aforesaid granted and bargained premisses with alll & Singular the rights benefits privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging unto the said Robert Russel his heirs and Assigns forever and the said Isaiah Phipps doth by these presents Warrant and will forever defend the aforesaid granted and bargained premises unto the Said Robert Russel his heirs & assigns forever against him the said Isaiah Phipps his heirs or assigns and against any Person or Persons whomsoever Claiming by from [?] him In Testimony whereof the said Isaiah Phipps hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his Seal the day & Year above Written

[signed:] Isaiah his + mark Phipps (Seal)

Sign’d Seal’d & Deliver’d
in presence of
Wm. Reardon
Joseph Moore

Granville County ss. August Court AD. 1774
The above deed was Duly prov’d by the oath of William Reardon a Subscribing Witness thereto & on Motion was Order’d to be Register’d
[signed:] Reuben Sear[e?]y C C

Registered in the Registers office of the County of Granville in Book K folio 197..198
[signed:] Jo[?]nton Register

Alfred George Phipps: England to California

From 1880 census abstract, Rocklin [township? city?], Placer County California:

Alfred Phipps, white male, 34 [born about 1846), widowed, RR engineer, born England, father born England, mother born England.

He is listed in the Rebecca Vantrees household (age 63, born OH), with daughter Joey Mattison, grandson Eddy Mattison, granddaughter Mattison (all 3 born in California), plus Samuel Wentworth, age 20, born California, (followed by Alfred), Herbert Phipps, 28, born Ireland, Stanley Phipps, 30, born Ireland, Charles Logan, 19, born California, Charles Smith, 20, born Canada, “Wilson,” 30, born Ohio, and James Crooks, 23, born England.

From 1900 census, 11 June 1900, Oakland, Alameda County, California, Sheet 14B, 300/316:

1313 8th Street:

  • Alfred G. Phipps, head, WM, born June 1846, 53, married 17 years [since abt 1883], born England, father born England, mother England, immigrated 1874, in US 26 years, naturalized, locomotive engineer, rented home
  • Margaret Phipps, wife, WF, Mar 1858, 42, married 17 years [since abt 1883], mother of 2/2 living, CA OH TN
  • [Mamie?] Phipps, daughter, WF, May 1889, 11, single, CA England CA
  • George Phipps, father, WM, Feb 1816, 84, widowed, England England, England, immigrated 1884, in US 16 years, alien

From a California death certificate:

Alfred George Phipps

  • Born 14 June 1846 England
  • Died 24 Feb 1910 French Camp, San Joaquin County, California, “Accidentaly Killed in R. R. Train wreck in French Camp,” age 63-8-9
  • Occupation: Engineer, S. P. [Southern Pacific] Engineer
  • Father: George [J.?] Phipps, born England
  • Mother: Louise Brown, born England
  • Late residence: Lived in California for 40 years
  • Informant: Maragaret [sic] Phipps, Oakland, California
  • Burial or removal 24 Feb 1910 Oakland, California

From tombstone photo in Find A Grave:



Buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, Alameda County, California; referred to as husband of Margaret Phipps, “father of Stanley W. Phipps, Mrs. Stanley W. Phipps, Mrs. T.J. Peterson and the late Mrs. W. W. Cochran” (which doesn’t appear to make sense), citing the Oakland Tribune, 25 Feb 1910, p. 17

Also buried in the same cemetery with photos in Find A Grave are Barbara B. Phipps (1910-1996), Barney L. Phipps (1892-1975), Bernal R. Phipps (1947-2007), Maud E. Phipps (?-1960), and Stanley W. Phipps (1871-1927).

George Phipps Family, Howard County, Missouri, 1876

Census of the Town of Glasgow in the County of Howard, State of Missouri, 1876:

  • Geo. Phipps – male 21-45
  • [James? or Janie?] A. – female 21-45
  • Nannie – female 18-21
  • Lou – female 10-18
  • [Eller? or Ellen?] – female 10-19
  • May – female under 10
  • Chas. – male under 10
  • Jennie – female under 10
  • Hanna – female 21-45

Note: The family is listed as white. Individuals listed as “colored” appear immediately before and after this household.

Isaac Phipps of Mecklenburg Co., NC

Sela Russell, daughter of Isaac Phipps, is discussed in an online pdf document pertaining to the Russell family. This subject arose in connection with the 1792 settlement of the estate of Isaac Phipps is Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. The page’s author refers to a will of Isaac Phipps which mentions a Sela/Cela.

Mecklenburg County borders South Carolina. The county was formed in 1762 from part of Anson County, which had enjoyed indefinite boundaries to the west and north. Anson was formed 1750 from Bladen County.

We’ve dealt with Isaac Phipps of Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties in North Carolina in an earlier post. That post transcribed the same record that the Russell page refers to. Another earlier post included excerpts from the 1791 estate file of Isaac Phipps. Yet another post mentioned a book on Mecklenburg County which referred to the estate. (See also an earlier post on the 1804 estate of Isaac Fibbs/Phips of Cabarrus County.)

It could possibly be worth noting that Benjamin Phipps of Grayson County, Virginia, according to his Revolutionary War pension testimony, was at Hanging Rock during the war. During the Battle of Hanging Rock on 6 Aug 1780, he had been captured by the British and forced into their army, but on that day he was sick.

It appears to have been shortly after this that he escaped and tried to get to relatives in South Carolina, but was unsuccessful. Hanging Rock was in what is now Lancaster County, South Carolina. Lancaster County, South Carolina borders Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

More Stephen Phipps Documents

More 18th century (1774-1796) documents pertaining to Stephen Phipps of Philadelphia appear in a list of manuscripts and ephemera in the Winterthur Library. The collection includes a number of invoices and receipts from his career in Philadelphia.

According to the finding aid, most of the documents have to do with buying lumber and related hardware. One of the bills refers to carpentry work done in Phipps’s home, and another concerns chimney cleaning.